Free Online Art Journaling Classes
Free Online Art Journaling Classes

Free Online Art Journaling Classes

Free Online Art Journaling Classes – A visual journal is for everyone! Express yourself freely in both text and images, and tell your story without restrictions or imposed neatness.

Sometimes the stories we have to tell do not meet the criteria of journalism or story-telling. Sometimes our stories are broken. We are usually taught to sweep the pieces and fit them well again. But in this class, we value fragments and what is fragile. In this, we gain insights to give us courage, light, or added value for each day. We let our stories be “told” in an unlikely way, dropping the previous association with the word “journal”. In this class, our “stories” turn into hasty sketches, random phrases, twitchy snapshots, found objects, and/or colors as we document the story of an instant, a moment, a day, a journey. We use words and images together to say what cannot be said alone.

Free Online Art Journaling Classes

Will allow you to strengthen things that seem insignificant, fragile, or even absurd. Blank pages are a very useful space to explore, so be prepared to think outside the everyday diary format. We will use trivial and fragmented techniques to highlight even the dark or broken moments of life. A visual journal is for everyone, even if you never leave the house or dip a brush into a palette. The only prerequisite for this class is a willingness to accept your eccentricities.

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Creating a Visual Journal is great. Lissa Jensen is very creative, encouraging and passionate about the idea of ​​developing a written journal with expression in art. I think any writer who hasn’t used art to enrich their journal will learn a lot from this class. —Marge Osborn Visual Journal Course Outline Week One: Outdoor Art: Journals and Supplies

We dispel the “myth” of journals. We began documenting our life experiences through journaling as a creative alternative, albeit with minimal words. We develop and practice ways to combine both writing and artistic intent. Suggestions will be offered on journal materials, paper, useful supplies and inexpensive creative options to use.

Through creative intention we begin to “move out of our own way;” allowing life to tell its story one day at a time. Using the “Third Eye,” we take inventory of what goes through the head or heart, external experiences with internal processes. Get out of the habit. See with a refreshing perspective. Create a journal upgrade process

Visual journal artists such as Dan Eldon, (“The Journey is the Destination,” published posthumously by his mother, Kathy) and Sabrina Ward Harrison (“Spilling Open”) allow physical geography and internal geography to merge in mesmerizing ways. This week we discuss how to recognize and express our own views on life and our relationship with our own truth. What do you want to remember and maybe pass on to others? How can your message be conveyed visually?

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We indulge in putting a daily inventory of life, activities, thoughts, feelings and intuitions to work on the page. We experiment with fresh visual techniques using found supplies and objects. We place the text in the context of space, color and shape. We adopt a daily or weekly habit of looking at the present, remembering the past, imagining the future. We layer this with color, snippets of quotes, poems and conversations.

Active Imagination is Jung’s method of bringing the subconscious to the surface. We are focused on going one step further so that instead of just being a content distributor, our content teaches

Sharpen the breakdown of experience as we layer writing with visuals. Experiment with non-traditional means of expression such as cartoons, collage, doodles, exposition, texture and sensory release. How many ways are there to express yourself in the layers of your journal? How and when will you use this method?

We examine ways to relate memories of past experiences into our practice, including seemingly insignificant events or trivial interactions with life. How does memory permeate even our present lives and how can we accept memory as spiritual content? How can memories deepen the practice of simple observation, and how, when discovered, might we enter them into our journals?

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In an open inspiration forum, we discuss what works, what doesn’t, what we like, don’t appreciate and/or what we hope for. We’ll post the last page or pages of our journal, or the pages we didn’t get around to posting before, celebrating the creative impact of being here together.

This is the best online class I have ever taken. Lissa is a great instructor: positive, professional and perceptive. I loved everything about the class and wish it was offered more often — even part 2.

Lissa is a generous and friendly teacher. His assignments are engaging and create space for students to explore their own views and interests. I really like this class. I look forward to the assignment every week.

I honestly don’t know how Lissa finds the time to respond as much as she does, with incredible detail, helpful suggestions, references to other resources. He is beyond generous. One of the joys of this class is that I don’t feel pressured to conform to certain standards, but rather free to explore and experiment. That’s liberating. Before taking this course, it had been almost 40 years since I had done any kind of visual art to speak of. I was worried about my abilities, and horrified by my first efforts in class. Lissa never stopped giving me the encouragement I needed with every assignment. Now that the class is over, I feel as if painting in particular, and visual art in general, is back in my life in a big and meaningful way.

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Lissa is amazing. He takes the time to give detailed feedback and his ideas are inspiring. The way he presents assignments, using his own ideas and imagination shows that he really talks and he clearly enjoys teaching and giving feedback to students.

I fell in love with this course! The material is beautifully organized and presented, offering ample background and plenty of prompts, sparks and ideas. Lissa is a wonderful, knowledgeable, and inspiring teacher. Our group quickly felt like a community, which I appreciated over time. I feel encouraged to try — and I will continue.

Lissa Jensen gave an excellent review. He guides and inspires and encourages. He also submitted his assignments with the students as a further example. He gave deep criticism to each student. This is the best class I have taken so far. I really like the freedom of assignments. It’s just enough to get the creative brain thinking.

The content is amazing. Each assignment seems to build on the previous one and create space for the unexpected to arrive… I really appreciate it, Lissa. He takes the time to respond and guide each student according to their needs, who they are and encourages them to grow in the direction they are showing whether they are not aware of it. Very Insightful… I’ve taken this class twice and have grown tremendously– the assignments, although the same, touch me in different ways because each time I’m never in the same space. So the meaning and inspiration is different… I really like the class and the space that has been created. When I meet people who are interested in writing, I spread the word.

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Amazing course! Lissa Jensen’s “Creating a Visual Journal” gave me organized weekly content and technique tips that helped me go from someone who doesn’t draw at all to someone who can’t wait to get up in the morning and create with my visual journal. Lissa is a talented artist but also a gifted teacher. She provides many resources, including videos that walk us through Lissa using specific techniques, pages of inspiring visual art, and interesting and thoughtful themes. Lissa’s special gift is that she makes everyone in the class feel like part of a community of artists. She created such a sense of community that we didn’t want the class to end!

Creating a Visual Journal is great. Lissa Jensen is very creative, encouraging and enthusiastic about the idea of ​​developing a written journal with expression in art–art of many kinds and in many different mediums. The lessons and assignments are thoughtful and stimulating, and with her artistic background and incredible talent, Lissa helps enrich each lesson with examples of her own work, other artists’ work, and ideas about how to work with different materials… I think there are writers who haven’t yet using art to enrich journals will learn a lot from this class–as will anyone interested in exploring new ways to combine visuals with words in a friendly, collegial setting. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

Lissa is great. She creates a very positive and loving environment for people to share their work and spends a lot of time and energy reviewing and giving great feedback to each student. This is a great class – and a lot of fun. I have gained a lot from your classes.

Lissa is very encouraging and shows up

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