Are Online Acting Classes Worth It

Are Online Acting Classes Worth It – The short answer is, it depends. It depends on where you study, what you study and how much you pay.

Since mid-March 2020, when it became abundantly clear that the Covid-19 pandemic was not going away anytime soon, many businesses, including education services, have had to adapt and get creative on many levels to remain useful and viable.

Are Online Acting Classes Worth It

The studio made this change very quickly and with wonderful results. Like most online acting classes, the platform we use is Zoom, and while it’s not a perfect solution, it’s definitely better than nothing.

Online Acting Classes You Can Take Right Now

The most notable differences are the lack of movement, blocking, use of props, and reduced intimacy. What I have observed in the four months since this shift was made is that actors have been able to strengthen their skills in video auditions. It is a challenge to know exactly where to look and to be able to give the emotional life required for a character when looking at a computer screen or a mobile phone. In this respect, the online format has benefited many players.

There are a number of acting schools that have moved their classes to an online format. The classes that I think are most valuable to a beginner are the classes that teach audition technique, improvisation, and cold reading.

In terms of ongoing scene study and character analysis, and basic acting, there are many techniques for actors to try and use. I’m a big believer in finding one that works for you and sticking with it. The reason for this is that I have seen too many actors try to combine techniques and it is often ineffective. I think the reason for this is that it is just too overwhelming to have to think and implement so many tools, especially when some of the tools conflict with others.

Additionally, I believe that working with a master coach who is familiar with you, whom you trust, in an environment that will not only encourage, but bring out your greatest potential, can be extremely beneficial. This can often take years.

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With all the above considered, online courses are definitely worth it provided they are not overpriced. Although not as fulfilling as being in a studio class, if the curriculum is solid and the coaches are good, an actor can benefit greatly. It’s like any exercise program. A real gym allows for more equipment and energy and encouragement from other people during exercise, but if being in a real gym isn’t possible, online training is not only readily available but absolutely essential to staying in top shape. The more you practice something, the better they get.

Finally, I’m not sure what other schools have done but given the downturn in the economy and the lack of the actual studio experience, TBell Actors Studio has lowered the price for online classes so they are definitely worth it. If you’re an unemployed actor stuck at home in a lockdown, you’ve probably asked yourself this question a few times: Are online acting classes worth it? If this resonates with you, maybe this article will finally provide some longed for answers.

There is no doubt that online acting classes are nothing like those taken in person. Like choosing frozen yogurt over ice cream, it’s just not “the real thing”. Unfortunately, a large majority of the world still lacks ice cream, so many have resorted to forcing down FROYO. And some, like Toronto actor Laura Hamel, have actually started enjoying the taste.

Like most actors, Laura knows that training between gigs is of the utmost importance. Artists have been dealt a rough deal in this pandemic, making it especially difficult or impossible to find work. As they patiently wait for the industry to return, online classes are the only option most actors have to maintain their skills and stay sharp.

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“I didn’t really know how online classes would work,” says Laura. “I started with a script analysis class through Zoom to get used to the platform before taking actual acting and stage classes.” Actors are hesitant to participate in virtual acting classes because the structure of online platforms naturally limits two key components of successful acting: Physical and emotional connection.

“Connecting to your scene partner is tricky, with audio issues and everything else going on. You miss subtle intricacies in people’s work because of technical issues,” Laura explains. For a more seamless transition, teachers assign scenes to their students that might work better over Zoom ; scenes that don’t require a lot of space or movement, or that don’t require physical contact between actors. While this makes Zoom acting easier, it prevents actors from practicing these skills.

Also, Laura misses the chance to see her acting videos back again, which is common in in-person classes. “There’s no in-depth discussion of what worked for the camera and what didn’t. You can still watch the recording of the class afterwards, but it’s not the same.”

Class grids are another strange phenomenon. With most screens turned off until it’s time to act, actors get minimal opportunities to connect with each other. Personally, breaks were an opportunity for actors to network and build relationships. Now there is nothing but awkward silence as everyone’s screens and sound are turned off.

The World Goes Away’ And Other Lessons From Online Acting Class

Being a black screen also makes it harder to be present. “Because you’re in your own home, it’s very easy to want to reschedule and do other things, even if you want to support your co-stars,” adds Laura. “You tend to forget that you learn from watching other individuals also work. I do my best to be present and supportive.”

Since adaptability and resilience tend to be common traits of artists, it’s no shock that they’ve found ways to make virtual acting classes work. In fact, actors like Laura have found that there are benefits to Zoom acting.

It seems that the setbacks of Zoom can actually help improve an actor’s skills. “When they’re a good distance away and through a screen, it’s the need and desperation to connect that comes through,” says Laura. “It’s actually produced a very truthful, vulnerable piece of work that I don’t think I could have done personally.”

Since there’s no getting around the lack of physical connection, actors have to work even harder to connect with their partners. This intensified level of focus has actually proven useful. “It’s hard to connect with your partner. When all you’re trying to do is connect with them, sometimes it results in beautiful acting,” adds Laura. “It’s been a really supportive atmosphere to work and grow.”

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In addition, classmates have adopted new methods of building relationships with each other. “People created chat groups on Facebook,” Laura expresses. Teachers encourage the use of emojis or comments in the Zoom chat to support other actors after their scenes. Laura was pleasantly surprised by the support she felt. “I’ve actually fostered relationships that I don’t think I would have found in in-person classes. I’ve never met these people in person, but I plan to.”

Undoubtedly, actors miss the larger, fuller connections available through in-person classes. As Laura puts it, an actor’s success in online classes depends on the classes you choose to take. You are more responsible for what you get out of online courses – it’s up to you to pay attention.”

That said, Laura recognizes that there is much to be gained. “It’s two-fold. I miss stage work that allows connection through physicality and being in the same room. But I’ve taken courses that I wouldn’t have taken in person because I feel comfortable and safe in my home.”

Ultimately, online acting courses can offer solid training for actors. As Laura notes, “I’ve won more than I’ve lost. I’d say I’m training well right now.”

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This post was written by the author in their personal capacity. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the views of The Theater Times, their staff or partners. Whether you took theater classes in high school or just woke up one day and decided to try an acting career, you may want to take some lessons before performing in a community play or auditioning for a role on a television show.

This article will break down six websites that offer free online acting classes to take at your own pace. You don’t need to memorize long monologues, hire a photographer for headshots or book a flight to Hollywood, Los Angeles or NYC. These online acting courses are available anytime and are completely free.

TakeLessons offers a variety of live acting classes through its online platform. Unlike many other online acting schools, TakeLessons provides the benefits of real-time learning with the convenience of online coursework.

TakeLessons is a web platform designed to connect people who want to learn with passionate acting coaches who are willing to connect with you in real time. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions, get feedback and enjoy the benefits that come with real-time instruction. If your

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