Free Online Barber Classes

Free Online Barber Classes – Become a professional mastering the latest barber techniques. Launch your career with MTI’s Barbering program in Sacramento.

The Paul Mitchell Barber School at MTI College prepares students to build a successful career as a barber. Students will be equipped to work in a salon, build up a clientele, and start their own hair salon. Classes are taught by experts and industry leaders who have the practical knowledge and experience necessary for graduates to transition from student to professional.

Free Online Barber Classes

Check out our course and industry information to see if MTI’s Paul Mitchell Barber School is right for you. Fill out an information or visit request form to get started today!

How To Get A Barber License In California

Paul Mitchell’s Barber School at MTI College in Sacramento is a three-tier barber program that equips students with the skills needed to succeed in this growing industry. From hands-on technical training to business skills, this program prepares future professionals with the knowledge necessary to become licensed barbers with the State of California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. Students can expect a multi-faceted program and unique culture that will hone their business skills, develop their creativity, and help them build a solid foundation to start a successful career.

Upon successful completion of the Barbering program at MTI College, students will be able to do the following:

In addition to students developing a full range of professional skills in the areas of hair, skin, and hairstyling, they will also learn skills in customer relations, retail, and salon management.

As students progress through each phase of the barber program, they will demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have learned in the classroom and on the clinic floor. Become a professional mastering the latest barber techniques.

Ten Tips To Make Six Figures As A Barber

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that 119,800 jobs will be added in barbering and cosmetology between 2020 and 2030. This is a 19% increase, representing faster than average job growth.

Note: The data provided above is from a source not affiliated with MTI College, is for informational purposes only, and represents the employment field as a whole. They are not uniquely specific to MTI graduates and, in providing the above information, MTI makes no representations, direct or implied, or opinions regarding employability.

There is a resurgence of the hair salon experience. More men want a comfortable place to get a high quality haircut, shave or hairstyle. The MTI College barber license program offers three levels of education. Through hands-on training, students learn to style and cut hair, shave and style their hair, color their hair, take care of the skin, and learn the skills needed to build a long professional career.

The program is divided into preclinical classroom instruction, followed by hands-on clinical experience. In the first part of the program, students learn the principles, techniques and professional practices of design through workshops and instruction. This is followed by hands-on clinical experience gained on the living room floor.

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Enjoy excellent salon service and value for money at our Paul Mitchell The School Client Services Clinic. All services are performed by students under the supervision of an instructor. Paul Mitchell the School at MTI’s services include haircuts, hair coloring, hair texturizing, scalp wash treatments, and more.

At Paul Mitchell Guest Services Clinic in Sacramento, we guarantee a 5-minute anti-stress scalp treatment with every haircut…or your haircut is FREE! All full price products are 100% guaranteed and can be exchanged for another product of equal or lower price. Chemical services are guaranteed only when the prescribed products are purchased. No cash refunds. If a correction is deemed, please schedule an appointment within one week of the initial service.

For an incredible beauty experience, book an appointment with one of our talented future professionals today! Welcome without appointment; call or text (916) 339-1888 to book your appointment now!

Guests under the age of 18 must have a parent sign a release form and remain present throughout the service.

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Minors not receiving service must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times and may not accompany you to the clinic floor at any time during your service.

*Estimated program duration assumes a student has no prior transferable course credit and successfully completes a full course load each term. The actual duration of the Barbering program may be longer or shorter depending on factors such as, but not limited to, prior academic credits, course availability, academic performance, and attendance.

CORE focuses on the foundational knowledge and skills future professionals will need to begin working with their clients, including insight into the hair and cosmetology industry and business practices; California State Rules and Regulations, Sanitation and Chemistry; basic techniques in cutting, coloring and styling.

The adaptive phase is a period of intense study designed to build on the foundations learned in CORE. The adaptive phase consists of two modules in which future professionals gain additional experience through hands-on practice and assessment on the clinic floor. Future professionals also learn about retail practices, dialogue and the importance of educating customers about the product, as well as the need for good communication between the professional and their guests by offering consultation on analysis. hair, chemical analysis and hair movement.

Barbering And Cosmetology

The creative phase allows future professionals to continue to develop and apply their knowledge and skills through classroom instruction and clinical work. The creative phase consists of three modules in which future professionals gain additional experience through hands-on practice and assessment on the clinic floor. They explore ways to personalize and combine the technical elements of what they have previously learned. Under the guidance of their learning leaders, future professionals will begin to operate more independently serving their clients using techniques that combine the latest trends with fundamental technical skills.

Program Costs Grants and other forms of tuition assistance are available to those who qualify. To find out what you are entitled to, contact an MTI admissions counselor today!

*Less than 10 students have completed this program during the award year. This information has been withheld to preserve student confidentiality.

Based on the number of barber graduates in the 2020-2021 award year who registered with Graduate Placement Services and found employment in their field of study, and those who did not register and managed to get a job on their own.

Miami Barber Institute

* Future results may vary. MTI’s investment rate calculations are based on the July 1 to June 30 grant year. The unadjusted rate represents the percentage of the total number of graduates who obtain employment in or related to their field of study. The adjusted rate represents the percentage of graduates who actively seek employment and obtain employment in or related to their field of study. The adjusted rate does not include graduates who are not seeking employment for reasons such as continuing education, remaining at current workplace, military service, health issues, death, etc. For a full explanation of MTI’s placement calculations, please visit: Employment Placement Rate Calculation

*Based on Paul Mitchell, School MTI College graduates who applied for their barber license through the State of California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology in 2021. Review MTI’s exam pass rates and compare our results to d other schools by reviewing results published by the California Board of Barbers and Cosmetology. Search for MTI College under “Barbering – Written Exam Results” and “Barbering – Practical Exam Results”.

Apply today to pursue an exciting career in hairdressing. Once the online application is complete, you will be contacted by admissions officer Paul Mitchell who will walk you through the process, answer your questions, and schedule a tour of our Sacramento campus. Join the best barber school in Sacramento and apply today!

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