Dungeon And Dragons Online Classes

Dungeon And Dragons Online Classes

Dungeon And Dragons Online Classes – Wish there was a shortcut to knowing the essentials to each DDO class so you can decide where to start? Wish fulfilled!

As with its original tabletop version, Dungeons and Dragons Online has many features for in-game customization. With over a dozen classes to choose from, the options are almost overwhelming and choosing where to start can seem like a confusing challenge. Some classes cost DDO Points or special requirements to unlock, although all 15 core classes are available if you have a VIP account. Below is a breakdown of each class with their key elements to help you have an easier time deciding on your next big adventure.

Dungeon And Dragons Online Classes

As in most fantasy games, the fighter is a staple of the classes. The class is pretty much all combat, and uses a wide variety of different weapons and fighting styles. From being a tank to a ranged DPS, or even an in your face brawler; the fighter lives up to his title. Able to use any type of armor, they can be a valuable, tactical asset to any adventuring party.

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A Barbarian is in action as his name suggests: Barbarian. A warrior, Barbarians have special powers that allow them to rage and deal heavy damage. They use less armor but have higher HP and can reduce damage or increase damage dealt to make it easy. Their Uncanny Dodge gives them excellent reflex saves and high dodge chances in short bursts. They are almost entirely melee, but some successful ranged builds can be played.

When built right, a paladin is a powerhouse against evil. Generally best played as a front-line melee build, Paladins have limited divine spell casting abilities, a trade off to some melee advantages a fighter can have but a huge bonus as they can heal themselves and their party as well. This helps them provide support as a backup healer for short encounters.

They also have passive auras that help the party against evil creatures, weakening these dark enemies and sometimes even bringing them to the brink of death.

The Monk class is a paid class that costs 995 DDO points to play. However, it is worth every one.

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From deflecting arrows to impressive martial arts skills, the Monk class is an exciting choice to choose from. Using various stances, they fuel their powers through the energy of Ki to defeat enemies in a flurry of incredible blows. Best with wearing cloth instead of armor – which gives them a bunch of disadvantages, the monk doesn’t use traditional weapons. With unarmed skills, they decimate enemies in a showy and fantastic way.

While physically weak, especially compared to the previously mentioned classes, a Sorcerer is the primary offensive mage class in DDO. Able to cast spells much faster than any other class, and cast them more often because they have the highest spell points, a sorcerer is an arcane nightmare for enemies.

With an arsenal of firepower (or rather, acid/ice/electric/etc-power, as you wish), a proper build will easily overcome mobs and BBEGs. Wizards usually only wear cloth armor because heavier armors come with a chance to fail when casting spells.

Clergy can fill many places in a party; Healer, DPS, CC, and damage support. While they are the main healing class of DDO due to being the only class with a dedicated tree for healing and support, clerics are not stuck to a single cookie cutter mold of the gameplay. They have a plethora of combat spells or buffs to choose from, and some builds don’t even touch healing. Using light, fire and physical spells, as well as specializing in healing and defensive spells; a cleric can be made into a successful build of any type.

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From healers to armor, her ability to use all types of armor and most weapons, as well as her divine spellcasting makes her a great foundation for any type of character you try to play.

The cleric’s primary attributes are Wisdom, which determines spell points and effectiveness of spells, and Charisma, which affects the ability to turn undead and how many attempts you get.

Flexible and resourceful, the wizard class has an endless supply of spells to draw from, and they can change spell slots at rest shrines or in taverns. Writing spells for later use, the wizard can reach a bottomless source of resources for each dungeon. Although their spells take longer to cast and they have fewer spell points than a wizard, for example, they can get almost every single arcane spell possible into their spellbooks, collecting all 199 arcane spells that are not ranked.

They also have less restrictions with changing spells. This makes them a very volatile and valuable spellcaster for any party going into any dungeon or raid. A jack-of-all-trades, Wizards are addictively fun to play and have plenty of build options.

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Unlocking a paid class, the Favored Soul costs 995 DDO points or can be unlocked by earning 2,500 Total Favor on a single character for a single server.

While similar to a cleric, they have fewer spells than their caster-mates. They also have a much higher amount of Spell Points, which allows them to cast their spells more often. As they level up, they can gain energy resistance and damage reduction. They are proficient in light and medium armor, and can use simple weapons. They gain additional weapons based on their chosen Divine and can be deadly melee fighters.

More of an offense than support class, they do well as DPS or CC but can also work wonderfully as damage mitigation thanks to some of their buffs.

A Favored Soul’s primary attribute should be either Wisdom or Charisma, although Strength is a close runner.

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The Druid class can only be played when purchased for 1,495 DDO Points or unlocked in the standard edition of the Menace of the Underdark expansion it is included with.

When people think of the druid class, their main thought is usually about animals. Whether their animal companions or their animal forms, most common thoughts immediately flood to animals. However, the Druid class is much more than just a beast-centric class, although the benefits of these abilities are still amazing and play a huge, active role in their build.

The ideal example of CC, a druid can perfect that role no matter what they specialize in. While using any type of metal armor or shields removes the use of many druidic abilities, they can use non-metal equiptment and can still be one. amazing melee build. They can also build in a spellcasting role, able to transform into various elements and tear through enemies with the primal forces of nature. With self-healing and self-sustaining abilities, they are the top class for soloing.

Wisdom is a Druid’s primary attribute, although Dexterity and Strength come pretty close and are also important to any build.

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While the Warlock class is another pay to use class that comes in at 1,395 DDO Points, it is absolutely worth the price.

Similar to clerics and paladins, warlocks make a pact and form a bond with otherworldly beings to fuel their abilities. However, rather than a divine deity of light, a warlock’s patron is typically of a darker or at least more neutral element, except for the more recently released Celestial Pact.

Instead of dealing almost endless damage with Eldritch Blast, which requires no spell points and is something of an autoattack, the Warlock can also use a variety of buffs, CC, and utility spells. Unlike other casters, Warlocks learn spells instinctively rather than learning by studying or merely writing, although they still write spells in their spellbooks.

Not only the most skilled archers, Rangers are also the top dual-wielding melee class in the game. While many people only see rangers as archers, we should remember that they can also be unstable as dual-wielders. They can also be stealth fighters, and can even cast a limited amount of divine spells.

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As the only class to have the Favored Enemy feat, which allows them to take on up to five types of monsters to become experts in combat, they receive extra damage bonuses against these enemies. This feat can stack as they level.

With wisdom as their primary attribute, rangers must also keep an eye on dexterity and strength for combat advantages.

By using class-specific abilities, a rogue’s rogue does DDO damage. While they can also provide utility help to a party, they are the class for DPS in the game. Rogues also get more skill points than any other class, giving them many options for their build. The best scout, they are also able to find and disarm traps or open locks.

With instantly deadly snow attack damage, being the best class for stealth and sneaking around makes them ideal for scouting further ahead of the party. Although their defense is not the best, they have an incredibly high dodge and also get evasion which makes it work.

Dungeons And Dragons Online

The bard can easily fill almost any role in a party, except probably a tank. Able to cast a large assortment of spells that can benefit the party with everything from stacking

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