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Board Game Online Classes – Here are 7 popular casual games from Asia that you can play online from the comfort of your home.

Chinese Mahjong game is one of the classic Asian games that you can enjoy online from your home. (Start Source:

Board Game Online Classes

Sports events brought all the families together in gatherings. While the whole concept of social games before video games is still fun and exciting up until now, the current culture due to the ongoing COVID pandemic has made it difficult for people to enjoy a game. usually carrom, jenga or check with their friends.

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However, while popular names such as Chess and Ludo come from online websites and apps that allow people to play AI or their friends online, there are other games Most people don’t know that they can play online. Here are 7 popular traditional games from Asia that you can play online.

Chaturanga is an ancient Indian game that is often considered the ancestor of Chess. The game dates back as far as the Gupta Empire and is literally four-libed, referring to the ancient divisions of the Infantry, Cavalry, Elephantry and Chariotry. Today, it is considered a popular variation of modern Chess, the game can be played at if you find it under its Variants section.

Parcheesi or Pachisi is a wooden cross and circle game that originated in ancient India. Played on a board shaped like a cross, the game requires players to roll shells with the number of shells resting on them. to indicate the number. The game gets its name from pachhees (the number 25, the highest number obtained in one point). There are also other versions of this game where the highest possible score is thirty. Parcheesi can be played on websites like and a few apps you can find on the Google Play Store.

Wei Qi, or Go is a popular Chinese game that is also known as the round game. Played between two players with white and black coins/normally placed stones on a 19 x 19 board, the game is considered this is one example of the Chinese scholar. Although the game looks simple on the surface, the many rules and tricks make it difficult to actually master. The game can be played online on various boards and difficulty levels at

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One of the most popular Chinese games that is also played around the world, Mahjong was also in Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 as one of the built-in games. Usually played in sets of four players and four players, Mahjong is a complex board game that comes with many rules. Although it may take some time to learn and master, if you think you can try your hand at the game, you can play online at .com and

Popular in the Middle East, Tawla 31 or simply tables, is a board game also known as backgammon in different parts of the world. Known for his balanced reliance on skill as well as luck, Tawla often enjoys Turkish coffee. Usually played between two players, the title offers four parts of the board, two of which are played by the players and the other two are called ‘war’. Tawla 31 can be played with several apps available on the Google Play Store.

A popular game originating from Japan, Shogi requires skill, planning and patience to master. Often seen in popular cultural shows such as the Naruto anime series, Shogi is similar to Chess in terms of the goal of the game, which is to capture the king of the other player. However, with a different set of players and different rules, Shogi is very much its own game. You can play Shogi online through several platforms including and

Dama, or Turkish Drafts is another popular name in the Middle East. The game consists of an 8×8 board and two players, who control 16 known game boards.

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To go behind-the-numbers, block and beat the enemy to win. Checkers can be played on the Google Play Store app of the same name, as well as on the online website. If you click on a link and make a purchase we can get a small commission. Read our guidelines.

It is a well-known fact that human games are better. However, getting your gaming group together on a regular basis – or at least recently – can sometimes be a hassle and the challenge of juggling calendars, traveling and carving out time to play. something from start to finish. Fortunately, there are now hundreds of online sports games that can be played online, allowing you and your group to overcome some cultural barriers to enjoy a classic game no matter how far away you are.

While board game apps offer a unique experience that you can take with you on your phone or PC, most board games on the internet does not require you to download anything, it provides a smooth and comfortable experience that you can load on your website and start. play in a few seconds. Many are also handling the difficult task of remembering the rules and making it easy for new players to join and learn to play. What’s more, most of them are available for free, too!

Whether you’re looking to bring your favorite game online during lockdown, find a new game to play or try something new. unplayed, these online board games will let you jump right in and play.

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Codenames Online is an official version of the party game, and allows you to play with many of its extensions and codenames.

Minesweeper meets Taboo, Codenames has been a staple of gaming for newbies and veterans since it first burst onto the scene in 2015. If you’ve missed the modern version, a game of choosing phrases: teams to take. take turns guessing the words on a series of cards, carefully guiding their hidden spies – and avoiding their enemies’ – through their one-word clues. Trying to show multiple answers with one image is the key to winning, try to find the perfect one to connect the “forest”, “bee” and “sun” (Nature? Flower? Yellow?) Or “Olympus”, “planet”. ” and “Big Bang” (Jupiter, maybe? Is that too big?).

The simplicity of Codenames makes it the best choice for a board game to play online, thanks to the opening of an official search program developed by the creator Czech Games Edition. The free online version includes wordboxes from several Codenames games – including the two-player Duet and several bonus boxes – and various languages. , with an improved interface that makes it easier to find the first clues and the number of spies placed easily. All you need is to give your friends the connection to your room and start guessing.

Backstabbr turns the usual strategy for hours into a serious online game of links and betrayals that can be played in days or months.

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Diplomacy is a classic game of the grand strategy genre, emerging in the 1950s as a game of cunning intrigue and brutal betrayal. Players try to lead their European empire to victory by conquering the map and making unexpected connections to advance. It is necessary to unite to force the enemies from the regions, but the actions are given secretly and solved all at the same time, and the players promise to help each other at the same time, only to turn the traitor and attack them to another. No wonder it’s a friendship-spoiler.

Lying to your friends for personal reasons – even in the context of a board game – can understandably cause some uncomfortable feelings. Fortunately, free browser-based Diplomacy clone Backstabbr offers a way to use the complex game and social strategy with an additional element of isolation. The game is exactly the same as on the table, but the direct interaction of the players is limited to the communication ‘press’ – giving the opportunity to rely on the simulation of your first leader of the 20th century and meet the increase of horrors in “My Dear Czar” , “Brother Europe” or “Tuafa joya”. The expansion of online gaming time also allows for less political power, playing out over days and weeks rather than minutes and hours.

Backstabbr offers a way for many people to experience a normal time with some of its softer side – enough to make it fun rather than annoying. The social model continues to emerge as a board game unlike any other, and its online counterpart may be the best way to play it today.

The online board game library Rocketcrab brings together the most popular mobile games, offering a search-based destination for the likes of Spyfall social puzzle games to action games. third part in group games Long and Only One.

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One of the popular games available at

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