Anger Management Classes Near Me For Adults

Anger Management Classes Near Me For Adults – Medically reviewed by Karin Gepp, PsyD – Written by Amy Mackelden and Rachael Zimlich, RN, BSN – Updated April 28, 2022

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Anger Management Classes Near Me For Adults

While most people have heard the term “anger management,” not everyone knows what anger management classes actually involve.

Anger Management Workbook For Kids: 50 Fun Activities To Help Children Stay Calm And Make Better Choices When They Feel Mad (health And Wellness Workbooks For Kids): Snowden Ma, Samantha, Hill Phd,

Whether you’re new to online therapy or you regularly see a therapist, it’s possible that anger management classes may be suggested if you’re working on your emotional health or learning to control your temper.

Here’s what you need to know about anger management classes online, from discovering if you’re a good candidate to finding the right course.

Anger is a healthy emotion that usually occurs in response to perceived threat or discomfort. It can trigger us to respond to a specific stimulus or communicate to others what is going on internally.

Now and then you may feel and express anger towards a situation. But you may have an anger problem if your anger:

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If your anger causes you to act in ways that leave you feeling overwhelmed, know that you are not alone. Research shows that approx

Anger manifests itself through physical, emotional and behavioral signs. If you have anger issues, you may experience these signs constantly and intensely.

Anger management classes are a form of behavioral therapy, and they offer guidance to anyone experiencing anger or emotional problems.

“The courses are generally led by a well-qualified instructor who is knowledgeable in emotional regulation, anger management and healthy communication skills,” says Dr. Carla Marie Manly, a clinical psychologist.

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There are a range of anger management courses available, but Manly says ideally the group leader is a well-trained psychotherapist skilled in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or a similar modality.

While online courses are preferred during the pandemic, in-person sessions may also be available. Some patients may prefer to have their own therapist, while others may be happy with self-directed learning.

There are a number of reasons why a patient might want to explore – or mandate – anger management classes.

Of more than 34,000 adults in the United States found that “anger was particularly common among men and younger adults, and was associated with reduced psychosocial functioning”.

Anger Management Classes

“Any individual who struggles with anger awareness and anger regulation is a good candidate for anger management classes,” explains Manly. “The sooner the individual receives treatment, the less likely they are to have problems that lead to domestic violence or other legal issues.”

Thomas DiBlasi, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist says, “A good candidate for anger management is someone who either wants help managing their anger, has interpersonal problems, or has gotten into trouble because of anger or aggression. “

Patients with post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injuries may also benefit from anger management courses. Individuals recovering from drug addiction or managing mental health conditions can, too.

“Being able to communicate your emotions in a healthy way helps you maintain a happier lifestyle and better health,” says Mary Gay, PhD, LPC, CPCS of The Summit Wellness Group.

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“Learning how to manage your anger effectively reduces the chances of turning to less healthy coping mechanisms, such as substance abuse, self-harm or harming others,” adds Gay.

Anger management classes can help people with anger problems manage their symptoms and control how they experience and express anger.

However, since all the classes and resources on an anger management program are online, it may not be the right fit for people who don’t have steady and reliable access to the Internet.

If your anger is a symptom of an underlying mental health issue, such as bipolar disorder, depression, or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), other forms of therapy may be more appropriate.

Ways To Teach Your Child Anger Management Skills

Another thing worth noting is that most online anger management classes are self-study and self-paced. People who are not self-motivated may find it difficult to take and complete lessons regularly.

Anger is a natural emotion that is sometimes healthy, but, like many things, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. If you have trouble managing your anger or emotions, you may want to consider an anger management program. There are many of these programs to choose from, either directly with a therapist or through an online service.

Understanding your goals, what types of tools you want to use, and what other mental health needs you may have are important to consider when choosing an anger management program.

You may want to interview several therapists or services, and don’t be afraid to make a change if your first—or even your second—choice isn’t the right fit.

