Event Decorating Classes Online
Event Decorating Classes Online

Event Decorating Classes Online

Event Decorating Classes Online – Ben and Billy Balloon Training Institutes taught over 350 students in Classic Balloon Decor Classes held at hotels in Gatlinburg and now at our own new facility in Sevierville. We have had the pleasure of meeting students from Finland, Haiti, Barbados, Africa and many other countries, resulting in a high success rate for these students.

Balloon Training Institute is designed as a business investment for those who want a home based or low cost business opportunity with high return on investment. However, we wanted to make it affordable to all students who had a dream of exploring options and owning their own business. We proudly introduce alloonClassesOnline, a new learning experience to make dreams come true!

Event Decorating Classes Online

We will teach, you will learn, the brands and sizes of balloons, how to inflate with different brands of equipment to use, then we will start slowly… learn how to make salable pieces like topiaries, columns, arches, centerpieces. , backdrop walls, tunnels, balloon drops, balloon sculptures like Cinderella’s carriage, dance floors and more.

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We’ll even keep you up to date on new trends like organic swags, bows and other amazing pieces! Then we go to the frame, the base plates, the arch frames, behind the scenes of the balloon professionals. Marketing, pricing, profit and sales covered, we provide you with the logistics and software sources to get your new business up and running.

Finally we will teach you how to make money full time, part time any way you want to earn extra income. This is great for churches, high school proms, and corporate events! Join us on our journey to learn a new life skill that will last you forever!

Our home study program is a 13 month long program that you can accelerate using our fast track system…

We are with you every step of the way! You also get support for your home study course! You have your own online portal to submit your work images and take our online tests. You can submit a support ticket with questions along with getting new fresh ideas and products! With our Balloon Mentor® program, we’re with you every step of the way!

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On a linear class schedule – our home study program is a full 48 hours and Part 13 is the final exam and yes you get a diploma! However, no one wants to sit and watch a 4-hour webinar, so we’re breaking this down into hourly sessions… paying each month gives you the equivalent of 4 hours of content. When you complete your course and pass a rigorous final exam, you’ll receive a beautiful framed diploma from their exclusive Balloon Training Institute, Classic Balloon Decor!

International students are welcome, our classes are in English only, some materials etc. may not be available in your area. The course consists of lecture theory, industry speakers, practical training (private class), home study and home project. A course textbook will be provided, but it is designed to be enhanced by students’ own note-taking. Hence, textbook and instructional support is decided by the student himself. Classroom Course: 2 days of classroom teaching + 1 month Home Study + Practical Exam/Project = Certification Online Course: 21 webinars + Home Study + Online test + Practical Exam/Project = Certification

All students must complete and submit all criteria of the practical project, including all work including photos and a video of their project. This project and all supporting documentation will be evaluated and, along with the student’s success in the class, will determine whether the student should be certified.

The cost of the course includes all instruction, textbook, design apron, tools, and use of materials in class.

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**After completing all elements of the course, successful students will be mailed an officially stamped certificate within 4-6 weeks of the final course date (International postal times may affect timing.)

Refunds will be made by giving 5 business days notice in writing to [email protected] prior to the start date of classes. All funds except the $100 registration fee will be returned. Course fees are non-refundable once the class has started.The Event Decorating Academy is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). Event Decoration Academy complies with the ANSI/IACET standard, which is internationally recognized as a standard of excellence in instructional practices. As a result of this accreditation, The Event Decorating Academy is accredited to issue IACET CEUs.

Event Decorating Academy is a global center of excellence, working with event designers and entrepreneurs to transform their creativity into profit.

Our highest value is to help students achieve success through originality, leadership and commitment, while supporting the growth of each student.

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Our mission at Event Decorating Academy® is to provide powerful tools and strategies with online and hands-on training to equip students with the knowledge to advance their careers to become exceptional event designers. As the founders of event planning schools, we have been offering our designers confidence, credibility and value-adding credentials that have been their roadmap to success since 2007.

Program is our most popular course. The credential is limited to decorators who have completed the Event Decorating Academy’s intensive 100 hour – certification program – equivalent to 10 CEUs.

. Students must pass the written and practical test to receive the certificate. The course includes lessons in business management, balloon decoration, drapery, floral design and props. From here our students can choose to specialize in a specific subject and take master classes to become an event designer.

The designation is an accredited program limited to certified event decorators who have completed an intensive 100 hours. Courses are equivalent to 10 CEUs and then took the 100 CEU course equivalent to 10 CEUs in Event Decorating Academy’s master design classes.

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Event design is a competitive business. The key to success is educating yourself and having the proper credentials to stand out from everyone else. Credentials will give you value and credibility that will help you book more events. This online event design course is a comprehensive program that teaches you everything you need to know about event planning, color theory, fabric and furniture design, lighting wall and ceiling treatments, drawing a floor plan, portfolio development and design trends.

Our balloon decoration programs are full of exciting and trendy designs. They offer experience in building various frames and creating balloon arches, canopies, organic designs, wall and ceiling designs. Getting proper training is very important to become a successful balloon decorator. Our instructors will guide you step-by-step, focusing on techniques and proper installation for that professional look.

We are the only school in the world to offer Balloon Design Certificate programs that earn CEUs. Through our series of online and hands-on courses, our knowledgeable instructors will guide students through all smart balloon uses as well as safety and environmental regulations.

Fabrication courses will provide hands-on experience in building a variety of frames to create entrances, arches, backdrops, stages, gazebos, table and chair designs for various events. Our goal is to teach students to practice safe rigging installations and implement a complete site plan by the time they are finished with the program. Our courses include basic techniques to make it quick and easy.

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Our instructors will guide you step-by-step through our hands-on and online courses, focusing on the fundamental techniques to turn any space into a beautiful masterpiece.

We are the only school in the world to offer Draping Design Certificate programs that earn CEUs. Textile courses will require students to produce and practice designs and take pictures for their event portfolios. Students must pass the test to receive certification, and to pass and receive certification, students must demonstrate their ability to create, build, and design.

Our comprehensive learning programs focus on floral designs for events. It’s designed to cover everything you need to know to prepare you with the latest trends in the ever-growing market for weddings and corporates. Courses help you expand your understanding and creativity by mastering contemporary techniques and design mechanics. Our proven teaching methods will prepare you to make rapid progress in your floristry and establish yourself as a true professional. Design and arrangement of attractive event centers for rent or sale. In this course we will teach the techniques of using high quality soft touch silk flowers for many designs, which will help us offer stunning designs at a reasonable price. This is an exclusive course for event decorators. Festival Floral Design Certificate and accredited programs earn CEUs.

This is a highly educational class designed to give our students the knowledge they need to run a successful event decor company. We focus on the importance of professionalism and teaching students excellent business skills. This is a “must take” class,  being a great designer is wonderful, but if you don’t know how

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