Free Pregnancy Classes Online

Free Pregnancy Classes Online

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Free Pregnancy Classes Online

You are interested in a great birth experience, but the budget is tight. How to find a free childbirth class that will help expectant parents create a birth plan that works for them. Today I will share where to find free classes, and what you need to consider about them.

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Hi, I’m Hilary — Pregnancy Nurse 👩‍⚕️. I have been a nurse since 1997 and have 20 years of experience in obstacle nursing, I am also behind Pulling Curls and Online Prenatal Classes for Couples. 🩺​ After helping thousands of moms as a nurse (and probably millions online) — I really know what moms fear and why a childbirth class can help calm those fears.

First, if you just want the short and sweet answer, my favorite free birth class is the Free Prenatal Class for Beginners. It has 3 lessons to help you become the master of your birth.

Free prenatal classes allow you to get education at a price you like. Most of all it helps you identify your preferred teaching style for your education as you look forward to your big day. It is one of the best ways to shop around for your best fit.

Pro tip: While free classes are nice, I want you to remember that none of the free online classes really prepare you for pregnancy all the way until you come home with baby. They give you some useful information, but it will be easy to miss important information if you only take free courses.

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There are many places to find free classes. The easiest way to find them is online. There are many online childbirth classes out there, and many offer free online offerings to prepare you for birth.

** One of the best things is that many of these prenatal educators really WANT to get many moms prepared, and offer great deals online through Youtube, Tikttok and website content. It’s a great way to prepare new parents!

An online course can be done on your own schedule, at your own pace and virtual classes can also involve your partner if you want.

Personally, I think it’s hard to call this a “prenatal class” because the free offers will always be snippets of what you need to know. However, they can still be valuable and useful for the next birth.

Online Prenatal Classes

As I said before, I love the free prenatal classes to get started. It contains some of the most important information about pregnancy, which will help you become the master of your birth:

Baby Center has free birth videos (again, they don’t call it a “class”) – I find them full of ads and not very helpful or specific. But again, you will take baby steps in preparation for your birth!

Before we continue, I want to give you an idea of ​​the variety of classes that are out there. You may think that they cost hundreds of dollars – but they come in many price points.

Lamaze International is something that our mother used. Most of you will know it by the breath of work you have seen online. They have a free work and confidence mini class. Again, this would be mainly to find out if the teaching style, and video style would be a good option for you.

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Birth it Up by Liesel Teen is a good option. It has an epidural set, and a natural set. I absolutely love her Instagram account (I also know Liesel from our online work and can verify she is a great person). It doesn’t have a free class that I can find. He has some free printables etc. here (below).

Another popular one is Kopa Birth – and they have a really nice free class. I believe Kopa is more focused on natural birthing techniques – so that might be a good option to see if it’s the right path for your birth!

One of the most “famous” classes (it’s been around a while) is the Mama Natural Birth Course with Genevieve Howland. He mostly talks about unmedicated birth, “natural childbirth” and home birth options. However, it does not offer a free class.

I would just start calling around, asking your supplier if they know of any local classes. Many hospitals offer free prenatal classes (although the ones I worked at still charged for them). Keep in mind that most of these hospitals that put free classes will likely promote a lot about the hospital (aka, a class attached to a free trip, etc.).

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Some birth centers may also offer free classes (probably better if you plan to deliver in a birth center that differs from a hospital in some way).

You could also see if any doulas offer free in-person childbirth classes – most likely as a way to get business. BUT, you could still learn a lot, even if you don’t plan to use them.

The thing is that in human classes it is more difficult to offer for free because it takes an actual person and their actual time rather than an online platform.

New mothers have many fears and anxieties. Free birthing courses can cover many of the following topics:

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Your birth plan – what you are, and how you choose to feel confident during your birth. MOST IMPORTANTLY, they should talk about how to navigate things when things don’t go “according to plan”. My own free class has a whole section on this. 🙂

The Stages of Labor — What will your body do as you progress through labor? This can be really helpful and leave you less in the “dark” as far as the birth process.

Cesarean birth – About 33% of pregnant women end up having a cesarean, and the majority of these (especially in first-time parents) are unplanned.

Comfort measures — What your partner can do to help you feel more comfortable as labor begins. This is a good thing to get ideas in a free course (as there are many comfort techniques) then beyond that – what pain medication is there, and how can you manage the pain at work? Labor pain management is one of the most popular chapters in my own course.

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Newborn Care — Many prenatal classes offer an overview of your new baby, the basics. Some include an infant CPR class (but if you really want to go in depth with that I would take a red cross class). They might also include safe sleeping, diapering, swaddling and more.

Medical intervention — What a pregnant woman should expect if you or the baby are unwell. Most mothers have this happen once or twice during labor. Knowing that the hospital staff is coming in and what they are going to do (because it is very routine for these nurses) helps you be less nervous.

Printables, a private facebook group, live sessions and more. I love how many online classes can offer you!

I talk all about when to take a childbirth class in this post, but most expectant mothers start thinking about classes around 20 weeks.

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If you want an in-person class you’ll want to think about it sooner as scheduling can be an issue.

But if you want a virtual class – consider it in the middle of your 2nd trimester, it gives you plenty of time to take the class at your leisure.

Pro Tip: Many people sign up for these free classes, and then do nothing with it. Make sure that whatever class you sign up for (paid or not) – that you actually DO the class!!!!

There are many people who can teach childbirth preparation. Most often they are taught by childbirth educators (just because there are more of those who are free to teach classes).

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Some (like mine) are taught by a registered nurse – make sure they have work and maternity nursing experience (like a good amount, not just a year or two – we often say that someone is not really competent til ‘about 8 years in). There are many registered nurses with no work experience (beyond what we get in school) who teach about L&D. The birth nurse prenatal classes have always been my favorite because they really know what’s going on.

Your mother could use the Lamaze course taught by a certified Lamaze childbirth educator. I don’t see patients using these classes much anymore. But they are around.

Other classes are taught by doulas (it’s hard to say how much experience as a “doula” doesn’t have to be certified or have any specific amount of training), midwives, and some are taught by obstetricians.

I, personally think that this is where free classes shine. You really get a sense of the teacher, their style and how good they are on the subject.

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