Booking Classes Online
Booking Classes Online

Booking Classes Online

Booking Classes Online – Managing an art class is not an easy task, because in addition to preparing the space, materials and ideas for the lesson, the artist needs to think about more practical things such as how more people will visit the classes. Being so busy, it can be difficult to stay on the phone and schedule clients all the time. Scheduling offers you a simple yet efficient way to break free from routine and, at the same time, increase your visibility to potential clients. Creating a website with a professional and reliable booking system is not only a great way to make your life easier, but also an affordable solution to maintaining an online page with 24/7 appointment booking availability!

Nowadays, having a website is a must to attract new customers and reach your target audience. However, not everyone has the time to manage a website or build it from scratch. This is where scheduling software comes into play. When registering with us, you don’t need to worry about your website, as we give you a fully-functional booking website with various design and content possibilities that can easily replace a proper website. We also provide strong SEO optimization for our booking website, so your company will be listed on the first pages of search engines.

Booking Classes Online

Don’t hesitate to create an account with the best scheduling system that will take the pain of booking out of your life once and for all! Instead of spending time and nerves trying to fit classes into your schedule, you can spend more time fueling your motivation and generating new ideas. Let us take care of everything because we have the experience to create a professional and efficient service that meets the needs of our customers!

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Get your personalized business branded app! Let your clients download the app on their mobile devices where they can easily book your services, change bookings, view booking history, purchase gift cards and more.

Access all your bookings, make new bookings, create clients, etc. Through a simplified version of the main system, intended for street users. Get notifications of new bookings and reminders for upcoming appointments.

My experience with Simply Book Me has been excellent. As a small but growing service business, Simply Book Me has really helped streamline the appointment process. My clients love the fact that they can go to my site and find a time that suits their needs.

“Booking appointments has become much easier for our patients and easier for us to manage our bookings efficiently.” Read more Show less

Online Office Hours Through Microsoft Bookings

We use the service for our birthday party reservations. A huge help and system does everything we need to avoid spending time and money on taking these reservations over the phone. In fact, we do not have a “live” phone number. Thanks and other tools, we only respond to phone voice messages and we don’t get that many. All our processes are self-service and automated. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who needs a booking solution. The system is very reachable in terms of configuration options and many features and capabilities. Read more Show less

A: All our bookings are through the booking website. We no longer take manual bookings or manual invoicing. All bookings must be made through the website in order for our coordinators to view their booked events.

Answer: Yes, we do! All our coordinators are required to download the app, so they always know their schedule. That’s why we love the ability to assign an agent to each individual booking. They always have the right information for their booking on the app.

Answer: Yes, we use all booking buttons to get more bookings from as many places as possible.

You Don’t Offer Online Booking? Just Look At The Benefits!

Booking Website Templates Browse through our range of booking website templates and choose your favorite layout! Accept bookings through multiple channels See how to accept bookings on your website or via Facebook, Instagram, Google and the marketplace. Admin Interface Demo Check out the admin interface, where you’ll manage your booking system, and what it looks like in action! Login: Admin Password: Demo Mobile Admin App Watch our video on how you can manage your daily bookings with Android and iOS

Note that we also offer an even simpler tool for meeting scheduling. Check it out if you think it’s too broad for your needs. Whether you teach group classes or offer 1:1 visits, in a team or alone, we can help you run your business.

Let your clients view your class schedule or your availability and request a spot or slot.

Save time by doing your administration on the go. Record sales, attendance and payments and remind customers when they are ready for renewal.

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Also you can schedule classes (recurring) and add clients to them. You can do this in advance or on the spot (drop-in). When a client is added to a class, they will receive a confirmation email or text message.

An appointment-based business is different from a class-based business. It’s all about available time and optimizing it. You can quickly check your availability, select a slot, client and confirm the booking with an automated confirmation email or text message. You can also disclose your availability to your clients through a web page so that they can choose a slot themselves.

Customers love online booking and it will make your life easier. Lets you share a web page link with your clients so they can see your availability (for private appointments) or scheduled activities (for group classes). You can choose which calendar you want to show them.

Whether your clients are pre-booked or drop-ins, knowing who attended is important to your business. Lets you mark client attendance from your mobile device and match packages purchased for you. You can also mark all participants at once.

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Check-in as your clients come to your group class one by one. We measured it, and it only takes 5 seconds to check in the client, including matching the class pass! This way you can start your class on time.

Running a business means selling packages to clients, be they multi-class passes, one-offs or subscriptions. Keeping track of what you sold to whom and matching attendance can be difficult, but not with. Sales can be made on the spot and after the session; The app does the matching. You can see which clients are up for renewal or without a package.

You can define three types of products: packages (multi-class), subscriptions (time-based) and retail (energy bars, books or t-shirts). Then sell it to your client and record payment on the spot or leave it open until later. You can also send payment reminders to your clients for unpaid sales.

If you are working with a team, you need to be able to schedule parallel activities and view the calendar per trainer. Studio lets you do that. If you don’t want to give others access to sensitive client data, it lets you create a daily or weekly roster for your team members without giving them access to your entire database.

How To Start Online Art Classes?

The key to 1:1 training is that you can give individual attention and it all depends on how much you remember about your client. You can keep a diary of progress notes with images, videos or documents. That way, you can make the training truly personal!

A closer look at how to create and repeat appointments in the calendar. We’ll also look at editing existing bookings, for example changing locations or adding clients. Finally, we’ll look at how to remind clients of upcoming classes or appointments.

An in-depth demonstration of how to use and set up iCal to display your calendar in Mac, Google, Outlook, and Windows Calendar. Also, the other way around is demonstrated; Displaying an external calendar in a calendar. It is used to keep track of your personal calendar while you prepare your work appointments.

Send automated emails or text messages to your clients when a session is booked. Also, in case of rescheduling and cancellation, the system can send messages to clients (and trainers) informing them of the changes. These messages use templates that you can customize to suit your needs. We will also look at the working days and calendar display settings.

Online Booking System

You can run the native Mac app. Note that MacOS version must be at least 10.15 (Catalina).

A self-service app is a free app for your clients that lets them connect with your business so they can manage bookings, cancellations and payments themselves. It also lets them see the progress notes you’ve written for them. It is available for iOS and Android and comes with all paid subscriptions.

The Staff/Teacher App is a free app for your staff that lets them view their upcoming classes and training. They can also see J

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