Free English Classes Online

Free English Classes Online – This article shows you how you can dip your toe into the world of online tutoring for free before you commit to a professional solution. If you teach less than 20 students online, you may want to choose or integrate a system to deliver live online classes for teaching English.

Here are free tools that I have personally used and that can be combined to provide a great solution for part-time teachers.

Free English Classes Online

Skype is a way to communicate and communicate with students anywhere in the world. You can enable audio, text and video to give an online lesson.

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Skype is free. You just need to download the software on your computer and ask your student to do the same. In general, this is very easy, but sometimes setting up new students on Skype can be a little tiring. Once you and your student have an account, you can take online lessons for free.

Video takes care of the visual and audio aspects of the class, but then you need to choose a way to explain ideas via an online whiteboard.

You can share your screen on Skype. This way you can access any learning materials on your computer or go to different browser tabs to access multimedia. Although this may not be interactive for the student, you can at least control what the student sees.

Skitch works well with Skype screen sharing. Skitch gives you the tools to visually communicate ideas, share ideas, and communicate with your language learners. You can draw, add shapes, write on it and save it to your desktop when you’re done.

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With Google Docs, you can write, edit and interact on a document for free. You can use Skype for audio only and then send your student a link to a modified google doc.

This way you can ask your student to do English lessons in real time. You can correct mistakes, talk to students about how to do it and inspire the confidence that so many students are desperate to build.

Calendly is a free tool that helps you schedule meetings without back-and-forth emails. You set the times you are available to teach and Calendly connects to your calendar to automatically manage that availability.

I’ve found that the more emails, the more complexity you add to the student user experience, so this helps you massively cut down on the useless task of trying to squeeze in a class time that you’ve always had. Confirm both are appropriate.

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I have tried many different CRM (relationship relationship management) systems to manage my leads and customers. If you start teaching online you will be surprised how quickly you build a database and need a way to easily manage client information, student notes and status.

Often student leaders are willing to book or rebook a class immediately. Students may need time or progress to market readiness stages before they are ready to purchase a class. CRM helps you track this progress and close the deal quickly and professionally.

You cannot save files or videos directly to Skype because it is designed for online teaching for web conferencing. However, you can upload and host videos for free on YouTube (public only) or Vimeo (public, private or password protected).

YouTube works if you want to attract new leads to your teaching business or school and you don’t care about the order in which they watch your videos. YouTube channels and playlists are helpful, but a big drawback for teachers who are especially focused on ranking videos is that both YouTube and Vimeo automatically show users similar videos that can be your other videos from the series or Include competing videos.

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One way you can go about this is to send users google docs with links to the appropriate videos to specify which videos you want your student to watch as part of their homework and when. mother. Vimeo allows password protected videos which again gives you more control, but at the expense of the student account potentially getting confused or forgetting the password.

You can use QuickTime Player as a free tool to record everything that happens on your computer screen or on a part of your computer screen. This is called screen recording.

This means you can record your lessons, save them to your desktop, upload them to Google drive and then invite students to review previous lessons.

If you employ a number of teachers, you can request that they do exactly this process and upload the file to a Google Drive folder that you can access for quality control or training purposes.

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Moodle is an open source learning management system (LMS) so it is free to create courses and customize the platform according to your needs. There is a lot of documentation online but it is expensive, it is criticized for being too complicated and difficult to set up.

Also be aware that while Moodle is free, a number of third parties charge for special features or for a more user-friendly interface.

PayPal is a service that allows you to make payments, send payments, and receive payments for free. Instead of messing around with other options like Stripe (which also accept credit cards), you can ask users to pay you via the familiar PayPal and then, when you want the user experience. enjoy, you can look at it. other options.

These 10 tools will get your online school up and running quickly so you can test the No. 1 assumption that kills most startup businesses, “Can I attract enough customers online?”

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Once you’ve got your marketing machine up and running and this clutter of systems is getting too frustrating to keep up with, you can start looking at professional online school software to take your school to the next level. The English Language Institute (ELI) at the College of Staten Island offers free English classes via Facebook Live videos and Zoom meetings. These free short sessions are offered to any student around the world who may want to learn or practice English. There are even sessions that are explained in Spanish and English at the same time so that the Spanish speakers in the class understand.

Many English language centers around the world are closed and not many students will have the chance to return to face-to-face English classes or the possibility to participate in online classes. According to the British Council, two billion English learners were expected by 2020, which is more than a quarter of the world’s population. Many students who wanted to come to the United States to learn English have canceled their plans amid the COVID-19 health crisis.

ELI has moved the spring 2020 semester online. Students who previously learned English on campus are now in Zoom classes with ELI teachers. The big advantage is that they continue to teach the same courses at the same time. Every day, ELI teachers live with students covering topics such as reading, writing, speaking, and a TOEFL preparation course. The students are from Brazil, Colombia, Chile, China, Germany, Guatemala, Israel, Ivory Coast, Japan, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, South Korea and Ukraine.

ELI also wanted to help students who were planning to arrive in New York this summer and whose English classes were canceled in their home countries. ELI organized short lessons on its Facebook page and via Zoom meetings, and the first class immediately attracted nearly 1,000 views. ELI teachers will cover different topics each week and for different levels of English (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).

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The director of ELI, Gonzalo Villena, was surprised by the first class audience. “We had students watching from Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Poland, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and even from different cities in the USA,” according to the ELI Director. “Our goal is to help anyone who wants to practice some English, help those whose English classes have been canceled in their home countries, or anyone who wants to have a good time at home during quarantine,” he added.

Because the first class was so successful with native Spanish speakers, ELI extended an additional class that was taught simultaneously in Spanish and English. “Lessons are taught 100 percent in English on Tuesdays and half Spanish, half English on Wednesdays,” Villena said. The goal is to reach as many students as possible and provide assistance using online learning.

The lectures are broadcast live on the ELI Facebook page and Zoom every week at 15:00, New York time, but students in different time zones can watch the lecture anytime because they are recorded and have free access. on the Facebook page. ELI also uploads the lesson on its YouTube channel so that everyone can enjoy the topic they want to see. The first lesson is already available in this YouTube link. If you want to subscribe to her YouTube channel and get new lesson information, you can always go to her channel.

ELI invites everyone to watch the next class. If you want to participate from Facebook or Zoom, you just need to see the events posted on ELI Facebook, ELI Instagram, ELI Twitter, ELI LinkedIn, or on the CSI or CUNY Websites. For those who want to join Zoom from a computer

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