Free Math Classes Online High School

Free Math Classes Online High School

Free Math Classes Online High School – With the increasing popularity of STEM-oriented studies, more and more students are taking more and more challenging math courses.

However, for some students, the subject can present a real challenge; but knowing where to turn for help can greatly ease the struggle and improve their understanding.

Free Math Classes Online High School

Many schools offer students the ability to be creative with their math resources—turning to apps, websites, and online programs to help them literally solve the problems in front of them. Choosing the most useful, appropriate, and enjoyable online math tools can be a challenge in itself—but luckily, with the help of some of the teachers at CalPac, an online charter school that serving Southern California, that problem is easily solved.

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Here are their 15 favorite online resources for teaching math online — to help make math more accessible and fun for students at all grade levels.

Khan Academy is a completely free personalized learning resource with online courses, videos, and exercises. Students can complete daily assessments and track their progress within the platform’s learning dashboard. Math tutorials are categorized by subject and by grade level for easy navigation and access to specialized content—with help from organizations like NASA, the California Academy of Sciences, and The Museum of Modern Art— to bring the lessons to life.

What teachers like: Practice problems provide hints one at a time, so students can get help when they’re stuck at a particular point, but don’t need help with the entire problem. This allows them to organize things for themselves and learn at their own pace.

While IXL is a subscription-based learning site, it offers free daily math practice problems. Students can complete ten free questions (on each topic) each day and grow their math skills. Subscription membership includes unlimited practice questions, analytics, certificates, and personalized practice recommendations.

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What teachers love: If a student gets a problem wrong, the program shows all the steps to complete the problem so they can see where they went wrong and learn from their mistakes.

Desmos is a free online graphing calculator that students can use to graph functions, plot data, and evaluate equations. The site also includes math examples and even creative art—so students can get the most out of the calculator.

What teachers love: The website and program are extremely easy to use, with an extensive help center; and with Desmos, families don’t have to worry about buying an expensive graphing calculator.

Quizlet is a website and app that teaches all kinds of things through digital cards. In this app, students can learn through flashcards, matching cards, short-term memorization cards, long-term memorization cards, etc. Students or teachers can use premade card decks or create their own custom decks. This app is free and available on any platform.

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MathWorld is a free online resource for all things math related. The site includes interactive GIFs and demonstrations, downloadable notebooks, and “capsule summaries” for various math terms. Students can explore more than 13,000 entries to strengthen their mathematical foundation and strengthen their understanding.

What teachers love: The site allows older and more advanced students to really dig deep into math, with topics and articles on a variety of math-related topics for different levels of background and ability.

In The Art of Problem Solving, students have three different ways to get math-related help and resources. Online School is a gateway for students to enroll in additional math classes and AoPS’ ​​Bookstore offers challenging, in-depth textbooks for students to further explore. learn the subject.

What teachers love: Students can challenge themselves to dig deeper into math subjects they find fascinating through moderated message boards, games, and articles.

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As the name suggests, Math is Fun aims to make math fun and entertaining. The site uses puzzles, games, quizzes, worksheets, and a forum to help guide students in their learning.

What teachers love:  Problems and solutions are all explained in plain language, making it easier for students to learn on their own without needing an adult or teacher to ‘translate’. ‘

This game aims to teach through play rather than outright basic math learning, and still give your student/child the math education they need. This game allows for good progress monitoring, as teachers or parents check questions that are having trouble with their student or child, track what they are doing with their peers , adjust grade level, set goals, access video lessons, and more. This game comes with basic, free features, or you can purchase an upgraded version for $6.25-$8.33 per month.

This app aims to make learning fun for students, mainly teaching through games–such as puzzles, animals, painting, and more. Math Playground targets students from Kindergarten through 6th grade. Math Playground is free and available on any platform with a search engine.

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At edX, students can access over 3,500 free courses–these courses come from prestigious colleges, such as Harvard, Berkeley, MIT, Cornell, Dartmouth and other smaller colleges. edX can be a great place to learn math for students in grades 6-12.

ABC Mouse is one of the most popular and exemplary learning apps out there. With 10,000+ activities and mobile learning, this app makes for great online learning. ABC Mouse teaches reading, math, counting, science, and more. This app targets children 2-8 years old is a great place to start teaching a student/child math.

Adventure Academy is a learning resource that can teach students all kinds of things. Featuring 4000+ activities, mobile learning, and progress tracking, this app can make students forget they’re even studying. Adventure Academy teaches many subjects–reading, math, science, social studies, and more. Targeting students 8-13, this app brings an innovative game feel to learning.

Math planet is an online resource where you can learn math for free. Students can take their high school math courses in Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry. They also prepare practice tests for the SAT and ACT.

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Educational material focused on US high school mathematics. However, because math is the same all over the world, Mathplanet welcomes everyone to study math with them, for free.

Illustrative Mathematics math is a problem-based core curriculum designed to address content and practice standards to stimulate learning for all. Students learn by doing math, solving problems in mathematical and real-world contexts, and developing arguments using precise language. Teachers can shift their instruction and facilitate student learning using high-leverage tasks to guide students to understand and make connections between concepts and methods. University Online Academy offers a wide range of accredited, 100% online high school courses. These programs can help students achieve academic success, earn an accredited online high school diploma, and prepare for the future. Students can study core subjects, including language arts, math, history, and science, and choose from an ever-growing variety of electives, including literature and Spanish. LUOA regularly adds new electives to the curriculum selection. Check out our program benefits below!

In this course, students will be challenged to consider many of the most difficult questions about Christianity and make a decision about Jesus Christ. Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

Global Studies is an elective course for high school students. The course is a 1-semester course that investigates important material related to both personal evangelism and world missions. Content includes:

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This year-long course combines topics of biblical life applications with gender-specific topics. Because of this, the course is divided into men’s and women’s versions. Life Applications (1st semester) focuses on 2 areas of Bible study: the Book of James and the life of Jesus Christ. See the syllabi below for specific breakdowns for gender-specific Living a Godly Life (2nd semester) courses. The following topics will be explored and discussed:

In a world where basic knowledge and understanding of the Bible is hard to come by, this course serves as a tool to help individuals gain a “big picture” view of God’s Word. Specifically, students will study:

Many religions exist in the world today. The beliefs and worldviews a person has can significantly affect the way he lives. However, with so many different and unique views, it can be difficult to identify the specific roots of those belief systems. With the high number of existing religions and faiths, this course serves as a guide to:

Algebra I takes the student beyond the basic math skills learned in lower level math classes and introduces them to topics that explore higher math principles and skills. The student will investigate and solve problems that use both real numbers and variables. The skills learned can be used to solve real-life problems to help students function better in the world around them.

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Emphasis will be placed on solving equations, including linear, quadratic, inequalities, multistep, and variations. Factoring and graphing will be used to solve various equations and systems of equations. Additionally, skills related to exponents, statistics, and probability will be explored and related to practical application.

Algebra II is a math course that builds on the material covered in Algebra I with more detail and added topics. The material will be presented to the student through video lessons, worksheets with answer keys, every day

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