Cpr And Aed Certification Classes Online
Cpr And Aed Certification Classes Online

Cpr And Aed Certification Classes Online

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Cpr And Aed Certification Classes Online

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The Santa Clara County Fire Department () offers American Heart Association (AHA) Hands Only CPR/AED training (no certification, 90 minutes) and Heartsaver CPR/AED training (2-year certification, 4 hours). does not offer first aid training or paramedic/BLS training for EMTs, RNs or other professional rescuers.

1. Online videos and guided interactive exercises (2 to 3 hours to complete) that can be completed in one session or split into multiple sessions.

Bls Online Course And Skills Session

2. In-person practice and skills testing (will take approximately 30 minutes) at a drop-in training location in Los Gatos, CA following social distancing requirements.

Hands Only CPR/AED/Choking Class is currently offered ONLINE. Participants will learn how to perform high-quality chest compressions on an adult and a child, use an AED, and help an adult or child who is choking.

Most often, residents will need to perform CPR on a family member, friend or colleague. Learn how to perform proper compressions and how to use a defibrillator in the precious moments before first aid arrives. This class follows the CPR/AED curriculum from the American Heart Association (AHA).

To receive a CPR certification card, register for the On Demand Blended Learning AHA Heartsaver CPR/AED certification class listed above.

Cpr, Aed, First Aid Training And Instructor Courses

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No matter how quickly professional emergency responders arrive, bystanders will always be first on the scene. A person who is bleeding can die from blood loss within five minutes, so it is important to quickly stop the blood loss. Those who are closest to someone with life-threatening injuries are in the best position to provide first aid. Take some of our CPR classes for free. No credit card required. There is no payment obligation for cards. Choose between healthcare personnel BLS, CPR/AED, CPR/AED/first aid combination or bloodborne pathogens. First time or renewal.

CPR/AED This easy to follow free CPR course will teach you the basic life saving techniques of CPR. The course covers CPR, use of defibrillators and choking. The class includes techniques for adults, children and infants. This course is American Heart, ECC and OSHA compliant. This free class covers CPR, AED use and choking. The class includes techniques for adults, children and infants. This course is American Heart, ECC and OSHA compliant. Take this FREE CPR Class Now CPR/AED/First Aid Our free CPR/AED/First Aid class covers first aid, CPR, use of a defibrillator and choking. The class includes techniques for adults, children and infants. This course is American Heart, ECC and OSHA compliant. Take this FREE CPR class now First Aid Covers basic first aid for adults, children and infants. Includes traumatic injuries, medical emergencies, animals and the environment. This course is American Heart, ECC and OSHA compliant. Take This FREE First Aid Class Now Bloodborne Pathogens This OSHA compliant course covers methods to reduce exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Includes universal precautions, personal protective equipment, scene safety, exposure control plans and more. This course is American Heart, ECC and OSHA compliant. Take this FREE course now

CPR and other life-saving techniques can be easily performed by most people. Even if you are physically unable to perform CPR, you may still be able to save a life. Knowing how and when to activate EMS is very important and makes a big difference. Learning how to relieve an airway obstruction can mean the difference between life and death. The Heimlich maneuver is easy to perform. It has been successfully done by young children, the elderly and even the physically challenged. We encourage everyone to take an hour. Especially those who have others in their care.

Cpr And First Aid Certification Training Courses

Feel free to take one or all of our free online CPR classes. You ONLY pay if you want (or require) certification. There is no obligation and no credit card is required to take the class (only if you want certification). If you are a K-12 teacher, once you have completed your FREE CPR classes, please contact us to see if you or your organization is eligible for a grant or sponsorship for certification.cpr study guide, cpr cheat sheet, cpr reference, American Hjerte cpr cheat sheet. free CPR study guide, American Heart CPR training guide, Steps to do CPR, how to do American Heart CPR, CPR pg cheat sheet

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AED Sentinel is a technology-based remote AED monitoring system, designed and built by Readiness Systems, the nation’s leading expert in AED program compliance. AED Sentinel uses Internet-connected hardware that keeps a watchful eye on your AEDs, along with an accompanying software platform and an intuitive user dashboard for monitoring, alerts and reporting.

Industry standards, AED laws and manufacturer guidelines make automated external defibrillator (AED) owners responsible for ensuring that their life-saving devices are ready to operate whenever they are needed. The only question is whether and how they are actually done.

Today’s reliance on human AED inspectors leads to a high rate of non-compliance, meaning that large numbers of AEDs go uninspected or poorly maintained for long periods of time. As a result, more than 1 in 5 AEDs may be out of order (over 800,000 potentially out of order AEDs in the US). The consequences? Increased risk of AED failure, avoidable sudden cardiac death and lawsuits.

The AED Sentinel works with all current makes and models of AEDs installed in wall-mounted cabinets. As of now, these include:

Adult And Pediatric First Aid/cpr/aed

Do you have a different AED model? Contact Us. If we can support it, we’ll be happy to add it to this list!

Yes, AED Sentinel monitoring hardware is installed in AED cabinets where it keeps a watchful eye on your AEDs.

No problem. We’ll send you glued-on metal cabinet plates that allow you to easily install AED Sentinel hardware.

The AED Sentinel does not require a permanent power source. AED Sentinel hardware instead uses 8 long-lasting, off-the-shelf AA alkaline batteries that you can easily replace.

Adult And Pediatric First Aid, Cpr & Aed Certification Classes

No! Your IT team will love to know that the AED Sentinel transmits data securely over a cellular network, completely independent of your corporate network. So there’s no need to bother IT with approvals, and there are no complicated Wi-Fi setup challenges!

No! AED Sentinel was designed to enable AED program managers to quickly self-install and foolproof their AED programs in minutes. All AED Sentinel hardware components attach magnetically to your AED cabinets.

AED Sentinel always keeps a watchful eye on your AEDs. With daily checks, along with 24/7 automatic monitoring of the AEDs and accessories, AED Sentinel has you covered.

Yes! AED Sentinel will notify you when AED batteries and electrodes are nearing the end of their life and need to be replaced.

Cpr Certification Online

No! The AED Sentinel eliminates the need for human visual inspections. That said, once the AED Sentinel alerts you to a necessary action, AED response and maintenance intervention remains your responsibility.

The AED Sentinel is brought to

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