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Description: Intramural Sports Handbook. Central Texas College provides a recreational opportunity for students, faculty and staff to participate in a variety of teams and …

Central Texas College Online Classes

Intramural Sports Handbook Central Texas College provides a recreational opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to participate in a variety of team and individual sports through the Intramural Sports Program. Only current Central Texas College students, faculty, and staff may participate. The schedule of events and activities for the fall and spring semesters will be posted on the online event calendar and in the CTC Physical Education Center (gym), no. 151. The following manual provides guidelines for participating in the program. All guidelines must be followed and will be enforced. Participation/Responsibility Participation in the Intramural Sports Program is completely voluntary. Any individual participating in any intramural sports activity does so at their own risk and must assume responsibility for their own health and safety. Central Texas College and the Intramural Sports Program accept no responsibility and will not be liable for any injury or other wrongdoing resulting from participation in any activity or use of any recreational facility by the program or schools. Entry Procedures 1. Anyone interested in signing up for a specific sport can download the correct team roster or individual entry form from the intramural website or pick it up at the gym. The form must be completed completely and accurately and returned to the internal sports coordinator in the gym. No online applications or e-mails will be accepted. 2. Each team member must print their name, social security number, and phone number legibly on the roster. Each team member must also have a valid, current student ID. card. 3. Return the completed roster or application form to the intramural sports coordinator in the gym before the application deadline. 4. Captains or any designated team representative must attend a mandatory Coaches Meeting during which procedures, policies and relevant information will be discussed. Meeting dates will be posted on the online event calendar and gym bulletin board. 5. Be sure to check both the calendar and the bulletin board for important information such as game times or schedule changes. Free Agents Individuals who have not signed up for a team but are interested in playing a particular sport can become free agents. Such individuals should stop by the CTC gym and register using the free agent form. Free agents can be recruited by other individuals or by existing teams. Names on the free agent register will be made available to team captains interested in recruiting players. Free agents are encouraged to attend captains’ meetings and meet captains who need players, as well as contact other free agents to possibly form their own team. Registration as a free agent does not guarantee placement in the team. Team Captains Team Captains serve as the official liaison between the team and the intramural sports staff. It is the captain’s responsibility to ensure that all team members are fully informed of matters concerning his/her team. Each captain is required to attend a mandatory captain’s meeting held before the start of each season. Meetings are an important source of information about any sport, including rules/rule changes, schedule, playoff information and free agent recruiting. Each team must be represented at the meeting. The date and time of each meeting will be posted on the online event calendar and on the gym bulletin board. Duties of the captain include:1. Fill out the team entry/registry form accurately with each team member’s name, social security number, and phone number.2. Attend captain’s meetings of mandatory meetings. 3. Be familiar with the eligibility rules and ensure that all team members meet those requirements.4. Be knowledgeable about the rules of the game for a particular sport and educate team members regarding these rules. 5. Notify team members of the date, time and location of all games and ensure that the team does not lose these games. Captains as well as team members are encouraged to check the online events calendar and gym bulletin board for scheduled games.6. Promote fair play and good sportsmanship and manage the conduct of the team and its spectators at all times during competition as part of instruction. Schedule and League Play Intramural sports activities will be held on Fridays unless otherwise noted. The regular season schedule will be based on the number of entries and will consist of a round robin schedule. End of season tournaments will be held for each league and consist of a single elimination format. Tournaments Tournaments can be held throughout the year for different sports and will be based on the number of entries. Tournament play can consist of a round robin, single or double elimination format. Clothing and Equipment For participation in team sports, each team is encouraged to have some type of clothing that ensures uniformity in color (ie, matching jerseys) for each team member. In the event that teams do not have uniforms of one recognizable color, all players will be required to wear jerseys provided by the Intramural Sports Department. All participants are required to wear appropriate or suitable footwear and personal equipment for the competition.1. Participants may not play barefoot or in socks. 2. Rubber-soled regulation cleats, plastic cleats, turf shoes, and tennis shoes are permitted for outdoor play on the intramural field. Metal cleats, spikes, combat boots or hiking boots, sandals or moccasins may not be worn.3. Non-marking tennis shoes, basketball shoes or tennis shoes are required to participate in indoor intramural sports. 4. Participants may wear soft, pliable pads or braces to protect against injury. Dentures made of any hard material or metal will not be permitted for safety reasons. Under no circumstances will players wearing casts or splints be allowed to participate.5. The International Sports Staff reserves the right to prohibit the use of any equipment that may be considered dangerous to participants. 6. Athletic staff within the school reserve the right to refuse to wear any jersey or uniform that may be considered offensive. Intramural Champion T-shirt awards will be given to tournament winners in each intramural sport. The number of shirts distributed will be the number of eligible team members listed on the championship team roster. In addition, each individual team member’s name will be inscribed on a plaque on the Intramural Sports Wall of Fame. Policies and Procedures It is the responsibility of each participant in intramural sports to know and understand the existing policies and rules of the Intramural Sports Department. Ignorance of any international politics is no excuse for disrespect. Intramural Sports Dept. reserves the right to make any new decisions regarding intramural sports immediately effective, but will properly notify team captains of any changes beforehand. Participation and eligibility All team captains are responsible for checking the full eligibility of their players prior to their participation in the sport.1. Any case of ineligibility brought to the attention of intramural sports personnel will be investigated in accordance with the eligibility rules. 2. Central Texas College students enrolled in one or more hours of school work are eligible to participate. Students who enroll in the current semester and then withdraw from their class are no longer eligible to participate. 3. All faculty and staff of any Central Texas College are eligible to participate. 4. Students enrolled only in correspondence courses do not have the right to participate. 5. A valid student or faculty/staff ID must be presented to be eligible to participate. No ID – No Game – No Exceptions!6. Each participant must be listed on the team entry form/roster. Any additions to the roster must be made prior to participation. The deadline for adding players to the roster is the last game day of the regular season. Players must have played in at least one regular season game to be eligible to participate in the playoffs.7. A participant can only play in one team for a specific sport. The first team he plays in will be considered that person’s team. Any subsequent participation in another team constitutes the use of an ineligible player. No player may be removed from one roster and added to another team’s roster after that player has participated in a game. In the event that a player’s team is eliminated from the competition without having played a game, he/she may appeal to the intramural sports coordinator to be placed on another team.8. To be eligible for the playoffs, a player must participate in at least one regular season game with that team. A player’s name must appear on the entry form/roster prior to the last game of the regular season. If the match is lost, all players present, and otherwise meeting the conditions, will be considered participants in that match. 9. Teams cannot play against unqualified players even with the mutual agreement of both teams. 10. The penalty for using an ineligible player or for a team using a player under a false name shall be: a) The team shall forfeit all games in that sport in which the ineligible player participated. In case a player participates for more than one team, the other team for which the ineligible player participated forfeits all games in which the ineligible player participated. Any team that knowingly uses an ineligible player or plays a

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