Embroidery Machine Classes Online

Embroidery Machine Classes Online

Embroidery Machine Classes Online – It’s official! The new launch of the Essential Embroidery Online Course was BIGGER than we ever expected. Students all over the world have been learning how to use their embroidery machines FASTER than any hands-on class or trying to read the manual.

This unique embroidery journey is designed to help you master your embroidery machine while learning 15 different embroidery design techniques. This online course, hosted by Sara Snuggerud of , is over 3 1/2 hours of in-depth embroidery knowledge with step-by-step instructions for each embroidery technique. By completing each embroidery technique, we guarantee that you will be working on more areas of your embroidery machine than most embroidery machine owners. Repeating these specific techniques throughout this online course will solidify the knowledge you learn to facilitate your own future embroidery projects.

Embroidery Machine Classes Online

This class is perfect for the new embroidery machine owner or an embroiderer who knows they are not using their embroidery machine to its full potential. We can take you from ZERO to HERO to repeatedly complete different embroidery techniques. After completing the Essential Embroidery Online Course, we guarantee that you will know and love your embroidery machine more than you ever thought possible.

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There is NO time limit for viewing the Essential Embroidery Online Course lessons. By purchasing your course online you will be able to watch the lessons when you want AND as often as you need.

If after viewing the lessons you are not completely satisfied, please request a full refund within 30 days of purchase. We’re sure you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn about your embroidery machine as you work through each lesson. But if you’re not, we’ll be happy to refund your class purchase.

Join today and receive 10 additional BONUS lessons that add up to another 90 minutes of embroidery education. Click here to learn more.

Users of ANY brand of embroidery machine with ANY size embroidery hoop will benefit from taking the Embroidery Essentials online course. Do you have an embroidery machine with a hoop size of only 4″ x 4″? This course is even for you!

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Enrolled students will also be invited to join the Embroidery Essentials private Facebook group. You will be able to ask questions, see the completed projects of other students and communicate in a virtual classroom. From sewing machines, sergers to embroidery machines, we offer classes for home sewing machine owners to help you get the most out of your machine.

Regardless of which brand of sewing machine, serger, and embroidery machine, there are basic fundamentals shared in each.

If you wanted to learn the basics of using a sewing machine, this class is for you.

Learn how to thread your twill, set tensions, and create a 4-thread overlock, a 3-thread overlock, a rolled hem, and more.

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There are specific projects that a twill and an embroidery machine can do. These projects are perfect for exploring new techniques.

Join us to knit a basic t-shirt on a pan machine to further practice your sewing skills.

Learn how to quilt in the hoop of your embroidery machine using designs from the Tula Pink Quilting collection.

Learn how to quilt a quilt top using a home sewing machine. Covers batting, quilting and techniques.

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Urban Spools only sells Baby Lock, so our team is constantly educated on this unique brand so we can provide more in-depth and informed support to our customers across the line. Our live virtual sewing classes are designed to further expand your sewing skills through project-specific experiences using the advanced features of your Baby Lock machine.

Join this class to learn all the features of your Baby Lock Solaris. There will be a different project each month that will use different Solaris features to complete.

Learn all about your Baby Lock Altair sewing machine with a different project each month designed to use advanced features on your machine.

Each month, learn how to use the advanced features of Baby Lock Chorus and Baby Lock Ballad to enhance your sewing projects.

Free Beginner’s Machine Class

Join us virtually as we practice different projects designed to inspire you in what you can achieve with your Baby Lock Sashiko with an Urban Spools twist of course.

Home | Store | Sewing machines | Classes | Calendar | Services | About | Contact | Site Map | Terms and Conditions Each class meets virtually via a private Zoom classroom once a week for three hours per session, allowing you to attend classes in the comfort of your own space.

Your instructor is live during each session, available to answer questions, review information, and demonstrate nearby technology to enhance your learning experience.

Class sizes are small, 4 students per class, which allows each person to receive individualized attention when needed. Smaller classes also allow the group to work as a cohesive unit through the course material.

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Some resources to learn key skills are provided in the cost of the courses and delivered directly by mail. Students will need some additional fabric and notions beyond what is provided in the kit. Additional materials will be thoroughly discussed in class.

PLEASE NOTE: The time of day you select is only a stated preference. Class dates and times will be assigned and scheduled once complete based on faculty availability and majority preference.

This course expands on the skills acquired in basic machine embroidery concepts. During this course you will further explore how to operate embroidery functions using more advanced techniques and functions, gain more advanced skills working with the right tools, thread and a greater understanding of stabilizers and ideas on how to use machine embroidery as a business. Through more challenging instructor-led projects, you’ll learn more unique sewing techniques, work with more challenging fabrics, and receive intermediate-level digital designs to keep. This course is designed to further develop the skills needed to succeed in your own embroidery journey or business. You must have taken Basic Machine Embroidery before enrolling in this class. Materials needed: A notebook and pen for notes, a repaired sewing machine with embroidery capability, power cord, pedal, machine manual, all tools, feet, hoops and accessories that come with the machine. This course includes a kit worth over $100 that contains the items needed to complete the course projects. Materials include, but are not limited to, notions, fabric, stabilizers, and three of my favorite machine embroidery tools. Students will need some additional fabric and notions beyond what is provided in the kit. Additional materials will be thoroughly discussed in class. The kit will be mailed prior to the start of class. Ask us a lot of questions before students sign up for the embroidery course. So we’ve put together the 10 most asked questions to make everything easier for you. If you have any other questions, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

When online courses offer “lifetime membership” it means your paid tuition is yours for as long as you live. You can return to the course, videos and handouts at any time for a refresher course. It also means that there is no need to rush through the course with a time limit. This self-paced work allows students to take their time as they work from lesson to lesson.

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Great question… like enrolling at a local college, you only pay for the classes you want to take. Each class has a charge. This is also true with our online courses. Each class has its own price. Click here to view ALL of our available online courses.

We created the Basics of Embroidery course to work with all brands of embroidery machines. We’ve explained different features you’ll find on your own embroidery machine to help with a specific lesson or technique. Each lesson will help you locate, find, and use these features on your own machine. Remember, it’s not about the quilt result you see in the picture, it’s about the repetitive steps you take over and over again that help you maximize what you’re learning.

This course will help you master the steps needed to move an embroidery design file from the computer to the embroidery machine. Yes, this can be scary, especially if you are not very computer literate. We’re here to help you every step of the way! The key is not to give up before you start.

Without learning this knowledge, you will never learn your embroidery machine. Don’t let this part put you off! Get in touch if you need help. We’ve all been at the beginning at one point or another in our own embroidery journey.

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Yes But you only need a computer to transfer the embroidery designs from the course to your USB device. You can view the lesson videos and handouts on ANY device, such as a phone or tablet.

No No additional software is required to attend the Essential Embroidery course. All embroidery designs are included with your paid membership.

Here is a direct link to the basic embroidery course material list. You can check what you need before signing up

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