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Before choosing a therapist, the first step in addressing an anger issue is usually admitting that you need help. You must not come to this conclusion on your own. Perhaps your anger issues were brought up by a friend or loved one. In some cases, you may find yourself in a situation – such as a criminal complaint or court case – where anger management is required.

To reap the full benefits of an anger management program, it is important to recognize your anger issue and want to change the behavior.

To select a range of anger management courses, we spoke to medical professionals to gather their recommendations. We also read reviews to find out which courses and classes had the best results and the most satisfied participants.

It was also important to consider court-approved classes, a range of price points, and courses supported by licensed therapists and psychologists, with course materials prepared by experts in the field of anger management.

Can A Judge Order You To Go To Anger Management Classes Because Of A Domestic Battery Case?

The variety of anger management courses available allows for a customized approach to the client, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all model. offers a range of services, including anger management therapy. The website helps users identify what triggers their anger and then, using CBT, learn new ways to manage reactions to those triggers.

The site uses a number of tools and methods, including one-on-one therapy, worksheets, live sessions, activity plans and yoga.

This organization partners each user with their own therapist, who acts as a guide throughout the process. Users can also use the service anonymously, which means you can keep your courses confidential.

Anger Management 8 Hour Class • Affordable Mandatory Classes

Cost: Although the site offers some free content, you will need to sign up for a subscription to try their anger management therapy.

Open Path offers a range of anger management courses, which can be “court-compliant” or taken for personal growth and development.

Courses are available in a variety of lengths, from 4, 8 or 12 hours to 52 hours, which can be spread weekly over a year.

Open Path’s online courses are available 24/7, and they advertise helping participants recognize anger and learn practical solutions to manage emotions and reactions.

Anger Management Group Therapy

User testimonials say the courses helped them manage problems at work and provided new techniques that could be implemented in daily life.

Reviews also praise the easy-to-follow course material. Certificates are available upon completion, and the site offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cost: After a $4.99 registration fee, courses start at $17 (for a 4-hour course) to $115 (for a 52-hour course).

The courses come in a range of durations, from 4 to 18 hours. According to the website, most people benefit from an 8 or 12 hour course.

Anger Management/wellness Courses With Therapy, Licensed Professional Counselor, Ferndale, Mi, 48220

The courses help participants distinguish between healthy and unhealthy anger, explore calming techniques and develop self-awareness. The site’s longer courses also encourage the development of healthier habits and skills and find more positive ways to deal with stress, anxiety and anger.

Cost: A 4-hour anger management course costs $19.99, while an 18-hour course costs $94.99. Custom-length courses are also available, with an emphasis on a person’s specific needs being catered for.

The Anger Management Training Institute is a course based on “The Anger Busting Workbook” by James A. Baker.

The course is available in 8-, 16- or 24-hour blocks. It also meets court and trial requirements.

Anger Management Program

The course explores numerous ways that patients can mitigate anger in their own lives: from studying the connection between anger and the potential for addiction to learning to confront difficult emotions.

The Anger Management Training Institute offers comprehensive classes, with methods that can be used after the course is completed.

Cost: The 8-hour course is $85, the 16-hour course is $90, and the 24-hour course is $100. At the time of publication, all three courses were available for $65 each.

All the classes are prepared by licensed counselors. They can be taken at your own pace, which means there’s no need to fit into someone else’s schedule. The courses offered are widely accepted by courts and probation officers.

Anger Issues And Adhd: Emotional Dysreguation, Dmdd & Bipolar Disorder

The Logan Group Int. also offers a range of related courses such as online community service, theft and shoplifting therapy, and domestic violence intervention classes.

Cost: A 4-hour anger management class costs $24.95. There is a sliding scale that goes up to $159.95 for 52 hours. An 8-hour road rage and aggressive driving course costs $39.95.

The Ultimate Anger Management Course, developed by John Schinnerer, PhD, a relationship expert, focuses on reducing stress. It helps participants work through career and family issues and better understand the triggers of their anger.

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