Comprehensive Insurance or Third Party Car Insurance in Dubai!

Comprehensive Insurance or Third Party Car Insurance in Dubai – According to the report, more than 3,000 accidents are reported every year in the UAE, which is terrible. This accident rate has made the UAE’s RTA law stronger to provide more safety for drivers.

Currently, car insurance is mandatory in the UAE. So, if you don’t want to lose a lot of dirhams, it would be wise to spend less on car insurance now.

Before we go any further, we need to look at the scenarios in which you can claim car insurance in the UAE.

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Here we have broken down the car insurance categories in UAE. With this car insurance comparison, you can be sure that you can choose the best insurance product for you.


What is Third Party Liability Insurance (TPL)?

Starting with the most basic car insurance, third party car insurance in Dubai is the cheapest. It is cheaper than other services as it provides very limited service in case of an accident.

Under this insurance coverage, the insurance company will only pay for damage to the vehicle or other property caused by your negligence. Remember that it doesn’t pay for your losses. No medical bills, repairs or anything.

If the insured vehicle causes damage to a third party, the driver may contact the insurance company to reimburse the cost of injury or repair to another party.

So, why do people choose this policy over others? The answer lies in cost effectiveness.

Also, most people who are confident in their good diving skills choose this type of policy.

To be precise, if you buy this policy from a car insurance company in the UAE, you will have to pay for the repairs in your own pocket.

Additional features, such as fire or theft protection, require additional costs.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

In short, comprehensive auto insurance covers medical expenses and repairs incurred on your belongings as a result of an accident in third party auto insurance.

Do you think it would be more useful? Yes that’s right!

This policy is the more expensive option but is recommended as it offers a wide range of coverage. It is better to invest extra dirhams now than to regret later due to a bigger financial loss.

We cover a wide range of costs from medical to repairs to windshield replacement, all financed by Dubai’s comprehensive auto insurance policy. This policy is in favor of the driver, whether it is the fault of the driver, or in the event of a fire or theft.


  • Comprehensive insurance is essential for car loans. To protect your car, the bank requires you to buy it for at least the term of the loan. Depending on your bank’s policy, you can take advantage of a variety of other benefits.
  • Comprehensive insurance in Dubai does not cover damage caused by drinking.
  • Please fully understand the terms and conditions of the policy you wish to purchase.
  • Compare car insurance in UAE.

Ultimately, it’s up to you how much you’re willing to pay for the policy you choose. For our insurance policy guide, feel free to contact us at Insurance TopUp or Just Call or WhatsApp +971565543022.

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