Cheap Car Insurance for Students: Guide to Finding and Obtaining Discounts for Student Drivers

Cheap Car Insurance for Students: Guide to Finding and Obtaining Discounts for Student Drivers – The problem for many young drivers is that they cannot afford their own driving insurance and have to use their parents’ policy. What if the parents themselves do not have a good driving record? What about young drivers from low-income families? Or are you a student on vacation out of state? There are many variables to consider when trying to find cheap student car insurance.

Fortunately, some insurance companies offer opportunities for young drivers to save. When looking for deals, research each company to see what kinds of discounts and discounts they offer for student drivers.

One of the common discounts offered by major auto insurance companies is the “Good Student” discount. Specifications vary, but generally require college or high school enrollment under the age of 25 and obtaining an honors list (3.0 GPA or higher). The idea behind this discount is that if you can prove your mind was sharp in school, you can be sharp on the road too.

Another way to get cheap student car insurance is to create a “DriveSense” account and install the app. It tracks your driving. As long as you drive safely on the road and don’t make mistakes, you have a better chance of saving money. The way it’s set up is that the insurance provider offers a special discount after each period based on driving quality.

Cheap Car Insurance for Students Who Take Driver’s Education

There is also a discount type of “enrollment in driver education and training programs”. Your insurance premiums are likely to be lower if you get driver education. If you already have a driver’s license, there may be other driving programs in your area that you can continue to take, such as “Defensive Driving” or “Steer Clear,” which are generally offered to students under the age of 25.

Other discounts to look out for are for honor students, sorority members, and fraternity members. If you are one of these, make sure your organization belongs to a qualified organization.

It is best to search the Internet for free offers and compare each one carefully. If there is something you don’t understand, ask a parent or teacher to help you investigate. Parents, sit down with your children and explore together. You may be able to find a better family policy than what your current provider offers.

You can count on insurance that offers discounts and affordable auto insurance for students. This is definitely a good place to start your search.