Do You Need Money To Be A Real Estate Agent
Do You Need Money To Be A Real Estate Agent

Do You Need Money To Be A Real Estate Agent

Do You Need Money To Be A Real Estate Agent – “So what do you do?” There is a common question in society that makes most creative people cringe. Whether you’re socializing with friends at a dinner party or you’re meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time, “What do you do?” The question is one we all know and expect, and it fills us with dread every time.

For most people, this question is easy to answer. They give the person their job title and maybe the company they work for and then the conversation moves on. But for creative people, it’s very likely that their official job title doesn’t match what they’re most passionate about in life, and their job title isn’t the work they’re really passionate about at a deep level. identify Therefore, the job title they currently have feels irrelevant and mostly subjective. It says nothing about who they really are.

Do You Need Money To Be A Real Estate Agent

But then it leads to another dilemma. If they choose to share creative pursuits that actually contribute to how they define their identity—writer, poet, artist, musician—they usually face a question. That would lead to the “What do you do?” question because once they say they identify as a writer or an artist, the person will either ask a) if they’re published and/or b) if they They earn some money from it.

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This question, and the entire conversation that followed, is not the end of the negative impact on the author. Because the question “What do you do?” There is no innocent question in our society. It serves as a way to start a conversation, but beneath the surface, it also displays clear messages that we’ve all been programmed with since we were little children. That is the toxic message: Your position in the group (society) depends on your job. Your worth as a person depends on what you pay for.

This is why many writers have the self-defeating belief that they must be paid for their writing before they can call themselves a writer. Some writers take it so far that they must earn a full-time income from their writing before they can identify as a writer. While it may appear that writers who buy into these statements are just “setting goals” for themselves, in reality, they are reinforcing society’s toxic message that says their creative efforts are worthless. And work is only worth it if someone else makes those creative decisions. The effort and work is worth the money.

There is another side to this idea of ​​money being tied to your work that is equally damaging to writers, and that is the fact that most people quit their jobs in the workplace. Whether the person identifies as a mechanic, a corporate executive, or a Starbucks barista, once they are “off the clock” they can resume most normal lives. Their role as a mechanic, corporate executive, or Starbucks barista doesn’t mean it’s almost guaranteed that they were born with a certain temperament that affects their entire lives, from relationships to self-esteem. Pride from the way they react in school and how they fit in with their family.

For writers, there is no “off the clock.” We have never been off the clock since we were born. For most of us, we always knew we were different. We see the world in a different way. We make connections that other people don’t and we ask questions (sometimes awkward questions) that other people don’t. Our brain works in a

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Than most other people’s minds, and because of this we generally struggle a lot with life, and sometimes with concrete reality.

So, when we get caught up in society’s notions of work, or a career, or a “real job,” we go back to that place of feeling different and weird and less. The only solution is to reprogram ourselves and let go of all the messages we’ve absorbed from society that may work for some but are completely irrelevant to us and our lives and our reality as creative people. .

The truth is that it doesn’t matter if you’re making money from your creative work, if you’re doing creative work you’re still a writer, you’re still an artist. If you seek to see the world, find deeper meaning, and then communicate that meaning to others through words or some other creative means, you are a writer and an artist. It doesn’t matter if you’re not motivated right now, or if sometimes you can’t write for months, or if you’ve been blocked for years. If you love stories and you know deep in your soul that telling stories is your calling, in some way, to serve the world, then you are a writer.

Your worth is not tied to how much money you make or what you produce. Your worth, instead, is found in your presence, and in your choice to continue to be here on planet Earth, to look around, to be curious, and to continue the work of searching for that deeper meaning.

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How do you know when it’s time to give up on your dream of becoming a writer? August 7, 2018 Many entrepreneurs I talk to want to make more sales, make more profit and earn more income… but they don’t. The only thing holding them back is the fear of money.

If your business has plateaued and you feel stuck, you may need some changes in your mindset to break the plateau and start bringing in more money than you ever thought possible. .

The Lesser Use Of Real Money

The thing is, you don’t have to choose between being a good person and making a lot of money.

Change your limiting beliefs. Your mindset is everything when it comes to money. We’ve all heard the proverbs growing up…

Money is entirely up to you how you apply it. It is an amplifier of who you already are.

If you are a great humanitarian, you will be able to help other people with the resources (money) you have.

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In my opinion, if you have something to contribute to the world, it is selfish of you not to go out there and make a lot of money to serve more people.

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What if instead of working hard to become rich, we start to understand it

I have, in my short time on this earth, realized that the more people I serve, the more money I make.

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It’s when you start thinking along the lines of “How can I get this much money out of this guy…” that everything falls apart.

It’s a choice you’ve made, and you’ve decided you don’t want to be good with money.

Every time you say this to yourself, you bring yourself down a little more and you make yourself worse off with money.

Then, and only then, will you begin to change your mindset around money and how you view it.

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Mindset isn’t the only thing you need to work on, though. You also need a simple strategy as an entrepreneur that helps you see the money in your bank account and use it strategically, rather than measuring everything by how much is in your bank account. instead of

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