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Chess Online Classes Near Me – Children develop most of their skills during their growing years and this is the time when you can let your child take part in various fun and learning activities like chess. To help improve their concentration, intelligence and understanding, it is necessary to practice them in various sports and academic activities. Speaking of getting involved in chess, here are some reasons why kids should start playing it at a young age.

Chess has a set of rules that need to be followed by each player but it also allows you to form various combinations. It makes children think differently and look for alternative solutions to a situation. While stuck between the game, the child tends to think more logically and reach the final goal.

Chess Online Classes Near Me

Children who play chess tend to be more patient and peaceful because the game requires a calm mind to think logically. The child waits patiently and observes the next move of the other player to analyze what is going on in his mind. The game encourages critical thinking as well.

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The game of chess helps to accept both defeat and victory. The game has several figures that have certain points and can only be moved when a certain situation is reached. They learn how pawns are as important as queens in the whole game. Sometimes, the final outcome of the game depends on a single pawn. These technicalities help children learn the value of each figure and foster a respectful behavior for everyone.

This is another good skill that a child instills in himself while playing chess. They learn to take responsibility for their actions and understand what the consequences of their actions may be. While making a move in chess, the child thinks and analyzes what might happen next. It improves analytical skills.

Intelligence quotient increases when your child plays chess and he tends to become smarter. This game acts as a brain booster for your child. Both left and right sides of the brain are active when this game is being played and this is helpful in stimulating the growth of dendrites. These are responsible for sending signals from neurons inside the brain. It enhances better communication and helps the child make quick decisions.

Winning and losing are two fixed features of playing any game. It is also necessary to talk to children about defeat when they lose in the game. The learning and acceptance that grows after loss is a key characteristic that helps to deal with real and serious loss in human life. It is important to let them know about the value of the loss, the experience they have gained, and the ability to avoid mistakes in the future.

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While playing chess, the mind of each child works in a different way. Every child tries to solve any situation with different approaches and getting a good result helps to gain confidence for their thinking ability. They gain the confidence to make their own decisions and be responsible for them. This leads to the development of their intellectual skills and also helps them to become aware of the hidden talents they have.

Children are not always attentive and are vulnerable to many distractions. They are always discovering and exploring new things and want to know about everything. Being curious, the game of chess helps them develop concentration and focus on the technicalities of the game to perform better. Concentration helps to achieve better results in other areas of life as well.

Engaging in such activities is not only a means of entertainment and learning but also helps them socialize with others. Children learn to know about their opponents and peers. They get the chance to learn from their techniques and experiences. It also develops communication skills and provides them with the confidence to deal with any type of person they meet in the future.

All these major benefits can be achieved when your child starts playing chess from a young age and learns to handle things with confidence. It is a good method to develop friendships.

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To help them play Chess like a pro, sign up today at . Sign up for a FREE Chess Class today.Guy Fieri Says His Son Wants to Drive a Minivan for a Year Without Tickets Before He Gets a Car

Hoping to find an online game a little more stimulating than Among Us or Roblox for kids? Chess is having a bit of a moment thanks to the Netflix hit

, but of course chess classes for kids in NYC have always been a thing. The pandemic has moved chess classes and tournaments online, making the bar for entry lower than ever. We’ve rounded up the best online chess classes for kids in NYC, and where to play in person when it’s safe.

Although physical classes have been discontinued at Chess NYC, the popular program has a variety of online offerings to choose from. Sign your kids up for classes for beginner, intermediate or advanced players — Group lessons are currently only available in the summer (no dates listed for 2021 at time of writing) — or choose one-on-one instruction completely customized.

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Private personal instruction is $54 for one lesson, $225 for five, or $360 for 10. Or, you can “study with a friend” in smaller groups (2-4) for a small price increase of $72, $300 and $540, respectively.

After school classes are also available 2:45 – 5:15 at various levels, starting with the very basics of the game, then progressing to more involved knowledge, the fundamentals and tactics of game, and how to actually apply this knowledge in games. . Check out one class for $27, five for $105, and 10 for $180.

Once kids feel confident enough in their skills, Chess NYC offers them the chance to hone their skills in online games every Sunday for an ongoing fee starting at $18.

The Marshall Chess Club has moved its catalog online with college-style courses. There are many courses to choose from for various skill levels, and classes usually meet once a week for five weeks. To learn more and enroll in courses as spots open up, contact the club via email.

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Weekly meetings, games and lessons are also available for a fee of $15 and up ($10 for members), depending on the event.

If you are interested in private lessons, the club has a list of their world-renowned teachers. To find out if they teach your age range, rates and availability, contact them individually.

Want to give your kids an early start in chess? NYC Chess Kids accepts children as young as 3.5-4 years old. Senior beginners are also welcome, and classes are available for all skill levels and ages beyond that. Classes take an in-depth look at chess through puzzles, demo boards, analysis, and more to engage children in every aspect of the game.

Private online classes can be booked for $40 for 30 minutes, $60 for 45 minutes, or $75 for an hour. You can also enroll in after school programs, which typically meet for 45 minutes between 3 and 6 pm and include instruction for different levels of players as well as practice sessions. After school registration is $220 for 11 lessons or $200 for 10. A trial lesson is available for $20.

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A celebrated school chess program that works with many schools around the city, ICN also organizes virtual classes for children not in their programs. (And the players gather with the coaches on weekends for games too, as shown above.)

Its Daily Virtual Training Club, with prices starting at $445 for one day per week per semester, incorporates a mix of live lectures, rated game play, social opportunities, competitions and much more. The players, grouped according to skill level, meet after school from 3:30-5:30 p.m.

This unique take on chess instruction teaches children ages three and up using a story-based approach. The chess board and board elements are presented as characters and children learn chess moves and strategies through interactive stories.

An instructor can meet with you on the virtual meeting platform of your choice, and even help you sign up on Skype, Zoom or whatever program you prefer to use. Students will also be given instructions on how to sign up with LiChess, a widely used free online chess server.

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Prices are available on request. Not sure if this program is for you? Try a free 30 minute trial lesson.

Developed by World Chess Champion Grandmaster Maxim Dlugy, the classes at Chess Max Academy are specially designed with students in mind. Although they avoid elements of fantasy, these classes will allow students to understand the fundamentals of chess with ease and excitement. Classes cost $320 for a 10-lesson session for beginners to intermediate (ages 5-12), and $500 for a 10-lesson session for more advanced students. (13+).

Private lessons are also available (negotiate for price). If you’re interested in a more self-guided learning process, Chess Max Academy also has an online puzzle-based “school”. In this program, students will complete chess puzzles assigned by an instructor, and receive a monthly evaluation of their progress. Access this online