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Chocolate Classes Online – Food and drink experiences tend to be a crowd pleaser, which is why our chocolate making classes have been a customer favorite for years! Invite your virtual team to a fun chocolate making class that will be fun, interactive and memorable. The best part? The delicious reward at the end!

Corporate teams across the US and Canada have enjoyed our chocolate making course for team building sessions, corporate events, and offsite virtual events. Our expert instructors will guide your team through the chocolate making course and answer any questions your group may have about customizations. By choosing our chocolate making course, your team will learn a new skill, connect with the team, and build relationships! Plus, it’s so much fun!

Chocolate Classes Online

Our chocolate truffle class gives you the ultimate chocolate treat! Savor a rich, creamy chocolate center covered in a smooth chocolate shell. Plus, they’re super easy to make! Our flavor combinations include Sea Salt Caramel Mocha, Black Raspberry Rose, and White Coconut Matcha.

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Participants will receive a kit containing ingredients to make three variations of truffles (18 truffles). Note: Participants must provide heavy cream or a non-dairy alternative for this session.

These delicious and shiny chocolate bombs are filled with all your favorite hot chocolate toppings! Melt your final product in a cup of hot milk for the ultimate comforting drink.

Our session consists of live guided chocolate workshops and an all inclusive kit. The kits include the ingredients (chocolate, cocoa powder, sprinkles, marshmallows and the materials (silicone molds, piping bag, food safety gloves and gift box).

Do you have any questions? to book a live or hybrid event, call our team at 551 – 430 – 5384

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1. When booking, you will receive a Zoom link (or platform of your choice) for your virtual chocolate experience

3. Once the total number of participants has been confirmed, we will send you an invoice, payment is due two weeks before the event

Our online chocolate making courses are designed as interactive workshops/courses and are perfect for team building, corporate events, offsite or customer appreciation events. Our chocolate making workshops can accommodate small, medium and large events as our instructors will guide you through the session.

Amuse your team with this fun and delicious session. This virtual chocolate tasting course is designed with team building components to connect your team even when physically apart.

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The key to a good offsite event is fun! Invite your team to learn new skills with a delicious end product. This virtual chocolate-making workshop is also great for off-site family events!

Whether you’re trying to impress a client, help your trainees connect, or celebrate a company milestone, a chocolate-making event is great crowd-pleaser and perfect for team building. .

A. With some time (4 weeks) we can work to customize your kit and add personal touches and additions to the business!

Help your teams learn, engage, and connect this Hispanic Heritage Month with awesome themed questions and answers, including geography, history, and more!

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Invite your team to a highly interactive and fun virtual game to boost morale! These games are perfect for any corporate event or team building session!

Spend time outdoors and in nature all summer long with your team! Your team can soak up all the vitamin D, get to know each other and have fun! Dallas Chocolate Lessons homepage showing options for Corporate and Group Events, Couples Chocolate Lessons, Private Chocolate Lessons and Chocolate Fondue – Over to You!

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Fun and interactive team building and mobile group activities that can be set up in any space! Learn more about corporate and group events. . .

Dallas Chocolate Classes

Book a memorable private chocolate and pastry cooking class just for the two of you! Find out more about couple classes. . .

Hone your chocolate and baking skills with a private lesson with the chocolatier. Learn more about chocolate and baking lessons. . .

Reserve a Chocolate Fondue Party Kit to be delivered to your space for up to 12 guests. Learn More About Chocolate Fondue – Over to You! . . .

We never did. Chef Zach was knowledgeable, communicative and very accommodating. We were very satisfied and will definitely book again in the future.”

Online Live Chocolate Workshop

Who loves to cook than Chef Zach and Dallas Chocolate Classes!! As a teacher myself, I was INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED with Zach’s ability to teach and allow my niece to complete all of the steps. —

To my mother and we made good memories. It really is a rewarding experience as Chef Zach teaches you more about chocolate than you thought.

Build your chocolate enthusiasm and knowledge! Join top chocolatier and pastry chef Zach Townsend in Dallas Chocolate Classes as he shares with you all of his tips, tricks and knowledge from over twenty-five years of working in the chocolate and pastry. Dallas Chocolate Classes are a fun and unique way to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions, social events, corporate team building, or fundraising activities AS VIRTUAL (ONLINE) OR IN-PERSON EXPERIENCES. Located in Dallas Fort Worth.

A review of all the fun events, classes and options offered by Dallas Chocolate Classes. Always more to come! —— Subscribe to the Dallas Chocolate Class… Expand your chocolate palate through a guided virtual chocolate experience with a flight of five single-origin chocolate bars.

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This delicious and informative course will introduce you to the skill of fine chocolate tasting – the specialist techniques, the flavors to look for and the vocabulary to match. Throughout a lively and interactive Zoom session led by a chocolate professional, you’ll work your way through a flight of five distinctive chocolate bars. You will learn to perceive chocolate, identify flavor families and understand how flavors develop. We’ll share best practices and discuss the types of flavors we often find in finished chocolate. You’ll put your newfound knowledge to the test as you savor chocolate from Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Sierra Leone and Ecuador.

We’ll end by sharing tips on how to enhance your chocolate-tasting palate. We believe there are no expert chocolate tasters; only experienced chocolate tasters!

We offer lessons several days a week with many lesson options. This course lasts 50-60 minutes and you can invite a friend to join you if you share the same computer.

Note: Each bar contains 18 squares of chocolate. You won’t need to eat an entire bar during the class, so feel free to invite a family member (or a few) to join you!

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We offer lessons several times a week, in several different time slots. Consult our course calendar to find the time that suits you best.

Upon purchasing your tasting set, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to register for a class at the time and date of your choice. Your email will contain a code to enroll in your selected class at no additional cost, and your candy bar set will also include printed instructions with your code.

As soon as we ship your tasting set, you will receive a separate confirmation email with a tracking number.

Our Chocolate Experiences are on offer! Your recipient’s tasting package will include a card with instructions on how to schedule a class for the date and time of their choice, at no cost to them. Please select “Add Gift Message” at checkout to personalize your gift note.

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This course lasts approximately 60 minutes and is hosted on Zoom. You will need a laptop, tablet or mobile device and an internet connection to participate. Audio/video capabilities are preferred so you can interact in class, but are not required.

All of our single-origin chocolate is made only from cocoa beans and sugar; no added cocoa butter, lecithin or vanilla. Our chocolate is free of soy, dairy, egg, and gluten, and it’s made in a nut-free facility. This chocolate is also kosher and vegan.

If you would like to create a private event for your group, please contact us via this form.

From tastings, ingredients and truffles to origins, choose the course you or a friend will enjoy and purchase its accompanying set.

Dandelion Chocolate Online Class 103: Tasting Chocolate

We will send you a package containing your chocolate and other class materials, including registration instructions with a private code to reserve your class seat (at no additional cost).

You are ready ! You’ll have everything you need to taste, explore, and join in a conversation about the world of single-origin bean-to-bar chocolate.

Each bar contains chocolate from a single origin and is made with only two ingredients – cocoa beans and sugar – so the flavors inherent in the different beans shine through. Without any additional ingredients, each chocolate bar has a unique taste. We coax distinctive flavors from each origin, from fruity to nutty, caramel to floral. Our bean-to-bar chocolate has the same flavor complexity, undertone and tone that you might find in wine or coffee.

We are Dandelion, a bean-to-bar chocolatier in San Francisco’s Mission District. For more than 10 years, we have been transforming cocoa beans and organic sugar into single-origin dark chocolate. We are part of the New American Chocolate Movement of small chocolatiers who are building specialized machinery and rethinking chocolate-making practices to recover

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