Craftsy Online Classes Reviews

Craftsy Online Classes Reviews

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Despite hearing all about the fitting joys of a full breast adjustment, I’ve never been brave enough to try it. Using mostly independent patterns meant I could generally avoid (despite being a curvy, big-busted girl) all the confusing measuring, cutting and taping that has to be done at FBA. But when my sister decided she wanted to put together a certain pattern for a gift, it took a little more than good intentions to match the B cup to the F cup…

Craftsy Online Classes Reviews

Think Jenny Rushmore of Cashmeretta and her new Craftsy class on perfect bust adjustments for any pattern. The tutorial takes you through all the FBA variations you might need on dart patterns, princess stitches and even knits. It’s a thorough course, the Craftsy site lists it as suitable for intermediate sewers, but I think an advanced beginner would also find it very useful.

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“Busts come in all shapes and sizes, and your pattern should fit your body, not the other way around. Body-positive sewing expert Jenny Rushmore helps you overcome successful Full Bust Adjustment (FBA)—the most common fitting challenge—and work with any type of pattern with confidence. Learn what types of patterns require FBA and how to approach FBA for styles with single breast darts, breast and waist darts, no darts, princess seams, and more. Learn how to improve FBA arrow placement and manage very large FBAs. With Jenny’s step-by-step instructions, you’ll master FBA for any style and cup size that perfectly fits your natural curves.”

The class is $40 at full price, but like all Craftsy classes, it’s regularly on sale for $19.99-$29.99. Considering the amount of information included, this is an excellent value.

As you can tell, I found this a really useful course. One of the things I find helpful for a less experienced cleaner like myself is a clear explanation of the “why” of doing FBA as well as the “how”. Sewing is all about 3D fitting with a 2D pattern, so having someone clearly explain and show why we are making the adjustments we need makes it much easier to understand the “how”.

I like Jenny’s relaxed presentation style and the pacing is good including lots of detail without feeling rushed. There is a lot of information included which makes it good value for money in my opinion, especially for the more advanced techniques like dart turning and adjusting princess stitches, which I know I will be looking at again. I had previously tried to learn some of the techniques from the book, but found that watching the demonstrations made them much easier to understand.

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If you want a comprehensive guide to doing FBA, with lots of extra tips and tricks, I highly recommend this course.

Disclosure: Please note that I was planning to purchase this class for myself (Christmas!) when Jenny asked for reviewers, and then I received this class for free in exchange for an honest review!

After standing on a needle in her mother’s sewing room and ending up in the hospital, Kristina was convinced that sewing was both difficult and dangerous, so she decided to cook and eat instead. Deciding that 30 years was probably enough time to get over it, she spent four blissful Saturday mornings in 2014 learning the basics and hasn’t looked back. When she’s not working as an accountant to pay for her drug addiction, she spends time traveling with her husband and lifting cats off her sewing table. She still won’t walk into her sewing room barefoot. She blogs at Well, when you purchase courses through links on our site, we may earn a small commission – at no additional cost to you. No way! This helps us continue to curate useful content 😊

I used Craftsy, which produces high-quality content on a low budget, and learned a variety of craft-making skills. I actually attended the live workshops at Craftsy.

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After making the most of Craftsy, I decided to share my honest review with you. Wait, I have a BONUS for you 🙂

In this article, you will learn about Craftsy, how Craftsy works, its suitability, areas of improvement and its pricing plans.

I am proud to say that Craftsy is the right destination for you to unleash your creativity and instantly create masterpiece-like crafts by taking quick lessons.

Craftsy excels at instructing and suggesting helpful resources you may need, along with structured modules and high-quality teaching.

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Gone are the days when you sat privately in arts and crafts classes at school. In today’s learning trend, Craftsy is guaranteed to provide the best learning experience.

Even though you are using a subscription service, Craftsy allows you to take free introductory courses and start learning without any hassle. In addition, you can also download the lessons for later purposes.

As a follow up, let me remind you that you can buy an individual course at a low price on Craftsy without having to spend hundreds of dollars on junk courses.

Did you check out the review I really wrote above? If not, do it now. I have briefly explained what Craftsy is and how it is useful for creatives.

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However, you may be struggling with how Craftsy works and how to get started with it. Take it easy. The world doesn’t end. You have time.

Craftsy has streamlined and easy-to-navigate features, so you don’t feel lost when you need to enroll in a course or purchase a Craftsy Premium membership.

Speaking of memberships, you should know that there are two immediate ways you can opt in to Craftsy. You can either buy a single course on Craftsy and get lifetime access, or you can pay a monthly or yearly subscription to Craftsy and get full access to the entire course library without any restrictions. Listen to me.

You know how to get a Craftsy course. Now you need to find the most suitable course for you among the 1500+ courses in 20+ categories on Craftsy.

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How do you do that? It is very simple. Choose a niche you want, such as crocheting, drawing, knitting, painting, quilting or sewing. You can also choose baking/cooking.

However, note that Craftsy only offers courses on craft-related content, so don’t expect courses on web design, programming, or coding. Craftsy is different.

When you choose the course you want on Craftsy, you can unlock resourceful materials like user manual-like instructions, exclusive recipes, and easy patterns to get you started.

Like most online learning platforms, Craftsy has a dedicated student community forum that allows you to join crafters with similar interests and experiences.

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The good news is that Craftsy is mobile friendly and has an important mobile app that you can use for easy learning on the go. Because Craftsy’s courses are short and quick to learn, you can efficiently complete them in no time.

Don’t worry or even frown a little about the instructors because all the instructors at Craftsy are experts in every area listed on Craftsy.

Yes – Craftsy only allows professional expertise to teach a course on their platform. For example, if you are taught to bake, only a professional baker will teach you.

Last but not least, if you need a hands-on learning experience with live classes, this is possible at Craftsy, as the membership plan allows you to join the workshops. If an instructor is hosting a live session on a specific topic, you’ll receive an invitation to join.

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To sum up how Craftsy works, I’d say it’s well designed without annoying instructions or a confusing interface. Any creative person can appreciate Craftsy!

I think you should. I understand that it’s fair to not believe everything you see on the internet, especially if it comes at a price.

After my experience with Craftsy, I have to say that I was in your shoes before signing up and felt the same way. Even when the money transaction was being processed, I almost thought I lost money, but boom, Craftsy hit me with the reality right away.

The breakdown of each section was excellent and the objectives set in each course were easy to achieve. From the introduction to the teaching to the conclusion, Craftsy courses are packed with educational and entertaining content. This is correct. The instructors are not strict

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Compared to traditional craft classes, you may not see exactly what the instructor is teaching or even doing at their desk. In contrast, Craftsy’s courses made sure to include close-up shots and zoomed in on sections as needed.

Even though I paid for a Craftsy membership, I didn’t jump on it right away. Remember the free courses I talked about earlier? Being a cheap person, I obviously attended these courses first to make sure the quality was promising and good enough for me to go for it.

The free classes were convincing, so the rest is history. Today I sit with my grandmother in the backyard with a knitting kit, and I do this with her every Sunday!

Why? me

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