Free Online Art Classes For Beginners

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Does your child want to learn to draw but you don’t have the time or skills to teach them yourself? There are great opportunities to learn to draw online for free, in the comfort of your own home! Grab a pen and device of choice and hit up these free drawing sites for free online drawing tutorials to suit all skill levels!

Free Online Art Classes For Beginners

Being good at drawing is a sought-after skill in the art world. Drawing is a skill just like anything else that can be learned through practice and instruction. Learning certain techniques, ways to break objects down into shapes, and just plain old practice will make anyone better at drawing.

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Learning to draw online is a particularly great opportunity because it allows your student to go at their own pace, without pressure. They can search for a style and technique that really speaks to them because the choices are endless. Yay internet!

What is necessary? The super small supply list is one of the great things about drawing. You can literally complete most of these drawing tutorials with any random marking tool and scrap paper. Learning to draw is cheap and portable.

If you wanted to invest a few dollars in accessories, this is what I would get your student to make them feel like a pro. This small zippered pocket holds twelve pencils in different hardnesses, an eraser and a sharpener. It’s easy to take with you on the go and have all your drawing goodies in one place.

Add a basic sketchbook or my favorite leather bound art journal and you’re good to go. Encourage your student to keep all the pages in their sketchbook, even the ones they don’t love! It can be easy to just want to preserve the perfect pages, but keeping a sketchbook is a great way to show growth and improvement.

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These drawing websites go a step beyond the basic outline drawing for many learn to draw classes. But they are not so advanced that they completely overwhelm your student. It is better to start slowly and feel successful. A small taste of success will give them the confidence to continue.

Paul Priestley is an experienced art teacher who has taken his skills to YouTube for the masses. He is so encouraging and will inspire your kids to try things they didn’t think they could. (Think motivational speaker meets art teacher.)   His tutorials include both painting and drawing and are certainly step-by-step enough for younger viewers to enjoy!

Mark Kistler is an Emmy Award winner who will teach your child to draw and think in three dimensions. Although some of his tutorials are more cartoon like they still incorporate shading techniques that beginner artists love because they add that element of realism. This channel is suitable for all ages, even younger kids who are ready to move beyond the flat “cartoony” look. I really like this guy – I’d listen to him teach any day!

Christopher Hart’s channel is full of pencil tutorials that are super conversational and fun to watch. Some are more cartoonish and some more realistic but all have a cool style worth checking out! Chris is a leading author of “how to draw” books so these videos are like watching him in action.

Six Free Online Art Classes: Start Your

Once you’re a kid (or you) have mastered some basics and have a little bit of confidence under your belt, there’s no end to what you can learn to draw online. When I was in college and taking endless art classes in person, the world wide web was a baby. I can only imagine how some of these tutorials would have helped my real life instruction.

Kirsty from Kirsty Partridge Art is another self-taught artist. Her drawing website is colorful and covers not only drawing but also basics like choosing the best drawing materials and ways to monetize your art. (What teenager wouldn’t love the idea of ​​monetizing their creativity?)  She draws with both graphite and colored pencil. I love her specific tutorials for details like drawing the perfect skin tone or a realistic braid.

SchaeferArt is a YouTube channel perfect for older students or adults who want to learn to draw and paint. Lots of plein air tutorials, live streams, some art history and travel make this channel fun to watch and a place to pick up some skills. This channel will serve you better if you already have some confidence and some skills!

Darlene at RapidFIreArt is a self-taught portrait artist. She is easy to listen to understand. The tutorials range from how to add shading, specific parts of faces, full portraits and DIY celebrity portraits. There are even some super fun fast-forward videos where she draws complete portraits in a minute or two. Kids will “Ohh and ahh” over these!

Online Art Classes

Dan Beardshaw is a young artist with a lot to offer a student who wants to learn to draw. He has a super nice accent and mad drawing skills that he breaks down into reasonable steps. This channel is probably best for high school age and up. Younger children may get frustrated if they have no previous drawing experience!

Tom of Circle Line Art School posts a new video every week. This huge library of over 300 free online drawing tutorials are almost exclusively done in black and white pencil. Tutorials lean towards the technical side with an emphasis on perspective, optical illusions and buildings.

The Art of Wei channel hosts nearly 200 video tutorials almost exclusively illustrating graphite drawings. The tutorials start off simple; concepts such as drawing a better curve and learning to draw and shade basic shapes and move on to more complicated ideas such as portraiture. One thing I like about these tutorials is that they are a bit longer than most and give an artist a chance to follow along.

My Drawing Tutorials is a multi-artist hosted channel. Most tutorials focus on portraiture and figure drawing although there are some optical illusion type lessons,

Join Us For An Online Adventure In Art @ Wac

Maybe you or your child aren’t quite ready for the more advanced online drawing tutorials. No problem! There are literally countless drawing tutorials and drawing websites for the younger crowd. Although these channels tend to have more cartoonish illustrations, they are so much fun! Step by step online drawing instruction means sure success even for kids who may not be confident artists!

These are just a few of my most favorite art channels on YouTube that are specific to drawing. Be sure to check out this post for online art tutorials including additional online drawing classes as well as tons of other mediums besides pen and pencil! The sky’s the limit when it comes to what’s out there!

If you liked this list of drawing websites perfect for teaching your student to draw online, share it on your favorite social media channel! Every single share helps me bring you more free printable resources and fun projects! Here are my favorite resources and YouTube channels that offer online art classes for kids. Good luck, friends!

We discovered this channel just before Christmas last year. As part of their Christmas gift, I gave both of my kids a quality notebook, a pair of black Sharpies, and a set of new colorful markers. It was a total hit!

Moma Free Online Art Classes Are Now Available

My kids have spent HOURS watching easy to follow tutorials from this adorable family. This channel is my absolute “go-to” when the kids want to draw something specific. Ice cream cones? A dinosaur? Your favorite cartoon character? They have everything!

The Kitchen Table Classroom is full of tutorials and inspiration for kids and adults alike. There are step-by-step tutorials on topics like painting or printing, as well as printables that go along with crafty activities (animal masks and unicorn headbands are just a couple of examples).

Artist and author Carla Sonheim’s website is geared more toward adults, but she also has a small FREE video series for kids.

This YouTube channel has tons of arts and crafts tutorials for kids, including lesson plans for topics like sculpting, printmaking, and painting:

Free Live Online Art Class: School Of Fish

I’ve been a fan of The Artful Parent blog for a while now. Their YouTube channel has TONS of video tutorials for hands-on crafts and activities for families.

Children are never too young to learn about art history. These lessons are perfect for elementary school children. Lessons about famous artists in history are brought directly to your home by a couple of cute charters in easy to watch 7-8 minute cartoon videos.

Tate Kids, from the UK’s Tate Galleries, brings you films about art for children! Videos cover both educational videos (What is surrealism?) and tutorials (How to paint with chocolate).– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Carla Sonheim, author of “Drawing Lab,” would like to invite you

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