Dance Classes Near Me For Older Adults

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This modern twist on aerobics offers serious mind-body benefits—no leotards, leg warmers, or dance experience required.

Dance Classes Near Me For Older Adults

Picture this: a great song comes on, and you start humming, maybe tapping your feet. Soon you will be dancing in your seat or dancing around the room. Finding your groove instantly lifts your mood. Sounds like fun, but it’s not much like exercise, right? the mistake!

Usual Cost Of Dance Classes

The same effective workout you may know as aerobics now appears in group fitness programs under a variety of names, but the common thread is that they’re all based on movements choreographed to music.

Often called “dance cardio” or “dance fitness,” these updated aerobics classes are a fun way to get moving while improving balance and coordination, reducing stress, and increasing your overall fitness level. In addition, research shows that dance-based exercise can help older adults maintain the ability to perform normal daily activities such as standing up from a chair on their own. and a study published in

Ready to try dance fitness for your body and mind? Here’s how you can take advantage in a gym or at home.

If you take a dance fitness class at your local gym or fitness center, the instructor will provide music and how to perform safe, low-impact moves. You simply bring your passion and determination.

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“You have to feel comfortable dancing and inspired to do your own thing—not with anyone else,” says 2017 Top Finalist Donna Culley, Group Fitness Instructor at YouFit Health Club in Midlothian, Virginia. “Anything that gets you moving is a great opportunity to stay healthy.” So go ahead and dance like you want!

Kali, like many instructors, tailors her classes to all levels, including beginners. After a reasonable warm-up, he leads the students through a modern combination of movements. “I encourage you to push yourself in a healthy way, and if you have to cut back on changes, that’s totally fine, too,” she says. “There are always opportunities for improvement, and you can choose to move more gracefully or to get stronger and go the distance.”

These four classes are a great place to start. Start by checking eligibility and finding a location, then check these things out.

This beginner-friendly class includes a variety of low-impact exercises designed to increase muscle strength and range of motion, all set to motivational music. The chair is used for sitting exercises as well as support for standing movements.

Keeping Your Parents Engaged And Mentally Active To Ward Off Long Term Memory Loss

This exercise replaces low-impact standing dance with standing strength exercises. It’s a bit more intense than the classic, but still suitable for most fitness levels.

This high-energy aerobics class uses low-impact movements that specifically focus on building upper body and core strength, plus cardiovascular endurance. Its intensity is more than classic and circuit, without sitting for the whole 45 to 60 minutes.

This 30 minute class is all about burning calories and having fun. You start with simple dance moves and then move into more complex sequences that build both endurance and strength. If you’ve ever dreamed of being on So You Think You Can Dance, this class is for you.

If you can’t make it to class, you can still enjoy the fitness benefits of dance. “Just put on some music and move,” Kali says. In particular, try these three dance-inspired exercises.

Bonedale Ballet — Coredination

In this exercise, your hips move like door hinges. Sit in a chair and place an eight- or nine-inch exercise ball behind your head, between the seat and the sacrum—that large bone at the base of the lumbar spine. While inhaling deeply, stare forward, tighten your abs, and sit in a tall chair to lengthen your spine. Put your hands on your shoulders.

From here, slowly exhale as you bend forward, trying to keep your back straight and your gaze straight ahead. Bring your hands up to your knees. Hold this position for two seconds, then exhale as you return to your starting vertical position. This is one rep. Do three sets of 10 reps.

Stand next to a tall chair and hold the back for support. With feet hip-width apart, lift your right leg off the floor, pull your right knee up toward your chest while pulling your abs in toward your spine. Hold for two counts, then lower your leg. Repeat on the other side. Do this 10 times on each side.

For a higher degree of difficulty, remove the chair and slowly swing your arms back and forth. As your right knee rises, so does your left arm—as if you’re swinging majestically in place.

Why Older Adults Should Try Zumba For Their Health

Start by marching in place for a few counts and then unleash your inner choreographer. Take two steps to the right while swinging your right arm in a full circle. Imagine following a rainbow from end to end.

Now take two steps to the left and swing your left arm in a circle. You can easily add a step or two on each side and keep the number of steps on each side the same.

Callie says don’t worry if you don’t have it perfect. “Just remember that your body is really meant to move.” By entering your email address, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and agree to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions.

Become a backup dancer at these hip hop dance classes in New York. Because learning how to toric takes work.

Seniors Put New Swing In Steps At Dance Classes

You’re at the gym, you’re feeling great, your new favorite song is playing — but your so-called sick moves are a little off. Don’t worry, go to one of these hip hop dance classes. New York’s dance studios will really, really get you moving—or whatever the kids are doing these days—and you’ll look like you belong in hip-hop artists’ music videos in no time.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (yes, the world famous company) has dance classes of all kinds for real people in the Ailey Extension. Ranging from absolute beginners to more seasoned dancers than you, students attend hip-hop classes that promise to pop, lock, break and more – and are taught by professional instructors. This type of cardio? Yes please.

There are many different levels under one roof at Broadway Dance Center. With two ranks before you even get to beginner, there really is a class for everyone – all the way up to pro. The instructors, almost all of whom are professionals themselves, teach the basics as well as the latest industry trends. And although it’s a few notches above the basic level, the Hip Hop class at Stilettos is something we want to attend before next Saturday night.

One of the largest dance studios in the city, Steps On Broadway has been keeping New Yorkers moving since 1979, hosting 50 classes a day, seven days a week. If there’s anyone who can help you get rid of Running Man, it’s the trainers in this place. Before signing up, check the class level key to find out exactly what the advanced-beginner hip-hop classes are (these classes are for anyone with at least two years of training).

The Hive Dance Studio Nj

Owner and trainer Brandon Chow started this studio in 2010 for people looking to learn new things and get fit. All ages and all ethnicities flock to the classes – perfect for beginners – for basic moves mixed with new tricks. Enroll in a single class or join a five-week course to learn how to perform a complete routine. HHDJ offers private lessons even if you’re not quite ready to patch cabbage in public.

House of Movement has several different levels for each hip hop and street style class. The one and a half hour classes start with 30 minutes of warm up and stretching. The rest is devoted to a dance program. Try the Open Level Community Class on Fridays, where new instructors from the dance world arrive each week.

Think more fun and less fitness at DivaDance. Here, the focus is on confidence in movement and being free — you know, that feeling you get when you put on headphones and have a private dance party in your bedroom to “I’m sorry” (not sorry). Classes are designed for all levels, and you should definitely go to Beyoncé’s Breakfast, a class held once a month on a Sunday morning where you’ll learn to move like the queen.

Brooklyn-based nonprofit dance center Dancewave holds a hip-hop class on Monday nights taught by Rolanda Ledain, an instructor with a cult following. (He’s worked on Shaggy’s music videos, so yeah, he’s a pretty big deal.) Not only is it super high energy and designed for all levels, but it’s super affordable at just $12.

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