Free Online Classes From Mit And Harvard
Free Online Classes From Mit And Harvard

Free Online Classes From Mit And Harvard

Free Online Classes From Mit And Harvard – The two-part transaction will turn edX into a public benefit enterprise while providing a substantial investment to a non-profit dedicated to advancing the impact of digital learning.

A new initiative led by MIT and Harvard University will focus on overcoming inequalities in online dating, in part by exploring how to use intelligence. work that allows personalized learning to respond and fit the personality and needs of each student.

Free Online Classes From Mit And Harvard

MIT and Harvard University have announced a major change for edX, the non-profit organization they started in 2012 to provide a public online platform for university courses: edX’s assets will be acquired by the publicly traded education technology company 2U, and reorganized as public. business benefit under the 2U umbrella.

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The transaction is designed to ensure that edX continues its founding mission, and has a wide range of protections for edX students, partners, and teachers to deliver courses.

In exchange, 2U will transfer the proceeds from the $800 million transaction to a non-profit organization, led by MIT and Harvard, to explore the next generation of online education. Backed by these great resources, the nonprofit will focus on overcoming the persistent shortcomings in online learning, in part by exploring how the use of artificial intelligence can Personalized learning is responsive and appropriate to the personality and needs of each student.

The nonprofit will be overseen by a board appointed by MIT and Harvard, and its future work will draw input from current edX partners, as well as MIT and Harvard faculty.

In a letter to the MIT community sharing the , President L. Rafael Reif noted that edX has created 160 partner organizations, has reached more than 39 million students, and has more than 110 million listings. “We can all be proud of what edX has accomplished, including—and perhaps most importantly—edX’s work in helping to create a thriving marketplace for online learning ,” he wrote.

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The transaction announced today was inspired by the rapid and profound changes in the online learning market over the past 18 months. With the onset of the global pandemic and the rise of distance learning, ed-tech companies have gone public, making it increasingly difficult for a nonprofit to keep pace. .

Almost a year ago, in view of this changing market situation, the edX board began to explore what was needed to continue the edX mission in the future.

Reif noted in his letter that the initial expression of interest from 2U was “rehearsed.” But after several months of deliberation, debate, and discussion, he says the parties have reached a comfortable solution: “a future for edX as a public interest organization.” to combine the resources of a profitable player with an official mission to serve the public. very good.”

Enshrined in law in most states, benefit corporations emerged about a decade ago as a legally protected way for businesses to do good. of the public. The designation provides a business model that seeks to create positive outcomes for community stakeholders while also serving business stakeholders. Common examples of for-profit businesses include Patagonia, Kickstarter, and Ben and Jerry’s. MIT’s own fund, The Engine, is a for-profit company.

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If the deal is approved by state regulators, 2U will pay $800 million for the right to host edX as a member and take over the current portfolio of edX offerings, partnership arrangements, and the purpose of the users.

However, the Open edX open-source platform software, on which edX and more than 2,000 other educational platforms around the world are based, will not be transferred to 2U. The nonprofit will use and expand Open edX, ensuring its widespread availability – including its continued use by edX.

MIT will continue to offer courses to students worldwide through edX, and in a new platform called MITx Online. MIT’s Department of Digital Education will develop and operate MITx Online as a new, world-class platform, based on Open edX, that MIT is developing for MITx MOOCs.

MIT faculty can choose to continue offering their courses through the new edX after the transaction closes, or move them to MITx Online.

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Under the terms of the transaction, edX partner universities have the option to continue offering their courses under the same terms as their current contracts. The transaction does not limit the freedom of these institutions to offer their courses through other channels, or to leave edX.

Among the provisions in the negotiated agreement, 2U acknowledges the mission of edX and agrees to data protection for all who have used edX to date – especially in more than 39 million students – and data usage standards that protect new edX users.

As part of these terms, 2U agrees to limit its use of personally identifiable information based on student choice. Teacher contact information is available to 2U for student communications, and students will have the option to continue learning with edX or opt out of having all of their information, including teacher contact data, permanently deleted.

Ultimately, 2U plans to retain current edX employees who are no longer with the nonprofit that continues under the leadership of Harvard and MIT. The employees will continue their roles and teams for the foreseeable future while 2U determines the right time and plan for merging the two companies.

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The transaction is approved by the edX board, as well as by national organizations at MIT and Harvard. It is expected to close this fall, subject to customary closing conditions and certain regulatory and government approvals, including approval by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office.

As with edX, the nonprofit will continue to be an independent organization with a board appointed by MIT and Harvard. However, the funding will be larger, and its mission will be different: While edX will continue under 2U as an aggregator of university courses, the nonprofit will focus on developing content. personal and responsive learning that can be used in between. education — from high school, to community college, to parents trying to make time for themselves in the economy.

The nonprofit will invest in research, fund pilots, and promote the inclusion of information in the form of education. He will also seek partnerships and propose funding to local partners to better serve students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and to find out how to effectively integrate digital tools with support. personal to help students learn – especially those who have online learning. more promise than reality.

In its nine years, edX has achieved remarkable success in advancing its vision of providing high-quality university courses to people everywhere. With more than 3,000 courses offered, and more than 1.4 million certificates awarded to students, edX has helped build a growing marketplace for college knowledge. It also introduced university credit for some of its offerings, including innovations such as MicroMasters and MicroBachelors certification programs.

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“2U’s willingness to help us create a unique agreement that represents the interests of the public,” said Sanjay Sarma, MIT’s vice president for openness and the Fred Fort Flowers and Daniel Fort Flowers Professor of Mechanical Engineering. “It gives us an opportunity to do something that we have intended to do from the beginning – make advances to advance the way of teaching and learning.”

“Let’s be honest, as online education has become, it’s not easy to sit in your kitchen or bedroom and take a college course,” Reif said. “With this move, the education industry will develop new tools and technologies to make learning more personal, better, and easier for people around the world that at this point in their life, career or preparation. That’s the path we’ve taken with edX, and this represents the next step in that journey.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated on July 6 to clarify that the proceeds of the $800 million transaction will be transferred to the nonprofit group that reports the proceeds of this transaction.

Journalist Melissa Korn writes that 2U, an education technology company, will acquire edX for $800 million. The recipients are running a new initiative, led by MIT and Harvard, which “will focus on reducing inequalities in access to education. It will maintain the platform open curriculum developed by edX, online research and hybrid learning models, and work to reduce the digital divide that continues to be a barrier for young and adult students,” Korn wrote.

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Journalist Laura Krantz reports that edX will be transferred to the education technology company 2U, and that the proceeds from the transaction will be used by a non-profit focused on addressing educational inequities. and envisioning the future of learning.

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