Black Desert Online Classes

Black Desert Online Classes

Black Desert Online Classes – Having a strong PvP build is an absolute must in Black Desert Online. These classes are best suited for this in the game.

It has a reputation in the MMORPG community as an unforgiving and hardcore game. Sometimes it also supports the deplorable behavior of the player, but also punishes him accordingly. This is to be expected in a sandbox game where you can play anyone who annoys you. In such cases, having the best viable 1v1 character for PvP can make a huge difference.

Black Desert Online Classes

Different game modes like PvE, Node War and PvP each have their own characters. Some characters are just as superior in PvP as others do in other modes. Having one of these top PvP characters is almost a must, especially if you don’t have a guild to protect you.

The Best Black Desert Online Pvp Classes Ranked (2022)

As with the ongoing and hugely popular MMORPGs, balance is a fleeting concept, especially as players come to META. The situation is further complicated by the addition of new characters from time to time which only shakes up the meta even more. Black Desert Online is naturally no exception, and the MMORPG’s META has changed in various ways since this piece was originally published in February 2021, and it should continue into the future. It’s here that those new characters and additions stand out in the context of PVP, providing a clear ranking of where the game currently finds itself in this arena.

Often perceived as a slow character due to lack of more advanced maneuvering skills, Valkyrie can be a difficult character to pilot. Also, his weapon attacks can be clumsy, especially when he wakes up when he gets the spear.

Therefore, some players who want Valkyrie for PvP end up taking the path of succession because she can be more flexible and mobile using her older weapons. Still, in the right hands, Valkyrie can be a formidable 1v1 PvP character due to her enormous healing skills.

Musa is fun to play when it comes to farming tons of mobs in PvE thanks to his plethora of movement skills. That node is also useful during wars and sieges. In 1v1 scenarios, however, Moses can fall.

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While their skills do large AoE damage and can often reach a fleeing enemy, they do not deal as high numbers as classes with more dedicated single-target skills. However, they can make some tactical comebacks and recover before going back for scrap in a duel.

There is a female version of The Mystic Striker but she has her own distinct style that sets her apart. For one, most Mystic players will have to rely on his complex but fluid combos to get an edge in doubles.

Mystic doesn’t hit as hard as Striker and has a lower range of motion abilities than most mobile classes, however, once players have played up their combos, it can be difficult for the enemy to escape. It’s a matter of leaping at them, which means being quick and reactive with the mystic.

And one of the more exclusive Cleric-style classes in the game. It would be good for the players not to underestimate her as she can be tanky despite her defensive nature.

Black Desert Online Classes

That’s because Nova relies heavily on its blocks to make any fool useless enough to unload all of their skills to ruin it. After that, it’s just a matter of pressing the right button to end them. Too bad this one-trick-pony method is easy to figure out.

Two heads are better than one and Tamer is a class that likes to summon an ally to make up for their losses. Tamer has a pet named Heilung that can either distract the enemy or assist with incremental damage. Either way, it deals damage to any 1v1 enemy, unless you’re also fighting another tamer.

The drawback of being a trusted rogue dog ally is that Tamer sacrifices some of her tenacity. This means that players usually have to take into account position, dodge, and attack turns to make sure Tamer doesn’t get a taste of his medicine.

Striker is for players who like relentless and blunt aggression. Each of his attacks has high mobility, making the striker’s move 2-for-1 that deals damage and closes the gap between him and the target. Between the two Cetus users in the game, Striker is easier to Commander than two.

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Some even consider the striker a class that plays on its own because the turns are quite simple. Makes Striker one of the best squares to maintain the grinding spot when compared to other 1v1-viable classes. He can take as many utensils as he can take out.

And has always been on top in Node Wars. That’s because wizard’s field damage is exceptional and can cover a vast area, practically carpet-bombing an army of Nod War players with reckless abandon.

So how does this translate to his 1v1 abilities? It’s not bad to be honest. Damage to the magician’s field means he doesn’t have to aim much or his position isn’t very important; The target will be hit regardless. In addition, the range also gives Wizards a head start, especially against melee-focused PvP classes.

Despite being the female counterpart of the ninja, which is considered one of the best in PvP, Kunoichi is not as strong. She has better range to deal less damage and can attack over a wider area than the Ninja.

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As far as his PvP skills go, he’s at least better than some of the melee-focused PvP staples. Kunoichi can swiftly switch weapons to confuse opponents, and her moves are hard to read. Be aware that it is more difficult to master than other PvP classes.

One of the oldest and foremost classes in the game, the warrior has proved himself to be an effective all-rounder at times. He’s tanky and can still deliver some impressive numbers and quick kills as well as quick healing that will catch most enemies off-guard.

The beauty in the Warrior class is that it is one of the simplest characters to use in the game and can be easily mastered. The Greatsword, which is the warrior’s primary weapon when awakened, greatly improves his mobility and area damage.

Since Sage is the newest kid on the block, the general consensus is that it’s an overwhelming class at the moment. There is some truth to this as Sage is a capable duelist on top of being a good PvE or node battle character.

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This well-rounded spellcaster isn’t at the same destructive level as the Sorceress, but he can still be resilient. One thing that gives Sage an advantage over other spellcaster classes is their diverse skills that include invisibility.

Being one of the classes that deal the most damage with narrow-area attacks, the Ranger is a respectable and intimidating opponent in the grinding places. She can easily pepper the enemy with skill before escaping into melee mode with her awakened form and hitting her soft targets.

Heck, some players even give up on Awakening and build Ranger for pure bow DPS. The downside with that is that it’s ready to use and it takes some time for players to make the most of it. She is also a glass cannon and if she is cornered she can easily die.

Lahan is one of the best PvE classes when it comes to grinding out tons of mobs and then going from pack to pack. Her field damage is also exceptional and in the hands of more skilled players, she can easily counter the magician in clear motion.

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When it comes to PvP, Lahan is famous and notorious for his grab attacks that stun the enemy from afar in the blink of an eye. After that, it’s a challenge to avoid Lahan’s huge field hitbox, which makes him a threat in 1v1 situations.

, Hashshin is the male counterpart of the Sorceress, despite the class name. In any case, hashshine looks like it. This is a more aggressive and more controlled version of Ninja.

Hashshin also has extensive attack skills that make him a monster in the grindstones. For 1v1 he performs well as crowd control chains allow him to score a goal.

The Sorceress, like the Warrior, is also one of the oldest classes in the game and has a reputation for being a reliable and safe character, especially once the balance updates begin. The sorceress is also a great offensive all-rounder and she is amazing in all aspects except defense, which gives her another glass cannon.

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In terms of his PvP ability, it usually depends on the skill of the player. The Sorceress only gives players opportunities to make 1v1 combat easier. This class’s offensive abilities are top-notch and it’s easy to stun an opponent while dealing damage.

, that would be the ninja. Since he was introduced to the game, no other class has been a better pick.

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