Does A Quit Claim Deed Need To Be Notarized

Does A Quit Claim Deed Need To Be Notarized

Does A Quit Claim Deed Need To Be Notarized – A quit claim deed, or “quitclaim”, transfers ownership and title to a property from a grantor (“seller”) to a grantee (“buyer”) without any warranty. A quitclaim conveys only all ownership interests of the grantor. If there are other owners of the property, their percentage share will remain the same.

Because of the uncertainty that comes with quitclaim deeds, it is common to think that these documents are unreliable and not worth the risk. You will be surprised to know that a Quitclaim Deed has many practical and convenient uses. Quitclaim Deeds are used to:

Does A Quit Claim Deed Need To Be Notarized

Because this deed offers minimal protection to the buyer, it is often used to transfer property between people who trust each other—such as family members. Then both the grantor and the grantee either have knowledge of or can believe the claim to title to the property.

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Common arrangements between family members include parents transferring their home to their adult children or siblings trading real property with each other. Often using a quitclaim deed in these situations means that the property is not being sold or the money is in hand.

Quitclaim deeds are also an efficient way to correct a mistake in title without the added expense and time involved in legal proceedings. Mistakes can be as simple as a misspelling of the title holder’s name, or something as complex as ambiguity about who the actual title holder is. A quitclaim deed can address all of this with the correct and intended information for the title, which is then notarized by a county or city official.

A warranty deed or special warranty deed can be used to address the finer details of the covenants in the property transfer if such defects or inaccuracies are specified by the quitclaim deed.

In addition to making corrections to the title, quit claim deeds can add or remove a partner from the deed’s title. Quitclaim Deeds make it quick and easy to settle property after marriages or divorces. The process is very similar to correcting a mistake in the title.

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Quitclaim Deeds are a great way to transfer real property into a living trust. This will shorten the litigation process and save time and money at the time of death.

The deed will already be titled to the appropriate beneficiary, making the probate process short or completely unnecessary. As long as the title and claim to the property is legitimate, there are few ways to oppose a transfer of real estate in this manner.

Now you see why a quitclaim deed is an attractive real estate document. It is an invaluable asset when used in the right way. Each state has slightly different rules when it comes to using and writing quitclaim deeds, so be sure to understand your state’s requirements before using this legal document.

Filing a quitclaim deed conveys ownership to the grantee. To properly submit this request, the consideration (purchase price), an adequate description of the premises, and a properly signed form (depends on state laws) must be present. Then, the form will be ready to be filed at the local recorder’s office after completing the process.

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As with any ownership interest, there must be a price agreed upon by the parties. Most commonly, a quitclaim is used when a portion of a real estate interest is purchased. Therefore, there is usually no need for a real estate agent or other negotiator.

Legal Description – Obtain the “Deed Book and Page Numbers” found at the county or city recorder’s office. Often it needs to be processed. It is recommended, but not required, that the description include a “tax map and lot or parcel ID” issued by the county or city assessors’ office.

The form must be executed in accordance with state signing requirements. This usually involves two (2) witnesses and/or a notary public. Both the grantor and the grantee are required to appear before the witness party.

The document needs to be recorded now. Every jurisdiction in the United States has a recording office, which can be found here depending on the state. Be sure to bring a blank check as there is a filing fee set by the Recording Office.

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Quitclaim deeds do not provide additional buyer protection when it comes to the transfer or sale of real estate. They are simple and require a minimal amount of information to justify it as a legal document. This is what differentiates them from warranty deeds.

Warranty deeds are very common in real estate sales because they provide what quitclaim deeds do not. It addresses many finer points and takes more time to write. Some of the additional information includes:

Warranty deeds offer the most buyer protection and take the longest to set up. This has obvious advantages, but it does not make the quitclaim deed attractive.

Grantor (“Seller”) – This is the party who owns the property but is in the process of selling it. Only the grantor is required to sign the Quit Claim.

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Grantee (“Purchaser”) – The purchasing party providing their information must be the person returning after the Quit Claim has been processed.

Legal Description – This is usually obtained at the local or county level. It’s best to go online and find the property or contact your local assessor or recorder. It is best to include the following in your description:

Notary Public – Most states require the grantor’s signature to be notarized. (See your state’s signature laws).

Recipient (after recording, return to) – The grantee (purchaser) must list here or a mailing address for all real estate taxes and notices.

Wa Quitclaim Deeds And Life Estates

Witness(es) – In some states, witnesses are required as an option or as a requirement with a notary public to notarize the form.

Once the form is downloaded, completed and signed it is ready to be recorded at the Registry of Deeds (or other county/town office). The form can be filed at the concerned office below:

Step 1 – In the title of the document, you need to write the name of the person who created the document and to whom it will be returned after filing it. Most commonly, the deed is returned to the new owner (or ‘grantee’).

Step 2 – In the body of the form, the state and county where the property is located must be filled in, followed by the purchase price (if it was given as a gift, the price should be set at $1.00). The grantor(s) must then provide their marital status and mailing address. Grantor(s) name, marital status, and mailing address follow.

Cuyahoga County Quit Claim Deed (with Dower Clause)

Step 3 – The legal description must then be provided and, according to most state laws, must contain the map and lot numbers as detailed by the county/town assessors (or land records) office, as well as the assigned deed book and page numbers. Recorder’s Office. Any additional information such as maps or surveys detailing the property may be required to process the deed properly.

Step 4 – On the signature page, the document preparer must enter the name and mailing address of the grantor. Depending on whether the FOR is to be signed in the presence of a notary public or 2 witnesses, the names of the 2 witnesses (if applicable) should be entered in typed format so that after printing, all necessary witnesses must sign.

At this point the quitclaim deed is completed and the form can be processed at the county recorder’s office in the jurisdiction where the property is located.

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Sometimes, going through the entire process of transferring property in Illinois can seem tedious. This is especially the case when you transfer ownership to your family members or business partners. This is where a Quit Claim Deed Illinois comes in handy. It is a quick process and the property is transferred immediately.

An Illinois Quit Claim Deed is a legal document that acts as evidence when real estate property is transferred from the grantor to the grantee. In Illinois, a quitclaim deed is used to transfer real estate property to family members or close friends.

It is a relatively quick process, as no warranty is made about the grantor and the title. You don’t need to collect a lot of information

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