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Art Quilt Classes Online – The double star quilt’s large eight-pointed star motif blends modern and traditional aesthetics. It’s a beginner-friendly, fun, and fast-paced quilt.

The pattern comes in his two size options: Baby/Throw (54″ x 54″) and Queen (90″ x 90″). You can easily make the quilt to other specific sizes by changing the background border amount.

Art Quilt Classes Online

The Double Star Quilt combines dark and light colored fabrics to create a patchwork-like yet graphic quilt. A great project to experiment with contrast. The sample is made by mixing dark-colored fabric for the star motif and light-colored fabric for the background. Switch it up and try a bright star motif on a dark background, or experiment with contrasting colors.This workshop is all about cutting and piece quilt tops.

Longarm Fundamentals With Angela Huffman

Limited to 4 students (16 years and older). There should be 2 students in the class. If a class is canceled due to low enrollment, a full refund will be given.

In-person participants must be symptom-free to enter the store and participate in person. All guests gathering here are required to wear masks, regardless of their vaccination status. **Proof of immunization is currently required to attend in-person classes. **A few weeks ago I took a live virtual class through Valerie Goodwin and Kraft Napa. Valerie literally wrote a book about art her quilts her maps. I am fascinated by her process. It was fun learning new things all day long.

For those of you who have taken my map-making workshops in person or online, you may be interested in the two of her websites that Valerie shared with us. Both are copyright-free source resources for her maps, available for download, and fun to play with.

We’ve all been home longer than expected, so we’ve extended the dates you can access classes until June 2022.

Programs And Workshops — Deborah Boschert

Color Confetti is my latest completed quilt. It measures 67″ x 72″ and consists of 420 solid color fabrics. Stay tuned for new online classes based on this technique.

And a stucco chimney repair hole. Honestly, this will remain an “art accent” in our home for a while.

Her Zappy Dots, who licenses my quilt image, unveiled her two new products in her O Happy Day pop-up shop. Check out this week’s social media feeds. Zappy Dots is holding a fun giveaway!

If you’re like me and need some inspiration during February, there’s no better place to look for QuiltCon. This year’s show is online and takes place February 18-22. He will give a talk titled “The What Ifs…Working in a Series” and teach a virtual map class. But I’m really looking forward to seeing the quilt and seeing what everyone else has been working on with her this past year!

Blossoms And Spokes Quilt

My go-to book on pieced blocks is Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. The new color version is out, and it’s a great resource. Back to school sale! Both classes are 25% off through Monday, September 5th. No code required. *My geek team is going fishing, so he will probably get the access email on Monday the 5th. We are working on moving our classes to a more streamlined and automated platform!

This class is perfect for those who want to try art quilting but don’t know where to start! My goal is to remove uncertainty and replace it with confidence and tools to make some projects successful from the start. (There are at least 80-90 sample quilt pictures in the class!) We will have a few pattern pieces with a specific design, but it’s the design that really makes something art his quilt. I will also show you how to make your own. !Explains design basics, methods and techniques, and construction. But the best part is all the secrets to creating something that looks more complicated than it really is.For example, in the Moonrise quilt below, the background cloth does almost all the work! Do it at your own pace with a Facebook group for questions and interaction. We might even add some live zooms to this one too! Open to anyone in your class, wherever you are. You have lifetime access and in this format I can keep updating it so it’s pretty cool! I’ve been working on it for at least two years! Hope to see you there 🙂

Step-by-step online classes on how to create your own framed collage quilt project include video lessons, tips and tricks, fabric selection ideas, and PDF downloads of pattern pieces. We encourage you to design your own, but below you’ll find the pattern pieces and specific instructions for the first five designs, as well as more information and photos. This class is self-guided and has no live sessions. Permanent access allows you to work at your own pace. For support or questions, join our Facebook group. Of course, show it to me and let me know!

Due to the limited quantity of fabrics, please order only 1 pack per class application. Each pack is enough for one or two quilts up to 12 inches tall.

Finish It! Quilting Clinic

These are for use in classes. No instructions or templates. All of these are contained in classes. If you haven’t attended the class but would like to purchase our curated collection of collage fabrics, you are most welcome. Check it out.This will be a very reduced version of the information in the class. Each pack is enough for a frame opening of approximately 11 x 17 inches. (greater than class pattern)

Contains 12 background fabrics and birch fabric for 1 quilt. (Smaller than the birch fabric pack above, about 12 x 15 inch pieces)

Includes 12 background fabrics, enough for a frame opening of approximately 11 x 17 inches, plus a Chickadee design appliqué fabric. Again, no instructions or pattern pieces. Dough pack only. I love seeing #honestcraftroom on Instagram. Most of us never work on a professionally decorated studio set, and of course a woman can always dream of her 400-square-foot space complete with long design walls and overhead LED lights. You can….and an assistant doing the pressing and cleanup. . Ha…….. …

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More Fabric Collage Finish Line Quilts: Online Submissions 5

I decided to enter her 31-Day Blog Post Writing Challenge for December 2020. So every day, I use her list of prompts, or a variation of that prompt to create a blog post. I hope this blog series continues to be fun and interesting for you and me. So here are my commitments…

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I am pleased to publish a new series of interviews with my friends in quilting, including artists, quilters, curators, designers and entrepreneurs, on my YouTube channel. The series is called “On the Design Wall”. I have uploaded the first two interviews with him in this series.

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Jane Haworth Quilt Artist — Jane Haworth

I’ve been neglecting blog posts for the past few months. I have plenty of excuses, but… it doesn’t matter. The good news is that we are back on schedule. We have lots of interesting news to report. i also have

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