Free Online Domestic Violence Classes
Free Online Domestic Violence Classes

Free Online Domestic Violence Classes

Free Online Domestic Violence Classes – Empowering Rights of Victims (SERV) Services offers services for children, adults, and families who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence, including case management, advocacy, counseling, safe housing, safety planning, and police and court support.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence and need to talk, our hotline is a free 24-hour phone service that pairs you with a SERV advocate. You can also talk to us online by leaving a message in the chat function (look for the box in the lower right corner of this page).

Free Online Domestic Violence Classes

Our compassionate team are available to support victims and survivors of domestic violence with advice, referrals and information via our 24-hour helpline. All calls are free and confidential.

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SERV provides immediate advice to those going through a domestic violence crisis. If you are in crisis, please call one of our hotlines and a SERV attorney can help you. Attorneys are also available for dispatch to local police departments and hospitals to personally accompany individuals undergoing medical examinations and law enforcement interviews.

SERV offers 24-hour emergency safe housing in Gloucester and Cumberland counties for adult survivors of domestic violence, their children and their pets.

A safe house offers a nurturing environment for residents to explore their options without fear of persecution or concern for basic needs such as food, medical services, clothing and shelter. Children’s counseling groups, nutrition education, and other daily activities are available at the safe house to aid in the healing process. Referrals to outside tutors and parenting groups are also available. If you need safe housing, please call one of our hotlines.

Our trained advocates provide emotional support, maintain confidentiality, offer safety planning and inform survivors of all processes, options and available resources.

Domestic Violence Classes Online

Our Domestic Violence Response Team can be contacted via SERV hotlines and accompany victims of domestic violence to hospitals, police stations and court proceedings. In addition, advocates help victims access services related to dealing with domestic violence.

Navigating the legal system can be an intimidating experience. Trial advocates help victims of domestic violence obtain Orders of Protection and access all available legal remedies. Advocates provide information on options, offer support and accompany survivors through court proceedings.

Although trial attorneys cannot provide legal advice or representation to clients in civil and criminal matters, attorneys can connect clients with legal services. SERV partners with Legal Services of South Jersey to provide free legal advice and representation to victims of domestic violence.

Individual counseling services are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Evening and Saturday appointments can be scheduled upon request.

How To Advocate For Victims And Survivors Of Domestic Violence During Coronavirus

Our clients span all ages, socioeconomic levels, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations and come from all economic backgrounds.

SERV offers survivors ongoing education groups and can help connect survivors with other support groups within the community.

The Domestic Violence Liaison consults with the Child Protection and Permanency (CP&P) Division of the New Jersey Department of Children and Families (DCF) to support and advocate for non-offending parents and their children in domestic violence situations.

The Center for Family Services’ SERV program was selected as 1 of 4 agencies to pilot an innovative collaboration with CP&P. This program has since expanded across the state to address the complexities with families where domestic violence and child abuse coexist.

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SERV continues to offer this vital program – a key component to achieving our goal of addressing the needs of children affected by domestic violence. DV Liaison increases safety, stability and wellbeing and improves outcomes for children and their parents who are not affected by domestic violence. DV Liaison also strengthens DCF/CP&P’s capacity to provide effective assessment and intervention to families in domestic violence situations.

The current incidence of domestic violence in the presence of children is an unclear area for the authorities. A parent who has not committed a crime is often responsible for partner violence. Children are taken from home and everyone suffers. Research shows that children are best served when they can stay with their parents and when the system helps keep both of them safe.

Because of the high correlation between domestic violence and child abuse, it is imperative that domestic violence professionals work with caseworkers in the children’s services arena to help both adult and child victims of abuse. This partnership placed the SERV Domestic Violence Liaison on site in CP&P’s Cumberland and Gloucester County offices to work on cases involving domestic violence and child abuse.

In Cumberland and Gloucester County, the Center for Family Services offers the Peaceful Tomorrows program. For 12-15 individual and group parent-child sessions, Peaceful Tomorrows staff provide a safe and supportive environment to express emotions and explore nonviolent anger management. Counselors use proven therapeutic methods to help participants feel empowered to make decisions, improve their self-confidence and self-esteem, and heal from the trauma of domestic violence.

How To Help Victims Of Intimate Partner Violence

Our staff conducts free training for local service providers, law enforcement, community groups and health organizations to help people recognize the signs of domestic violence and work together in prevention efforts. To request a training session for your organization or school, please call 1-866-295-SERV (7378) or fill out a presentation request form. Completion of this training meets the requirements set forth in California Evidence Code 1037.1 for designation as a domestic violence counselor or advocate. . After completing 40 hours of virtual training, graduates will receive a certificate of completion that will allow them to pursue volunteer and employment opportunities that include working directly with victims of domestic violence in California.

This 10-hour course consists of two 3-hour live virtual sessions as well as 4-hour distance learning sessions (in your own time). At the end you will receive a certificate of education! This is a great educational and professional development opportunity for community members, social workers, nonprofit staff, students, HR professionals, victims and others to learn more about domestic violence.

You must attend all dates to receive your certificate, only 1 make-up is allowed!

Applicants must be able to complete all training in this 40-hour training course to earn their state-certified CA certificate (with up to 1 make-up possible on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the instructor).

Ask Amanda: How Do I Become A Survivor Advocate?

Applicants must have internet access/computer or tablet that they can use to attend virtual meetings and complete online distance learning.

If applicants are interested in volunteering as a DV attorney with , they will be required to complete at least 100 hours of volunteering on-site, in person, at our Fremont office and be willing to complete a background check. Volunteer advocacy hours are usually scheduled as 4-hour shifts, 1-2 times a week. Typically 100 hours can be completed in 25 weeks of volunteering. If you have any questions or concerns about volunteering or background checks, please contact [email protected]

If you have used any services in the past, we appreciate your interest in helping other survivors. Please contact [email protected] to arrange a time to discuss how we can accommodate you.

Applicants are expected to contribute to the creation of a safe, non-judgmental space in which each person present – ​​whose backgrounds, experiences, beliefs and values ​​may differ from their own – can participate in their own exploration of issues related to domestic violence.

Court Ordered Classes

Applicants are required to pay a $300 training fee, which is due prior to the first day of training. We would like to make our training available; If you are interested in a payment plan, please contact [email protected] A $100 refund is also possible if you volunteer 100 hours with .

NOTE: Staff reserves the right to refuse registration to anyone they believe is unsuitable for the program. Attendance at the training does not guarantee certification as a domestic violence advocate, nor does it guarantee volunteer or job placement.

Are you interested in one of our trainings, but cannot attend these dates? Don’t forget to fill out our prospect form so we can inform you about future trainings.

If you are interested in future training, please complete our Interest Form at the bottom of this page.

Online Support Groups & Workshops

(NOTE: This is NOT a CA State Certified 40 Hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training, this is an informational and educational course only. If you would like to become a Domestic Violence Advocate and have the opportunity to work/volunteer with survivors, please apply below for the 40 Hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training CA state certified).

Cost: Tickets are $100, but group discounts are available if 3+ members of the same organization register together. Email [email protected] to claim this promo code.

The 40-Hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training is a state-certified CA training to become a domestic violence advocate to work with survivors of domestic violence. So this training includes the basics of advocacy, counseling, role playing and more. Once the participant completes all training requirements, they will receive a state-certified CA certificate and can volunteer/work professionally with survivors within a domestic violence organization.

Meanwhile, the 10-hour domestic violence course is a purely educational opportunity that provides information about domestic violence as a social

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