Free Online Illustrator Classes
Free Online Illustrator Classes

Free Online Illustrator Classes

Free Online Illustrator Classes – Adobe Illustrator for Visual Identity By Guillermo Molina Fernández Guillermo Molina Fernández ogmolina Follow Teacher Plus Designer. Madrid, Spain. Joined in November 2014, Designer Learn to master software from scratch focusing on visual development of a brand from concept to final art

Learn to master the software from scratch with a focus on the visual development of a brand from concept to final art

Free Online Illustrator Classes

If you want to create unique branding projects in a functional way, Adobe Illustrator is an indispensable tool for that. In this 6-course Basics, learn to master the software to create a brand image from scratch, alongside Guillermo Molina, a designer specialized in creating visual identities.

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Start with the basics: install Adobe Illustrator. Take a tour of the interface, familiarize yourself with the tools and possibilities that the software offers, so that you can organize your workspace to start creating your own design.

Then enter the world of color and form, the fundamental elements of your composition. Learn to create geometric figures with different aspects, exploring colors and strokes.

In the third course, Guillermo teaches more advanced tools that allow you to reach a new level in your vector illustrations. Give precision to your design using the Pen tool and learn to use other essential tools like grips, interactive vertices, blending, Pathfinder and real-time drawing.

Discover the numerous fonts and learn how to give personality to your text. In the fourth course, Guillermo shows you how to install the fonts you want to use and the text tool to create your logo.

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Now it’s time to combine the elements created earlier to shape your visual identity! In the fifth course, learn what an imagotype is, how to use it correctly, and then how to create a pattern and swatch.

After completing these basics in Adobe Illustrator, you will have all the knowledge you need to create a brand image from scratch and create your own brand book.

⦁ Adobe Illustrator CC (you can buy it or download the 7-day trial version from the Adobe website).

Guillermo Molina is a vibrant artist and designer in constant development. He has a background in art history, graphic arts and visual arts.

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He seeks inspiration for his work in other artistic areas such as graffiti and tattooing. He currently teaches at IED Madrid and has collaborated with brands such as Nike, Sony, Mahou and Dellafuente FC.

Basics is a series of courses focused on teaching the software most used by creative professionals around the world.

The content has been carefully selected and is aimed both at students who are entering a new creative field and at more experienced professionals who want to improve their skills.

Learn from the best teachers through hands-on lessons, lots of resources, and a progressive difficulty that will let you see results from day one.

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The basics will allow you to improve your pro game and be prepared to score on better projects.

Learn Adobe Photoshop from scratch and master the best digital image processing, retouching and creation software on the market Graphic designers are tasked with creating visual concepts (digitally or by hand) to communicate ideas and solve problems. Using colors, images and typography, they inform, inspire and influence consumers by creating perception. Also known as communication designers, each of these artists has their own set of techniques and skills. Some utilize the power of words, while others create photos, illustrations or infographics to convey an idea.

The field of graphic design is broad and encompasses many specializations. As this industry is constantly changing, it’s vital for graphic designers to stay up to date with the latest technologies and techniques to be successful, and that’s where our list of the 10 best free online graphic design courses comes in. Whether you need to update the latest software, or are eager to add a unique skill set to your resume, you’ll find something here to suit you.

In the first part of this article, we listed 10 graphic design courses that you can take online for free. They were classified using a specific methodology that we developed that takes into account several important factors. While each of our picks is great, some really stand out, which is why they are listed in descending order with our best picks starting at the top.

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When it comes to the best free graphic design courses, you can’t get much better than MIT’s Open Courseware (OCW). There are 2,400 courses available across all degree programs offered by the school, and the curriculum ranges from introductory to advanced. Each contains a program and instructional materials, and many have free online textbooks or video lectures. Most courses are identical to what is offered in the MIT classroom.

It would be impossible to list all offers in the field of graphic design. There are 285 results for this topic alone. Here are just a few of them:

To use MIT’s OCW, there is no sign-up or sign-up required. You can start anywhere and go at your own pace. There are no certificates of completion offered, and classes are not eligible for credit. Instead, the reward is knowledge.

This super cool course is full of information for anyone who wants to harness their creativity and start working with graphic design tools. It’s for beginners, but those with some experience will also find it an excellent refresher course. Taught by graphic design and web development coach Rudolph Pieterse, it is colorful, interactive and engaging.

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There are 15 lectures for students to follow, and it is highly recommended that you have a notebook ready. You will be introduced to a variety of software and given the option to create a digital whiteboard called a “journey” as you progress through this self-paced program. By the end of the free online graphic design course, you will have a good overview of what is involved in graphic design and will be able to create logos, business cards, posters and much more. Plus, you’ll get a shareable certificate to display on your social media pages and resume.

Calarts offers this comprehensive graphic design specialization course through Coursera. By doing the training for four hours a week, you can complete it in about six months. The program is quite comprehensive, and students looking for a free all-inclusive curriculum will find this to be one of the top free options for graphic design classes.

You can earn a certificate of completion at the paid tier of Coursera. Payment for the course will allow for graded assignments, a final project and a final exam. It also gives students the ability to share certifications on their websites, linked profiles or cover letters. However, you can audit each module of the course for free. You will not be assessed or receive a certificate, but you will have access to all classes, modules and lectures. Students who want certification but cannot afford the fee have the option to apply for financial aid.

The course is relatively in-depth. It starts with the fundamentals of graphic design and goes through typography, image creation and history. If you chose the paid version of the course, the final module includes a foundational project in which you will create a brand development guide from scratch.

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Kadenze is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform that specializes in offering classes in areas such as arts, music and creative technology. Similar to Coursera, the program allows students to watch courses offered at well-known colleges for free. Individuals wishing to acquire a certificate of completion or accumulate credits will need to register for the paid tier, but this is not mandatory. Free members have access to all lectures and a view-only version of the class forum.

The introductory graphic illustration course consists of five sessions with approximately 10 hours of work per session. It is designed for students to go at their own pace. To take the free online graphic design course, you must have basic drawing, computer, adobe illustrator, InDesign and photoshop skills. During sessions, you will learn about graphic design principles, software, creating a structured workflow process, composition, and hand-drawn typography.

This is the second Coursera specialization we’ve featured in this article. This impressive course is ideal for anyone who works on a design team but needs a little more graphic arts experience. It is also useful for students who need to learn the language to help them progress in their current jobs. The approximate time to complete the course is about three hours per week for three months.

Like all Coursera courses, there is a free and paid version of the class. In the free version, you can audit courses by listening to lectures and reading all course materials. The paid version allows you to participate in graded tasks and receive a certification. Financial aid is available to those who qualify. During the free online graphic design course, students will learn:

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Skillshare is an online platform to learn that

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