Available Online Classes

Available Online Classes

Available Online Classes – We live in a digital age. Millions of people work online from the comfort of their own homes. At the same time, students of all ages are using the Internet to continue their studies (or learn something completely new).

Learning a new skill or finding your next favorite has never been easier. Plenty of free online courses for seniors make it easy for anyone to access.

Available Online Classes

We’ve rounded up the 25 best free online courses for seniors. Whether you’re a seasoned online course professional or looking to try something for a beginner, you can start your learning journey today.

Free Online Classes Available For Students

Online technology courses are perfect for seniors who want to learn at their own pace or improve their technology skills. Courses cover numerous topics such as digital security and office software. There are even coding courses.

This course covers basic digital skills that you can use every day. Best of all, you can complete each lesson and activity at your own pace. With FutureLearn Basic Access, you can access this course for free for a limited time (four weeks).

IPhone and iPad Tips and Tricks is a great course for seniors new to Apple devices or mobile in general. This course provides numerous tips for using Apple mobile devices, from application management to managing your data usage.

In today’s digital age, the skills to use productivity software can help with a range of tasks. This includes budgets, communications, and even business. The Microsoft Office Basics course introduces tips and lessons for the Microsoft software suite.

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These courses are self-paced and ideal for first-time users. In addition, these courses have guided steps and videos for free.

With a computer programming course for all, those with existing digital skills can improve their technical knowledge of computers and computer languages. With basic access to FutureLearn, you can take this course for two weeks for free.

Digital security is more than strong passwords and antivirus software. Anyone who uses a computer should know security tips for keeping computers safe in this digital age. From understanding scams to protecting yourself from hackers, this course is valuable for everyone.

Understanding your financial and investment options as a senior can help you maximize your existing retirement accounts and make your money work for you.

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The investment course is an in-depth quantitative investment knowledge course offered by MIT. It uses mathematics, optimized financial theory, and comprehensive market expertise to teach expert portfolio decision-making and advanced investment finance.

Just Money: Banking as if Society Mattered is for those interested in understanding how banking and finance affect society. This course places a strong emphasis on the impact of your finances on social and environmental issues, in particular how digital tools and methods can help banks improve society as a whole.

It’s never too late to discover how to better manage your finances. Financial Basics: Managing a Household Budget Teaches lessons on borrowing, investing, and debt. It also focuses on strengthening and preparing for your ongoing financial future.

Investing and Retirement is a powerful free course for seniors looking to explore the world of investing. This course delves into investing, mutual funds, life insurance and other related financial topics. Seniors should take this course to help them maximize their financial well-being for their upcoming retirement goals.

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Seniors seeking to learn more about personal finance should attend Principles of Wealth Management. This course focuses on advanced financial theory and mathematical formulas to delve into professional investing, portfolio diversification, and more. This course is seven weeks long with FutureLearn’s free basic access plan.

Learning a new language as a senior is an inspiring career. It benefits multiple areas of the brain. Additionally, online language courses help seniors improve communication with people from all over the world.

The Introductory Norwegian course at the University of Oslo is an excellent course for seniors who wish to learn Norwegian language, customs and culture.

This course introduces the main rules of Norwegian grammar and pronunciation. It does this by focusing on basic everyday conversations. Additionally, the Norwegian chatbot allows you to communicate with the “Native Norwegian AI” in a new language. FutureLearn’s Basic Access plan allows you to take the course for four weeks for free.

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As the second most spoken language in the world, Spanish is a beautiful and rewarding language that everyone can learn. Spanish I by MIT is a series of 26 half-hour videos. Each video provides a true Spanish insight into culture, emotion and language.

Contemporary Chinese is a great starting point for seniors interested in learning Chinese culture and language. This course teaches traditional Chinese characters and pinyin, and introduces the basics of Mandarin Chinese. In addition, students will learn about various aspects of Chinese culture. This includes everything from traditional family trees to cultural practices.

You can try this course with a 7-day free trial of FutureLearn’s ExpertTrack program, but an upgrade is required to complete. The ExpertTrack program is a great way to try out courses to make sure you enjoy them before purchasing full access to FutureLearn’s vast collection of online courses.

Fully embrace Italian culture (and food), speak Italian with your mouth, and teach the language through food. The course is divided into 13 video lessons, mainly teaching how to speak Italian by teaching how to cook like an Italian.

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Irish 101: Introduction to Irish Language and Culture will keep seniors interested in Irish history and culture. By focusing on the Irish people and their heritage, students learn basic Irish language skills. The course is free and provides basic access to FutureLearn’s platform for 4 weeks.

As a senior, you may have finally found the artistic time you’ve always wanted. With online classes, you can bring art and music education into your living room. These classes are designed to enhance your love of art by helping you find new hobbies and improve dormant skills.

Seniors interested in the art of storytelling will find great value in MIT’s Popular Culture and Narratives: Series of Stories. This course focuses on how the passage of time, popular culture and various forms of media influence how stories are written and told.

Introduction to Art History provides insight into the portrayal of history told through art and how art affects history and changes itself through history. This is a great opportunity for seniors who have loved classic European and American art for the past seven centuries.

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For those more interested in global contemporary art and culture, MIT Art Since 1940 is a good choice. This course focuses on art after World War II, exploring the relationship between art, politics and culture over the past century. Additionally, this course will examine how the art boom of the 1940s has evolved into the art of today.

The Anthropology of Sound is designed for students interested in the art of hearing. The course focuses on the relationship between humans, culture and sound transmission. First, students will explore sounds ranging from music to ambient noise. They will then examine how these voices correspond to cultural and scientific progress.

Focusing on popular music outside the United States, World Pop looks at why music is popular. It also focuses on how music has changed around the world due to Western recording techniques and artistic influences.

Online college courses are an excellent way for seniors to learn new skills and improve their existing abilities. In most states, enrollment for seniors is free or significantly less expensive if classes can be opened.

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Many state universities and colleges offer free college courses. Some of the top institutions in the world offer free online courses, including Yale University and Harvard University. Additionally, some non-college educational services, such as Udacity and Coursera, offer college-level courses in a variety of disciplines.

Open Yale Courses provides course materials and recorded video lectures for free. These self-paced courses focus on liberal arts subjects at all levels. These products range from the humanities to the biological sciences. Registration is not required, but no credits or certificates are offered.

The Harvard Open Courses offer more than 400 courses on a variety of topics and proficiencies. You can review over 120 courses for free, including accompanying lesson plans and coursework. Paid courses are offered in many disciplines, from personal health and medicine to data science.

Stanford’s free online courses offer academic courses taught by world-class Stanford faculty. Courses vary. Seniors can find plenty of lectures on cybersecurity, special relativity, and everything in between.

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EdX is a free online course provider that partners with more than 160 of the world’s top universities, including Berkeley and MIT. More than 3,000 university-level courses are offered in more than 30 disciplines.

All edX courses are offered for free as reviewed courses. Each lesson also offers verified repertoires at different prices. Each verified track has assignments, quizzes, and exams graded by an instructor, followed by a verified certificate at the end of the course.

As part of the edX library, Massive Open Online Courses brings edX’s extensive course library to thousands of learners. MOOCs can provide college credit and other recognized honors. All course materials and instructor courses are optimized for online as part of edX

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