Do You Really Need A Real Estate Agent
Do You Really Need A Real Estate Agent

Do You Really Need A Real Estate Agent

Do You Really Need A Real Estate Agent – When you sell your home—also known as “for sale by owner” (FSBO)—it can seem like a great way to save thousands of dollars. After all, the typical commission for a real estate agent is 5% to 6%—that’s $12. , 500 to $15,000 on a $250,000 home. Given the size of this fee, you might think that retaining your seller’s representative status would be very valuable. Here are eight reasons you may want to reconsider.

In a FSBO deal, the buyer’s agent knows that there will be no professional partner at the end of the transaction. Even if a client insists on seeing your home, agents may discourage you from making an offer, citing the difficulties and risks involved in trying to close a deal without a professional representing the seller – and with no guaranteed commission. .

Do You Really Need A Real Estate Agent

“There are only two reasons I show FSBO: There are no other listings available or the price is too low,” says Bruce Ailion, a real estate agent with RE/MAX Town & Country in Alpharetta, Ga., near in Atlanta. Seasoned sellers often get burned by FSBO transactions where the seller doesn’t pay the agreed-upon commission — or the commission at all — to the agent who brought the buyer, Ailion says. “FSBO sellers are considered to be unreasonable, unreasonable and difficult sellers that professional sellers reject,” he said.

What Does A Real Estate Agent Do?

However, there are buyer’s agents who will show your property in the right conditions. This may mean signing an agreement with the agent that states the percentage of the fee that the seller will pay you. (The agent may indicate a 6% commission, trying to capture both sides of the buyer and seller. Instead, make the transaction a total commission of 2% to 3%.) It should also explain an agreement that works only on behalf of the employee. the buyer. It can also be said that as the buyer’s agent, the real estate agent has a duty to inform the customer of all the information that the seller gives them, such as the need to sell by a certain date.

If you want to be taken seriously by the seller’s representative, get the best price, and make sure you don’t miss important steps in the process – or risk a lawsuit – It is better to use a real estate agent than to try to sell. your house.

Selling your home is often an emotional process. Having an agent keeps you from taking a step and makes you less likely to make silly mistakes, such as overpaying for your home, turning down a low offer because you’re stumped, or giving up easily when you have a deadline to sell. “A merchant can monitor without regard to willingness or discouragement; His job is to monitor,” Ailion said. “When a seller checks repeatedly, it indicates, rightly or wrongly, a willingness to accept a lower price.”

If you’re hiring, you’ll also have to face rejection head-on whenever a buyer’s agent tells you the customer isn’t interested. “As a homeowner, it can be frustrating to hear some of the comments made by buyers and, often, their agents,” says David Kean, a real estate agent with Beverly & Co. in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Reasons To Become A Real Estate Agent In 2022

An entrepreneur can take the sting out of rejection and put a positive spin on any negative feedback. ” said Jesse Gonzalez, realtor, president and founder of North Bay Capital in Santa Rosa, Calif. “For example, if the house is sitting on the market, the home owner doesn’t know why the house isn’t selling.”

“Emotions will always be there for sellers,” Gonzalez added, “but constructive criticism can be easier for sellers when it comes from a seller who is on their side, trying to get the best for them.”

Can you rush home from work every time someone wants to see your house? Can you excuse yourself from a meeting every time your phone rings with a potential buyer? At the end of a long work day, do you have the energy to take advantage of all the opportunities available to sell your home? Are you an expert in selling real estate?

Do you have experience with this? Your answer to all these questions is probably “no”. An employee’s answer to all these questions is “yes”. In addition, through an agency, you will get a lock box for the front door that will allow the staff to show your home even when you are not there.

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Yes, you can list your home on Zillow, Redfin, Craigslist, and even the multiple listing services (MLS) used by agents. But will it be enough? Even if you have a personal or professional network, your home may not be interested in spreading the word. You don’t have to interact with clients, other agents, or real estate agents to bring the largest pool of potential buyers to your home. A smaller pool of potential buyers means less demand for your property, which can mean waiting longer to sell your home and possibly not getting as much money as your home is worth.

“A good real estate agent should have a Rolodex of names and contact information so they can quickly spread the word about the property they’ve just listed,” says real estate agent, owner and CEO Pej Barlavi. of Barlavi Realty in New York City. “I have a distribution list of over 3,500 contacts who receive emails from me within 48 hours that list properties. Then I start selling the properties on all the websites available, MLS, and websites for house to keep the growth and performance constant.”

An agent can see if the person who wants to view your home is a qualified buyer or a dreamer or an interested neighbor. It’s a lot of work and a big break every time you have to organize your life, make your home perfect, and show off your home. You want to limit these distractions to a show that can generate sales.

“Realtors are trained to ask qualifying questions to determine a prospect’s importance, skills and motivations,” says Ailion. Realtors are also trained to ask closing questions about how long the buyer has been looking, whether they have found other properties that may suit their needs, if they are paying cash or have pre-qualifications, what schools they are looking for, etc. They can move qualified and motivated people to the point of purchase. FSBO sellers don’t have this training and expertise, he said.

Reasons To Choose A Real Estate Agent Over

It is also unusual for buyers to have the seller, rather than the seller’s agent, present when they tour the home. Kean says, “The owner should never be there when showing a house. “There is nothing that makes a potential buyer more uncomfortable than the current owner in the home. When there is a seller, most buyers will rush through a house and not notice or remember much about things. he saw.

Even if you have experience in sales, you don’t have any special experience in real estate transactions. Buyer’s agents do this, so they are more likely to be successful in negotiations, meaning less money in your pocket. “A seasoned real estate agent may have negotiated hundreds of real estate transactions,” Kean said. “We know all the games, the warning signs of a scared or apathetic buyer.”

Not only are you inexperienced; you may also be emotionally charged with the process, and—without a special agency to point out when you’re being irrational—you may make worse decisions. According to Kean, instead of being an offended salesperson who reacts emotionally and inappropriately to a buyer, an agent will say something more professional, such as, “The seller rejected your initial request but made the following offer.”

Solo traders are also often unfamiliar with local customs or market conditions. “Agents understand market dynamics and demand, which gives them an advantage in knowing what terms are worth negotiating and worth letting the other party win,” said Rob McGarty, owner and appointed broker at Bushwick Real Estate in Seattle.

Pro Real Estate Tips For The Beginner Real Estate Agent

In addition, Gonzalez said, agents are familiar with local customs for selling real estate, such as whether buyers or sellers pay fees such as transfer and closing taxes.

Agents specialize in selling real estate. They can walk through your home with you and point out the changes you need to make to attract buyers and get the best offer. They can spot flaws that you don’t think about because you see them every day—or simply because you don’t think of them as flaws. They can also help you determine what feedback from potential buyers you should take after you put your home on the market to improve its chances of selling.

“Anyone who is determined to sell their home should hire an insider.”

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