Belly Dancing Online Classes

Belly Dancing Online Classes – You can dance with us for free! We have published basic belly dance moves and regularly upload new videos for you. All exercises are multi-video playlists and have a full body warm-up and a comfortable cool-down Tell me more

Start your training with this entry level class. You learn the basics of belly dancing: postures, steps, side sweeps and moves with your legs and chest.

Belly Dancing Online Classes

Do the moves from grade #1 already feel nice and sweet? In class #2 you’ll learn more belly dance basics: spin inward circles and vertical circles with your legs and chest. Afro with pelvic floor integration is our specialty.

Online Belly Dance Classes, August 10 To August 31

In class #3 you’ll learn more about the basics of belly dancing: moving your feet and chest forward and horizontal Egyptian circles.

In class #4 you will learn more basics of belly dancing: camels with hips and chest and your first sharp accents initiated by your gluteus muscles.

In class #5 you will learn more basics of belly dancing: twists and horizontal eights with pelvic floor integration as well as some basic hand movements like snake hands.

In class #6 you will learn some advanced belly dance moves: hagala scimmy and variations as well as hand movements leading to snake hands.

Belly Dance Beginner: Level 1. Dancing To

In class #7 you will learn some advanced belly dance moves: hip dips, twists, figure eights with leg lifts, chest folds and hip dips, as well as big hip dips.

Learn my beautiful belly dance choreography step by step! It is my interpretation of the classic Egyptian love song “Daret Al Ayam” (The days go by) by Um Kalsoum.

Here’s an overview of all the belly dance moves you’ve learned so far. Step by step instructions.

Here you have an overview of all Bellydance classes with music. Dance as long as you can!

Tatyana Bukhinnik Belly Dance Classes. One Month Access

Take a look at the abdominal stretching classes we have recorded for you here in Berlin. German video has subtitles.

We use cookies to provide our services. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. The creative Dance company Tarantismo came into being in Bangalore 12 years ago. They introduced the city to the Wonderful World of Belly Dancing and have been spreading The Joy of Belly Dancing ever since. Their creative ability to integrate various dance forms like Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Jazz, Folk, Bollywood, etc with Belly Dance really sets them apart.

Instructors @ Tarantismo are trained to teach and impart authentic Belly Dance techniques to those who choose to learn under them. Regular Belly Dance classes are held at centers across Bangalore and specialized Belly Dance workshops as well as various dance forms are held in Bangalore, Delhi and other cities in India and abroad.

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Ahlam Academy Of Middle Eastern Dance • Belly Dance Classes Houston

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Ep 201. In Person Vs Online Classes

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Learn To Belly Dance For Fun And Fitness!

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