Free Online Labor Classes

Free Online Labor Classes

Free Online Labor Classes – Welcome to the online childbirth class: Learn the signs and stages of labor, discover ways to manage your pain, discover the keys to a successful birth, and much more. Let’s get started!

Decide where you want to be born and who you want there that is right for you. Also learn how to notice that labor has started and what to feel.

Free Online Labor Classes

Learn more about the basics of labor, how long it lasts, and the most common ways to give birth. (3 minutes)

Childbirth And Parenting Classes

A doctor, midwife, or both can provide prenatal care and deliver your baby. Get the information you need to confidently choose the right therapist for you. (5 minutes)

Explore the benefits and drawbacks of giving birth in a hospital, at a birth center, or at home. (3 minutes)

Learn how a career coach can help you during the career. A doula will not deliver your baby. It is there to give you and your partner personal support. (4 minutes)

Follow along with what happens to your body during labor, as you progress from contractions to pushing and welcoming your baby into the world.

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During labor, your body moves your baby down and out. Your cervix also changes to prepare for childbirth. (1 minute)

Early contractions begin the first and longest stage of labor, which lasts until the time of pushing. (5 minutes)

After the birth of your baby, you will give birth to the fetus. This is the shortest and final stage of the job. (1 minute)

You can manage labor pain with natural approaches, medical options, or a combination. It’s good to know about your options, even those you don’t plan to use. You can change your mind when you are at work. Many women do.

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During labor, your body moves your baby down and out. Your cervix also changes to prepare for childbirth. (3 minutes)

More than 4 out of 5 women use pain medication during childbirth. Whether or not you plan to use drugs, it’s good to know your options. (3 minutes)

Breathing is a simple but effective natural way to help manage labor pain, by helping you relax or distracting you. (3 minutes)

Massage is a natural way to ease labor pain. Learn techniques such as the “double hip squeeze” and the retreat. (6 minutes)

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Whether taking a bath or shower, water is a natural way to ease labor pain. (1 minute)

Medical advice can be important when you give birth. Learning about them ahead of time can help ease your anxiety if they happen.

Fetal monitoring keeps tabs on your baby’s heart rate to make sure the pattern is correct. (3 minutes)

In an assisted delivery, your caregiver uses a vacuum or forceps to help pull your baby out. (2 minutes)

Birthing Classes: How And Where To Find The Best Childbirth Classes

Explore the choices you need to make before your baby is born and prepare for what will happen soon after birth.

After birth, your baby will have a health checkup that includes routine and optional tests and treatments. (2 minutes)

Even if breastfeeding is natural, it can still be tricky. Here’s how to get off to a good start in caring for your child. (3 minutes)

Hear about the benefits of having your newborn with you in your room instead of the nursery. (1 minute)

Mamaveda Birth Online Class

Cord blood is collected after your baby’s umbilical cord is cut. It can be privately banked, donated to a public bank, or lost. (2 minutes)

In some birth plans, your partner can cut the umbilical cord. This is what you can expect if you choose this option. (1 minute)

Being ready to get out the door and familiar with where you’re going to give birth can ease anxiety when the big day arrives. Don’t forget to also take some time for yourself beforehand.

Avoid surprises by finding out in advance what your insurance will not cover for you and your newborn. (1 minute)

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Things to check off your pre-delivery checklist include packing your bag, planning your route, and installing the car seat. (2 minutes)

Hear why it’s a good time to relax, practice breathing, and spend quality time with loved ones or alone. (2 minutes)

Parents look back and talk about what happened during labor and birth and what they could have done differently.

A mom tells what happened when she gave birth and what she could have done differently. (2 minutes)

Childbirth And Family Education Classes

A mom tells what happened when she gave birth and what she could have done differently. (3 minutes)

Shari is a board-certified ob-gyn and faculty member of Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. She is the author of Advice From an Obstetrician and has appeared on The View, The Martha Stewart Show, and many radio programs.

Linda and her editorial team partner with top doctors and healthcare providers to create the most trusted source of pregnancy and parenting information. A frequent consultant to the media, government, and NGOs, Linda has appeared on Today, CNN, and MSNBC and serves on the board of the Preeclampsia Foundation. She is the author of four books on pregnancy and childbirth.

Sabrina is an internationally certified childbirth educator and teaches at the University of California, San Francisco. He has expertise in child behavior and has been in the special role of staff who help new mothers learn to conceive. Looking for compassion, advice if you are preparing to die your child? We offer useful tools to get you through labor and delivery.

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Megan and Marlee are great! We see them striking a balance between two birth class extremes – the Western medical model and all-natural approaches that view epidurals or c-sections as failures. They provide extensive evidence-based information and methods to minimize the decisions you may need to make during work. Highly recommend as a good balance of sciences, and they are gracious, kind and informative to boot!

We attended 3 of Marlee and Megan’s childbirth classes. It’s great to learn in advance. They provided not only me, but my husband as far as what to expect during labor.

Our goal is not only to provide you with information, but to help you discover and develop the resources already within you that will help you face the challenges birth and parenthood can bring. No matter where you are planning – or if you have no plans at all – our classes are a time for you to ask questions, explore your feelings around birth and parenting, and prepare to meet your little one.

Megan and Marlee are warm and welcoming, create a great discussion experience, respond well to questions, and serve as excellent guides and facilitators.

Free Visual Birth Plan Template (doctors & Nurses Love This!)

Rates for Private Online Birth Classes Instead of a pre-arranged curriculum of classes, we offer the opportunity to build your own class series according to your needs. Just choose the subjects you want and the days that work with your schedule! Classes are 2-3 hours each and are held live through Sun. Class topics (more information about each class below):

My wife and I chose to take all four classes offered by Marlee and Megan and we are so glad we did! Each class is a perfect blend of reflection, information, and time for questions. Marlee and Megan stay up to date with new researchers in many fields and have tons of invaluable information and insight. This is our first pregnancy and birth, so we have a lot of questions. It was very good to discuss our hopes and fears with them, I definitely felt more at ease after the classes. ³

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what exactly happens during labor, this class is for you! You will leave the 3 hour workshop with a thorough (but not graphic) understanding of the physical process of childbirth. Most of our clients find that de-mystifying this process helps them feel much more comfortable welcoming their baby!

Woo! Now I understand so much about childbirth that I couldn’t really get from reading books. You are both very good at explaining these really complicated concepts. I feel so much more prepared now!

Best Prenatal & Birthing Classes For Expecting Parents

One couple told us they feel the 2 hour workshop should be required for all parents before their baby arrives! Learn more about why we feel this is an important skill to develop.

This is a class that focuses solely on making decisions while working. Many parents find they are unprepared for the intensity of childbirth and all the decisions that come along the way. In this class, we will give you some of our favorite tools to help you make the best decisions you can, help you find balance and focus to think things through even in the intensity of work.

We’ll also cover the practical side of communicating your decisions with your care providers, including conversations about submitting information and withholding information.

I think this class should be required for anyone expecting a baby! We both feel much more equipped to make some of these difficult decisions. I especially appreciate this class because I know that some of these decisions will fall on me while my partner is working.

Online Lamaze Classes: Prenatal Education In 2022

In this 3-hour workshop we focus on honing existing coping skills that can serve you well at work, and learning some new ones. You will

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