Essay On Why You Want To Be A Teacher
Essay On Why You Want To Be A Teacher

Essay On Why You Want To Be A Teacher

Essay On Why You Want To Be A Teacher – Most kids like to be doctors and they all have different reasons for it. It takes a lot of courage to be a doctor because they have to heal other people’s wounds and wounds, which really takes courage. Doctors are really good and they have solution for various diseases in our body.

Here, I am providing an essay on why I want to become a doctor in very simple words. This topic is very useful for students of all grades. You can go through this article to know the various aspects of the topic.

Essay On Why You Want To Be A Teacher

5) Another reason for choosing this profession is that I love their courage, honesty, bravery and polite behavior.

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Teachers help us to solve all problems in studies, policemen help us with social problems, monks help us to heal our mind, similarly, doctors help us to deal with various disorders in our body. Indeed, they are heroes because they can make us fit and well.

I love this profession because I have seen many serious cases and they become correct when they go to the doctor. They are magicians and have superpowers so I still want to become a doctor.

My mother is a doctor and helps everyone, she also works in an NGO. Many poor and old people came to thank her and sounded very good. I also like to help people. Doctors are like gods on earth because they can bring you back from the dead.

Once my classmate was seriously injured in an accident and everyone was hopeless but it was the doctor who protected her. I can easily relate this incident to my mother and how she helped others. So, I want to become like her.

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There are various careers where you can help others. As I have seen some live examples of the contribution of doctors, I want to be a doctor. I want the nation to be healthy and fit so that we can develop into a strong country. The strongest. I want to help others like my mother in Corona and I want to help my country.

There are different colors in the rainbow but not everyone likes white; It depends on us and our preferences. Some of us like yellow, some like red. Similarly, there are many professions and I want to become a doctor. There are many reasons behind choosing this career and one of the most important is that I love being a doctor.

When I was young, I lost my grandmother, she died of cancer. I was very sad because I couldn’t do anything, and I decided to become a doctor. I wish to make such medicine so that no one dies of cancer. Doctors can cure everyone and they have the power to make new medicines and new life-saving devices.

Doctors always try their best and never say ‘no’. They start by trying and most of the time they succeed. I love the dedication they have to their patients. They do not know that their patients also make them a family.

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During the COVID-19 outbreak, all doctors and other medical staff are working 24×7. They don’t think about themselves. It really takes courage to do that and go to the doctor. They still have families and we all love our own lives, still, it is the intention of They say the recovery rate is very high.

As a doctor, I will always make sure that no one dies due to lack of treatment. I want to develop a system where I can fix all the damaged parts and regenerate the dead people. Because every year many families lose their loved ones. Therefore, I will develop a system through which no one will die before the normal death.

I want to facilitate all kinds of medical care for the poor. Because sometimes they don’t have enough money for treatment, even though the government has announced plans for them, But due to lack of wisdom they cannot benefit.

Whatever profession we choose, we should do it with integrity. It is the doctor’s duty to inform his patients about all the plans and the latest plans announced by the government. A doctor should always be a helper and should help everyone. Some people have money to pay him or not.

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Every time you fall, feel pain or discomfort, the only person we remember is the doctor. When you grow up, you can easily explain what happened to you, but do you ever think about the children? They can’t explain their problem, the doctor cures them easily. Indeed, they are geniuses.

Doctors are on the side of God on earth and they take care of every human being on earth. There are also doctors for animals. The word doctor sounds like a healer.

Doctors have different types and depending on their interests and marks in the entrance exam. Those who care for children are called pediatricians, while those who care for women are called gynecologists. Similarly, brain and heart specialists are known as Neurologists and Cardiologists. There are different doctors for different parts of the body.

Many students every year work hard to become doctors and they start preparing from the very beginning. One should take biology as a subject in 11th and 12th year and should be enthusiastic. After academics, one should clear some exam called NEET which is also known as All India Paramedical Test. After this can easily take part in the consultation of various collages according to his rank. you

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After graduating from college, one should work under an experienced doctor and complete an internship, and then he will be a complete doctor. All you need is a strong will and no one can stop you.

Apart from Allopathy, there are some other branches of medicine like: Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, etc., one can also be an expert in these fields. Ayurveda is an Indian form of medicine followed by our ancestors.

Being a doctor will automatically develop a sense of responsibility and if you are not disciplined and focused then don’t become a doctor. Doctors should be courageous and should not give up in any situation. A doctor’s only motivation should be to protect others. Whatever career you choose, you should always be loyal and committed. Doctors are a kind of social worker and if needed they work all day. The outbreak of Covid-19 has encouraged many young people to become doctors. The effort and courage they have shown during this period is remarkable and cannot be ignored. And if you are alive today, it is only because of them. So, always respect the doctor and give him a smile every time you see him.

An. Doctors wear white coats so they can be easily identified by patients and staff.

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I am a writer with no particular genre of choice. However, I like to write about issues that concern the general public. I also love to know people, communities and cultures from close communities. I write to satisfy the writer in me and also to keep you updated on many topics. Why I Want to Go to College Essay: College helps open ourselves up to opportunities we didn’t know existed or liked. College helps figure out what you don’t want to do. Colleges offer a wide variety of majors, and the options to learn everything from rocket science to comics are limitless!

One should go to college to get a solid education. The opportunities available inside and outside the classroom will help you move toward adulthood and your future career.

Long and short essays on why I want to go to college for students and children in English

We provide students with essay examples on a long essay of 500 words and a short essay of 150 words on the topic why I want to go to college for reference.

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A long essay on why I want to go to college is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

There are many reasons why people want to go to college. I enroll in college for some reason such as increasing knowledge, gaining experience, or preparing myself for a good career. There are several other reasons to get a higher education from college.

First of all, I feel that students should enroll in a college or university to get higher education. Some people are interested in a specific subject during school or after graduation. Therefore, it helps to continue to study those subjects deeper and deeper, not only to gain complete knowledge about the subject, but also to make more discoveries about that topic. For example, some students must study for a master’s degree or a doctorate. to make new discoveries and reforms in the topics they choose.

People go to college for all kinds of things

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