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Dui Classes Online – Our online DUI / DWI classes are created by professional counselors so you can be sure you are taking a real DUI class with an acceptance rate of over 99%. Our classes run 24/7, so they work around your schedule, not someone else’s. Our courses are accepted in most states.

Before registering, we recommend that you review the specific state that requires you to complete your DUI class to make sure they will accept certification from an online DUI class provider.

Dui Classes Online

If you know how many hours you need to complete a DUI class and have verified that you are eligible for an online class, you can select your class based on the total hours below and register now.

Will Getting A Dui Affect My Career?

If you’ve verified your eligibility and determined that you can indeed take an online DUI class to meet your class requirements, you can directly go to our course catalog and register for the class you need based on the number of hours. We offer our DUI lessons from 8 hours to 78 hours depending on your needs.

We are proud of our online classes and stand behind our programs. If our class is not accepted by the court or agency that asked you to complete the DUI class, you have 60 days from the date of enrollment, known as the “purchase date.” No refunds will be issued after that 60 day period.

We recommend that you check whether you can actually take the “online” version of the DUI class to meet your requirement. Please note that not all states accept a certificate of completion from an online DUI class provider.

Please review your state’s policies regarding online classes before registering for a class. If you are not sure whether the class is accepted by the court or the DMV, we recommend that you call your parole officer, the DMV, or the clerk of courts in the county where you were convicted. You can also call us and we can tell you if our class is accepted or not. Rogerian Solutions currently delivers DUI Risk Education aka “DUI Classes” online or in person. We are licensed by the State of Illinois to conduct DUI Risk Education classes as ordered by a court or Secretary of State. We currently charge $150 for a 10-hour DUI Risk Education program. In order to enroll in our DUI Risk Education program, individuals must have a DUI evaluation. Minimal risk, Moderate risk, and high risk offenders must complete a 10-hour DUI risk education course. We are an approved DUI Risk Education, or “DUI Class” provider for the District Court of Cook County, Illinois, Will County, Illinois, and other district courts in Illinois, including the Illinois Secretary of State’s Department of Administrative Hearings. You can register for our affordable DUI class by calling 708 267-8471. We are a Customer Focused organization and look forward to assisting you in completing court ordered DUI classes and/or completing DUI classes for the Illinois Secretary of State. Your first DUI class is just one phone call away! Check out our online  DUI class reviews! You can click on Illinois DUI Classes to learn more about the benefits of attending our Court Approved DUI Classes.

Illinois Dui Classes Online

Getting a DUI is stressful enough, so look no further and get it all done with Rogerian Solutions. I worked with Pillars before working with Rogerian and the service cannot be compared. Pillars sent me running and their relationship was a joke compared to Rogerian. From the start, John of Rogerian was attentive, straightforward and generally just easy to talk to. If you’re a busy person with particularly odd hours, or don’t have easy access to transportation, or are a mom like me, Rogerian is the place you want to be! Online appointments have been very convenient and have made my life much easier than physically going in for treatment. From group therapy, Lakedra excelled at making meetings constructive and fun. I hope to never have another DUI, but I highly recommend Rogerian to anyone who has to go through this!

Rogerian Solutions is the place to go for recovery/DUI classes. John and his team are knowledgeable and truly care about their customers. They offered affordable online classes with good payment plans, which made my situation much easier. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a support team. Finally, I wanted to thank Yasmin for putting me in touch with them, she made the process much smoother than I expected. This team is 100% for you.

John and the other counselors are amazing! Really learned a lot and they care about you. Overall great experience with them.

I would recommend these services to anyone who needs to do these services. John is one of the most honest, down-to-earth people I’ve ever met, and the other advisors are great people who have learned a lot, definitely recommend five stars.

Online Dui Classes By State

If you are serious about your recovery, Rogerian is the solution! John is a great administrator. If he can’t answer your concerns or problems, he will find them for you. The counselors are very friendly and always look out for your well-being. They make group sessions an informative and enjoyable experience. They exceeded my expectations and made a huge difference in my life. They are willing to help you and they treat you with respect. Unlike other treatment providers, they don’t want to penalize you. Their fees are the lowest you will find. You will get the most favorable results for your situation. In the comfort of your home, you don’t have to go anywhere. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!

John and his staff are excellent. The classes are informative and the help is great. They go the extra mile to help. These lessons should be mandatory as part of the driver education program. Thanks, John!

In addition to 10 hours of DUI risk education, individuals who receive a “Moderate Risk” DUI classification must complete 12 hours of early intervention services. Individuals who receive a “Significant Risk” classification must receive DUI counseling after completing 10 hours of At-Risk Training to complete 20 hours of treatment as specified in the DUI Evaluation. Individuals receiving a “high risk” DUI classification must complete 75 hours of treatment as indicated on their DUI evaluation. Regardless of your DUI classification, Rogerian Solutions provides all DUI early intervention and counseling services online or in person. We offer affordable DUI services with affordable payment plans. Getting DUI services online has proven to provide you with more options and convenience in getting the DUI services you need. Our DUI counselors specialize in providing online DUI classes, online early intervention services, and online counseling.

If you need other services, call (800) 622-HELP (4357) to speak privately with someone or click on the SAMHSA Treatment Locator to find a reputable provider near you!

California Allows Virtual Meetings For Dui Classes

We deliver online DUI classes for Illinois counties in Illinois. We provide 10-hour DUI risk education classes, 12-hour early intervention service classes and online treatment services for those in need. Our reviews reflect the best experiences our clients have had from participating in virtual DUI classes and consultations. How DUI classes near me work online and in person August 2022 – Ways to get out of DUI classes

Completing hours of DUI classes online or in person is part of the mandatory consequences of DUI, DWI convictions. Under certain circumstances, after an online case review, a driver may be able to avoid DUI classes if certain specific legal options are available. This free online review also helps people start their search for DUI counseling near me.

Drivers convicted of felony DUI, DWI must attend court-ordered DUI school and alcohol classes approved by the local DMV. This may include attending drug and alcohol recovery counseling sessions. Because every driver’s DUI situation has different circumstances, it is possible to determine how to get out of DUI classes for some people after an arrest.

When researching DUI classes near me or a DUI first offender program near me, it’s important to know that completing these hours can reduce or avoid a license suspension. Research also shows positive results that participation in classes should help reduce the risk of future recidivism.

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