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Chosson Classes Online

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Mazel Tov! The Week By Week Guide For Planning A Wedding

Summary: Planning a wedding is time-consuming and stressful. Take your Chatan / Kallah lessons online and reduce your stress.

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Overview: Chatan and Kallah Teacher Training. Kale Kallah Teachers Workshop, this is your way to hilkot niddah and find someone to be your Kallah teacher or chatan teacher. This program is brought to you by the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, Yeshivat Maharat, and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School.

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Crown Heights Archive

Summary: Our goal is to increase purity in the homes of Am Yisroel according to the traditions of our great sages from generation to generation. Training has been provided to thousands of men and women counselors throughout the Jewish world. Now ready to teach brides about Modesty, Taharat HaMishpacha, Shalom Bayit, Motherhood, Parenting and awareness of Jewish femininity.

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Moshe Moskowitz On Linkedin: #jumprope #jumpintoshape #exercise

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Summary: Get Free Kallah Courses Online now and use the Online Kallah Course immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping.

Compare search results: First Kallah Teachers Workshop, this is your way to hilkot niddah with … teachers around the world to study privately or privately…. read more

Compare search results: Courses have been given to thousands of male and female mentors…… read more For a Jewish woman, she cannot start coming to the Chuppa until she learns the basic rules of Family Purification or Taharas HaMishpachah.

How ‘kallah Classes’ Teach Jewish Women The Basics Of Marriage

In addition to organized studies, Shoshanah helps Kallot gain insight and create a framework for this important Mitzvah.

The Mitzvah of Family Purity is one of the three Mitzvot that are unique to Jewish women. Although you must be married to fulfill this Mitzvah, Shoshanah will help you understand the importance of this Mitzvah in building a strong relationship with your Chatan, in developing and ensuring Shalom Bayis and ensuring the children you and your Chatan bring forth. this world is clean and pure.

TESTIMONY Shoshanah is an amazing, kind, and attentive Kallah. I took Family Purity classes from her before my wedding and loved every second of it. The lessons were very clear and Shoshanah always made each lesson relevant to current events or what has happened in modern marriages. Because of him I felt prepared in everything I needed to know starting with preparations before my wedding, my wedding night, and the happy life that will come with my husband. Shoshanah was able to answer any question I had and was always willing to make a teaching appointment around my busy schedule. He is a person who has a real love for teaching and his students; I have never felt more blessed to have him as a teacher and associate. He was also able to teach me the orthodox sephardic halachic stand on Family Purity and had a good idea of ​​what things should be. Shoshanah is always willing to help and I appreciate everything she has done for me. Hadassah (Sephardic Kallah from the United States)

Being a professional professional, Shoshanah enjoys working with and teaching people with disabilities or special needs at Kallot. In addition, for women who are nervous or afraid of marriage, Shoshanah is happy to provide additional sessions to help the new Kallah overcome this and be prepared with a good plan to build a Bayit Ne’eman with love. , appreciation and respect. Shoshanah teaches both Ashkenazi and Sephardi Kallot.

Beyond The Wedding

For those Kallot who need the necessary “documents” for Rabbanut in Israel, Shoshanah will write a letter of approval showing that the Kallah has studied the laws properly and is ready to begin fulfilling them according to Halachah.

For Kallot who find this time leading up to the wedding very difficult, Shoshanah is more than happy to help Kallah with stress management techniques and relaxation techniques. Please note that this is optional and will require additional sessions beyond the Kallah course.

Please fill out our contact form with your information, and Shoshanah will get back to you to set up an appointment! Learning takes place at his home in Jerusalem or online using Zoom with a webcam.

Shoshanah is a qualified Kallah teacher receiving her certification from Rabbi Fishel Jacob, author of “Family Purity – A Guide to the Fulfillment of Marriage.” He is also a medical professional with over 20 years of hands-on experience. She is a qualified teacher of infant massage (sharing the techniques involved in helping to create a beautiful bond between mother and baby.) Shoshanah is well qualified in various therapeutic techniques and has used these successfully to help many mothers. He is the author of two books – “Healing Your Soul Through Work” and “Tuvia Finds Her Freedom” a children’s book, together with a companion in Hebrew “טוביה חיש לחרות”.

Chosson Teacher Course

In addition to her great knowledge and experiences, Shoshanah is sensitive to the needs of the new Kallah and understands well the new thoughts and difficulties she faces as she approaches the beginning of her new life – to be with her life partner forever.

Payment is required before each session begins or may be paid during the course month. Sessions last for one hour. If the Kallah wants to learn more about the session, this must be arranged in advance (at least 24 hours in advance, ) and this does not reduce the payment for the session that is given at one and a half hours. The one-hour lesson will be given for one and a half semesters.

Any cancellation after that will be paid in full without refund. Students who arrive late will lose time after the session begins and will not be refunded for the time lost.

If the student has any questions regarding payment, please contact Shoshanah before scheduling the course to avoid unnecessary losses or misunderstandings.

Pinter Sheva Brachos Kallah Is Stefansky

We use cookies to ensure that we provide you with the best possible experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we’ll assume you’re happy with it. Ok When Rochel Goldbaum comes to town, with stories called “Candid Conversations About Family Friendship” and “Recovering Friendship,” she packs a punch. Women of all ages and all

Stripes come to hear his knowledge, Torah knowledge, and practical wisdom. I’ve heard Rochel speak in Cleveland three times, and after that I’ve heard all these answers, over and over again:

This week on Very Meaningful Conversations, Rivki and I have the opportunity to sit down and talk to Rochel about her exciting career. Rochel is not only’s education director and international speaker, she is also at the forefront of kallah classroom education, teaching and supporting kallah teachers to address the needs and realities of kallahs in 2022.

Kallah education has changed over the years. There has been a growing public awareness that the classes should cover more, from intimate lessons to relationship building skills. Gone are the days when kallah classes were mostly niddah and mikvah. When Rochel teaches kallahs, he gives 10 classes 2-3 hours a piece, and is also available for consultation during weddings. He teaches his kallah teachers to do the same.

Can Gamifying Education Improve Learning Behaviour?

Frum’s mom has a lot of ideas about her kallah classes. Kallah classes are traditionally where engaged women attend

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