California Online Appraisal Classes

California Online Appraisal Classes


Are you interested in starting a new career as an appraiser? Our online real estate appraisal school provides you with the education you need to meet state education requirements for an appraiser license and pass the appraisal exam.

California Online Appraisal Classes

Our staff and instructors are here to help. We can guide and educate you through the licensing process, prepare you for the appraiser exam, and help you complete continuing education requirements to renew your license.

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All prospective students are encouraged to contact Director of Assessment Education, Burton Lee, MAI (Member of the Assessment Institute), with any questions prior to registration. Mr. Lee’s contact information is [email protected] or (800) 455-8348.

Don’t just take our word for it, use our FREE trial enrollment to explore our online courses for yourself, with no payment required.

Online is the way to go for me, but my last 2 years of experiences have not been so pleasant. I was actually close to giving up when I came across your website late last night. You made my day when you told me it was 100% online and here I am, on the final chapter. This worked perfectly! I will definitely pass the word on to my partners. Assessment student

I thought you would like to know that I took my state assessment test last Friday and passed it. I think your system prepared me well. I have no experience in this field and could not get a sponsor so your material was all I had to use for my preparation. Thank you! Gary S. Assessment student

California Real Estate Principles, 10.1 Edition: Mary Ellen Brady, Edwin Estes: 9781629801797: Books

From start to finish you guys were a class act. I have never taken an online class before, but if I ever do again, it will be hard to have a better experience than what you offer. Although I rarely used it, knowing I could easily contact help was comforting not to mention how quickly all my emails were answered. Thank you for providing me with an experience that was far more comfortable and convenient than any classroom I have ever been in. I appreciate that! Gary E. Assessment Student

Just thanks for the training I received from your organization. Today I took the state exam to become a registered appraiser and passed on the first try. I’m sure a lot of this is attributed to the course work you offer. Thanks for all your help. Dan D. Assessment student

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to the staff at. I enjoyed the course work and found the staff at your school to be supportive, helpful and very responsive. The item was well laid out and easy to use. I also wanted to let you know that I took the Colorado State Registered Appraiser Exam and passed on my first try. Now I plan to get my license from the state and start my new career as a home appraiser. I will definitely use your school again when I need further education. Jonathan F. Assessment Student

The setting is outstanding. It is straight forward and easy to follow. I am thrilled to have found a field that incorporates all of my interests; business, real estate, economics, finance, geography, etc. Thanks for being there too. Carl S. Assessment student

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I wanted to let you all know that I took my assessment test last Saturday and I passed! Thanks for all the help. Laura L. Assessment student

I just took the USPAP today and went through it and will be mailing the confirmations tomorrow. I would like to express how great these courses were. I was afraid to apply for them; I didn’t know how I would handle the online courses. All three were just great though! Angie’s Assessment Student

I want to thank you for offering the Virginia Certified Appraiser Prep Course. I took the 6 hour test for the first time last Tuesday and passed. I needed a scaled score of 75 to pass and got a score of 107. I don’t think I could have passed without your course. Dee W. Appraisal Student

I really like the selection of courses and the site is easy to use. Patricia M. Assessment student

How To Get A Real Estate Appraisal License And Become An Appraiser

Best site, clear course work and best portal. Thanks for having my certificate history. Very helpful as usual. Kurt L. Assessment student

The people who call the phone are a cross between a sister and a shepherd. I love the service. Charles W. Assessment student

I think the level of this class was very appropriate. There were some difficult concepts that were very well presented leading to the ability to actually learn the material. James C. Student Assessment

The courses I chose were the most informative and proved to be extremely relevant in content to issues agents need to be aware of – on a daily basis – to ensure maximum client/client service and increased credibility. Mark D. Assessment Student

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I have wanted this course for years! I’m so glad it became available for online courses – I just couldn’t have gotten this certification any other way. You will learn so much from this course that you really should take the course, I know you will agree. Giana M. Student Assessment From your first pre-licensing class to your most recent certification or designation, real estate practice involves ongoing education at every stage of your career. Check out our list of the best online real estate classes and find the one that’s right for you. Whether you’re researching your broker license or simply looking for some continuing education classes to renew your license, we’ve got you covered.

If you are interested in joining the exciting field of real estate, the first step is to begin your pre-licensing courses. And with the pandemic still a major concern in most states, online options are more attractive than ever. To help you make the best decision, we’ve broken down our top seven picks for online real estate classes below, along with tips for success on your journey as a real estate professional. .

Here we’ll go over our picks for the best real estate classes available online in terms of price (most featured specifically for the state of California), a comparison of the pros and cons, and any special features that will help you succeed in distance learning.

Kaplan Real Estate Education is one of the top real estate schools in the country, providing real estate licensing and continuing education (CE) courses. Because many of its instructors are practicing real estate professionals themselves, they understand the needs of their students. The courses are designed to guide you through your career – from your first real estate agent license through your subsequent renewals many years later.

Real Estate Express Review [best Online Re Course For 2022?]

Real Estate Express began in 1996 as a pioneer in online real estate education to one that now serves tens of thousands of real estate professionals each year. A McKissock company, it offers online pre-license and post-license real estate courses through a nationally accredited platform, along with providing free guidance through its career centers to start and maintain a successful real estate career.

Whether you’re looking for pre-licensing, exam preparation, post-licensing or continuing education, CE Shop has you covered. Great real estate agents never stop learning, and CE Shop is as committed to innovation and development as you are. With practical online courses written by industry experts, you can be sure that what you learn will help you succeed.

Aceable Real Estate School is an online real estate school and the first provider of real estate education designed for mobile apps and the web. Their mission is to create and support agents in their quest to become the best in the world through superior educational programming and teaching tools. They are an innovator in an age-old industry, putting real estate pre-licensing, continuing education and professional development courses directly within the reach of agents who need them.

The mission of VanEd (Van Education Center) is to create the highest quality online real estate school with training courses for agents, brokers and appraisers that meet the needs of students and the demands of the real estate and appraisal industry. Whether you are entering the industry and need an initial license or must satisfy the requirements of an existing license through continuing education, VanEd is here to help.

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The Realtor Development Center is hosted by the NAR (National Association of Realtors) primarily as a continuing education and low-level education resource. They offer dozens of courses on everything from catering to different customer segments to learning about specific home selling techniques for places like vacation homes and luxury developments.

Formally OnCourse Learning Real Estate, Mbition provides online courses for real estate agents, brokers, appraisers and home inspectors. Their online real estate course catalog is designed to prepare you for

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