Black Desert Online Classes Guide

Black Desert Online Classes Guide

Black Desert Online Classes Guide – If you’re just getting into Black Desert Online, or if you want to switch things up, you’ll want to know more about all the game types. There are currently 14 different classes to choose from in Black Desert Online, all with their own unique characteristics and playstyle. In this article we will run through a guide for each class in Black Desert Online

While no class is clearly better than another, there are some classes that are better suited for a player’s personal goals. For example, if a player wants to level up their character faster, they will want to look at classes that have area attacks.

Black Desert Online Classes Guide

With so much to consider, we decided to make it easier by giving you a guide to all the classes in Black Desert Online.

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The Berserker is similar to a tank and is a great class for beginners in Black Desert Online.

The Berserker is a class perfect for newcomers to Black Desert Online. The Berserker is capable of dealing brutal amounts of women, though their poor mobility can put them at a disadvantage in solo PvP since they can’t dodge fights. Despite this, the Berserker excels in PvE and Siege where it can team fight, and is generally an easy class to play.

The Dark Knight is a well-rounded class that performs well in a variety of combat situations in Black Desert Online. With their main weapon, the Kriesgsmesser Vediant, the Dark Knight is able to deal a high amount of dame in addition to crowd control bonuses.

Unlike the Berserker, the Dark Knight is a bit of a challenge for new players as they are less stable and require a certain level of precision. However, if you’re looking for a class that’s equally effective in PvP, PvE, and Siege, definitely give Dark Knight a try.

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Kunoichi is a class that is highly mobile and able to deal with fast, powerful combos in Black Desert Online. Unfortunately, Kunoichi is not suitable for PvE and should be avoided if a player focuses on playing PvE. What Kunoichi lacks in PvE, however, it makes up for in PvP.

Kunoichi is a very punishing class in PvP as it is capable of dodging and making impressive aerial attacks. If you are new to the game, you will probably struggle with Kunoichi. However, if you are a skilled player, Kunoichi is a good choice for dominating solo PvP.

Maehwa is a class that can strike from short and long distances in Black Desert Online. While they are best in close combat, they also prove favorable in PvE and PvP scenarios as they can lock down opponents long enough to finish them off.

If you want to play in groups, Maehwa is a solid choice. Unfortunately, Maehwa suffer in Siege combat as they tend to be a bit squishy, ​​especially when placed in the front line. Maehwa will be an option for new players as long as they stick (almost exclusively) to PvP and PvE.

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Musa is the male counterpart of Maewha in Black Desert Online. Because of this, the Musa is almost identical in playstyle and handling. Where the Musa differs from the Maehwa class is in its ability to switch between close and mid range combat.

This gives them a bit of a stretch in Siege, though care should still be taken as Musa suffers from the same survivability issues as Maehwa. If you’re new and torn between choosing a Musa or Maewha class, we recommend Musa because of its slight combat advantage.

The Ninja is the male counterpart of the Kunoichi in Black Desert Online. Because of this, Ninja is almost identical in playstyle and handling. However, Ninja have greater mobility than Kunoichi, making them absolutely deadly in solo PvP.

In fact, the Ninja is one of our preferred classes for solo PvP engagements, as this class does not need to dodge after activating multiple combos. For newcomers, Ninja can be difficult to play because of its light armor, although if you are not choosing between Ninja and Kunoichi, we have to recommend Ninja.

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Ranger is a class that has a very strong single target dame in Black Desert Online. While this allows them to excel in PvP, it can be a challenge to master them. Despite its difficulty, the Ranger is an efficient class in PvP and PvE (especially considering it can stun groups of enemies).

Ranger isn’t as skilled at Siege, but is a better option than say the Musa or Maehwa classes. For newcomers, we recommend avoiding Ranger due to its complex nature. However, for skilled players, the Ranger is one of the best options in Black Desert Online.

The Sorceress is a class with mic and melee skills in Black Desert Online. The Sorceress should be placed near or in the middle when entering a battle, because they are able to deal with a punishing amount of the woman.

Despite their evasion capabilities, Sorceress suffer from poor health and defense making them a poor choice for PvE and even Siege to some extent. Due to its high difficulty, Sorceress is not suitable for novice to intermediate players. Experienced players looking for a high dame class can enjoy the Sorceress as long as they remember that this class is best used as a glass cannon.

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The Striker is actually similar in style to the Berserker class in Black Desert Online. However, it is not as armored as the Berserker and does not perform well in Siege combat. The Striker’s specialty is close combat, although it offers a lower dame output than other classes.

Despite this, Berserker has a nice versatility to it that will appeal to new players. If you’re an average to skilled player, you may find Striker a bit awkward to play with. However, if you are new and looking to try your hand at PvP and PvE, Striker is a decent choice.

The Tamer is one of the most fun classes to play in Black Desert Online thanks to their pets. The Tamer relies on his pets to fight, and because of this, there are many different options depending on the engement.

While the Tamer primarily excels in solo PvP, its area of ​​effect skills make it a worthy choice for PvE, especially in groups. In fact, the Tamer is most effective when in groups due to its low defense. If you’re new to Black Desert Online, Tamer is a great choice thanks to its unique, effective playstyle and overall originality.

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Valkyrie is often considered one of the best classes in Black Desert Online thanks to its high output.

Valkyries are the female variant of the Warrior class in Black Desert Online. The Valkyrie is often regarded as one of the best classes in the game, and it’s easy to see why. Despite being a bit on the slow side, Valkyrie has a high level of defense and is capable of inflicting a fair amount of punishment on the girl.

In addition, they are part of a unique class that has the power to block almost all women when using their block ability. It is important to remember that despite its many strong points, Valkyrie is still a class that is best suited to the group so if you play with friends, you can take advantage of this class. For beginners, Valkyrie is a good choice thanks to its ease of play.

Like her Valkyrie counterpart, the Warrior is one of the best classes in Black Desert Online. What differentiates the Warrior from the Valkyrie is its speed and mobility, though it suffers from a lower defense rating. If you’re confident in your ability to dodge attacks, Warrior will be your Valkyrie class of choice. In addition, the Warrior boasts the same ability to block almost all women.

Black Desert Online Class Guide

The warrior is the male counterpart of the Valkyrie which makes them similar but its defense is a weak one but it has a higher speed and motivation which allows them to escape attacks instead of tanking them. They are also part of an exclusive class that allows them to block all girls (at one point) when using their block skill, making them great in solo PVP.

Players looking for a solid tank class with mobility and femininity should keep Warrior in mind, especially beginners.

The Witch is the female version of the Wizard in Black Desert Online. Both classes are pretty much the same, although the Witch is better defensively. This is thanks to the Witch’s ability to block, while the Wizard faces many dames. Witches can be quite difficult to play thanks to their need for precise timing and placement.

Most of their abilities are AOE, making them a good choice for groups, especially group PvP. Despite this, the Witch is actually a solid choice for all playstyles including Siege, PvE, and PvP. For beginners, Witch is a good choice, especially if you play with friends.

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The Wizard is the male version of the

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