Angel Online Classes
Angel Online Classes

Angel Online Classes

Angel Online Classes – Angels Online is a 2D Fantasy MMORPG developed by UserJoi Technologies and published by IGG. With fifteen different classes, players can choose the role that best suits their play style. The game also has a biblical setting, where players take on the role of an angel in training at the Lyceum, a school in Eden.

Angels Online is a 2D Fantasy MMORPG released in 2007. The setting of the game is Eden, a mythical location from the Bible, and in this case a land inhabited by humans and angels. Players begin at the Lyceum, an angelic training school, and must train to fight the minions of Lucifer, a fallen archangel who wants to overthrow Eden and the rule of Jupiter. Angels Online is still updated from time to time despite being launched back in 2007.

Angel Online Classes

Angels Online, also known as Angel ‘Love’ Online, is a 2D Fantasy MMORPG developed by UserJoi Technologies and published by IGG. It was released in June 2006, and a localized version for the US was released in 2007. Its simple, cartoony graphics and poor translation may not rank it high on most players’ must-play MMORPG lists, but Angels Online has one of the widest classes available lists and a strong emphasis on crafting not seen in many other games.

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When starting Angels Online for the first time, players may be surprised at how many character customization options they have. Twelve hairstyles, thirty-six hair colors, and twenty-seven skin colors allow players to create the character they want, and the option to upload an avatar image is a nice touch not seen in most games. Players also choose their character’s birthday, zodiac sign, blood type, country, job, personality, and a unique trait to define their face, though these choices do not make any cosmetic changes. It should be noted that although there are three character creation slots, players can only create one character per server and will need to purchase character expansion slots to use all three slots.

The 2D look and art style of Angels Online is reminiscent of Ragnarok Online, with an overhead camera and flat, polished background images. Players move by clicking on the ground and can hold down the left mouse button to continue moving. One small feature that helps players is the auto-walk feature that kicks in after you hold down the mouse button for a few seconds. After that, the character will continue to walk in whatever direction the mouse is in, until the player clicks on the ground again.

Unfortunately, the customization stops short of the actual game interface. Players can’t rebind their skill keys and are stuck with F1-F12, which by default on most keyboards in the United States adjusts settings like screen brightness and volume. Furthermore, there are several options for settings. Only two resolutions are supported, and although it has a windowed or full-screen option, any attempt to make the game full-screen ends up crashing.

Almost immediately, players can choose their class in Angels Online. This is especially useful due to the large number of classes, if players decide they don’t like their class, starting over and choosing a different one will only take minutes instead of hours or days. The class level cap is 200, which is gained solely through experience, while player skills are leveled in a different way.

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The skill system in Angels Online is simple and a departure from the usual skill tree. Skills are passively leveled, meaning that the more a skill is used, the more experienced the user becomes. For example, if a wizard casts a magic bomb, their Chaos Magic skill gains experience, allowing them to learn stronger spells in that discipline. Being attacked while wearing cloth armor raises the Dress skill, and using a staff raises the staff strike skill. However, some players may not like this system, as abilities and attributes are leveled without any user input. Skills are capped at level 190, and players can use all of their skills or just the ones they prefer to use.

The tutorial guides players through choosing a class and then sending them to the lyceum. This is a training school for angels, where players will learn about the various features of Angels Online, as well as gain the first levels. Players must complete assignments to earn credit hours for graduation. Easier assignments may give one credit hour, while more difficult ones will give three. Players need at least five credit hours to graduate, but those who earn fifteen credits will have access to a special mission to summon and defeat Kiuaner. After completing this, they are rewarded with a good weapon and a diploma of the best student. This path is unnecessary for master classes, as they cannot use weapons.

There are six melee classes, five crafting classes, and four magic classes in Angels Online. This blows most of the competition out of the water in terms of variety and helps players find the perfect fit for them. This carries over to the skills, as only those that are used will level up. It lacks the impact of manually assigning skill points, but it also allows players to use the abilities and disciplines they find most useful instead of arbitrary skill trees, locking players into gaining abilities to progress.

Each of the combat classes has access to several disciplines, each with their own skills. On top of that, players can mix skills – for example, make a spearman who can use chaos magic. This leads to some interesting combinations and further increases the already impressive variety found in the Angels Online class system.

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Crafting plays a big role in Angels Online, which has five different classes dedicated to it. While all classes can gather raw materials, only weaponsmiths, armorsmiths, technicians, cooks, and tailors have the skill necessary to craft items from these ingredients. These classes also have access to large, robotic vehicles that speed up the gathering process.

These classes are perfect second characters for those willing to buy extra character slots, or perfect main characters for those who want to try a different path than killing a certain amount of monsters for quests. They are able to create some of the best equipment and restorative items in the game, and players can become quite wealthy by offering their services to other players for a price.

PvP in Angels Online is usually played with endgame content. There are three modes: Angel Arena, Sacred Battlefield and Totem Battle.

Angel Arena is the only level-locked mode, and players must be at least level 60 to participate. Furthermore, there is an entry fee, starting at 100,000 Angel Coins for levels 60-69, and increasing with each group. When players register for an event, they are automatically teleported directly to the battlefield when the event begins. If more than ten participants are alive at the end of the event, they are all automatically killed. If they reach the final ten before time runs out, they advance to the final stage of the Angel Arena. They are listed there in the order they were killed, with the first dead taking 10th place, while the last alive taking 1st place. After the event, they receive certificates to present their awards.

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Holy Battlefield pits two teams against each other. While fighting classes can get points for killing members of the opposing team, crafting classes can instead build or destroy city gates and statues to earn points for their team. This is a clever way to include these classes without emphasizing combat.

In Totem Battle, players fight hour-long battles to control totems on different maps, adding territory to four different factions. In addition to gaining more territory and rewards, players will be able to travel more freely between their territory and capital cities, and NPCs that teleport them will be placed in both locations.

Despite its flaws, Angels Online is one of the more unique MMORPGs on the market. With a biblical background, an emphasis on craft, and a wide variety of classes, there’s room for many different types of players. The translations are almost indecipherable at times, but players who stick with the game will not be disappointed, as there is always something to do.

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