Allods Online Classes

Allods Online Classes – Allods Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG mixed with many sci-fi elements. After the destruction of the world of Sarnout, two factions known as the Empire and the League now battle on the drift continents known as the Allods.

Pros: + Well designed world, tutorial and soundtracks. + F2P and subscription servers available. + A wide selection of races and classes.

Allods Online Classes

Allods Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG and is the third game in the relatively unknown Rage of Mages series of PC games made by Russian game developer Astrum Nival. Fight for either the Empire or the League and determine the future of the world! The game was developed with a budget of $12 million, which is quite high for a free-to-play game; It has beautiful scenery, sharp graphics and fluid gameplay. PvP options range from open-world faction battles and duels to ship-vs-ship battles in the astral zone.

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Allods Online has ten different class archetypes, each named differently depending on the race. Each race/class combination also gives players one unique class spell for each combination. Not all races have access to the same classes, so choose carefully! For more information, visit the “Classes” tab.

Allods Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Russian game developer Astrum Online Entertainment and published by, released on April 26, 2011. Originally published by gPotato, it was transferred to when gPotato was acquired and incorporated. Webzen in February 2013. It has a focus on PvP, numerous races, classes and quests, and unique astral sailing features. The world of Sarnaut is split between different floating continents and players can sail between them in their own ships. This is the only way to reach several in-game areas and has a lot of impact on gameplay. After changing publishers, the game has improved a lot. Many aspects of the game that players found too punishing, such as the fear of death debuff, have been removed.

When starting Allods Online for the first time, players choose between two servers, one is free to play and the other is for paying players only. Players then choose between the game’s two factions, The Empire and The League. Each faction has three races: the Empire has Khadaganians, Orcs, and Arisen, while the League has Kanians, Elves, and Gibberlings. Unlike some games, choosing a faction does not lock the player into that faction; They can freely create characters for both factions.

When it comes to character creation options, Allods Online offers solid options. Players can change their character’s appearance, facial features, hair style and color, skin tone and figure. It’s enough to reduce the likelihood of encountering overly similar characters, and encourages players to try out multiple classes and appearances.

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In the game, players are guided through a tutorial area that is different for each faction. It accustoms players to a fighting style that doesn’t have auto-attacks. Although it keeps the player focused on the game, it can become tedious, especially when considering the number of quests that consist of killing specific mobs. When you’re fighting dozens of monsters to complete a quest, it would be easier to at least auto launch a basic attack.

Allods Online has an almost overwhelming number of quests. Many quest providers have multiple quests, and it is not unusual to have more than a dozen active quests at any given time. This can lead to rapid leveling early on and players may find that they quickly outgrow their quest, a level six quest is not worth the effort for someone who is level ten. However, at higher levels it ensures that there is always a quest to do. Many quests involve a lot of travel and running through them can get tiring. Fortunately, there is an auto-run feature that allows players to manage inventory, check quest details, or award skill points while running. This is one of the best features in the game and is useful even at max level 65.

Each class has a talent tree and three talent grids. The talent tree shows all the skills the player can learn, each with a maximum level of three. Each level is worth more talent points, with first-level skills worth one point and third-level skills worth three points, or six points for each skill at most. At level ten, players unlock their talent grids, three tabs that enhance their abilities. For example, Summoner can unlock the Massacre upgrade in the talent grid, reducing the mana cost and Acid Bolt cast time by 10%. Each update is grayed out until the neighbor is unlocked.

The main draw of Allods Online is Astral. Sarnaut was disintegrated in a great cataclysm and the planet disintegrated into various islands floating in the astral. Players can astral navigate in astral ships, visit other continents, as well as areas called Alod. The location of Allods changes, which prevents the creation of the final map, and players must manually navigate to these islands, without autopilot. Players can collect loot stored on their astral ships until they reach the dock, and players can participate in faction PvP in the astral.

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Astral ships are essential for late game content. The quest line for getting a ship starts at thirty-five levels, and after it has been acquired, the game opens significantly. Players can then navigate to other areas of Astral, most notably Alodi.

The ships look different depending on the faction and are located in several different locations. In the navigation room there are stations for thrust, side turn and vertical rudder. These are three different stations, so one player can control all three, or three players can control one. Navigators can see a 3D map of the ship’s route and their job is to inform the pilots of allods, astral demons or other impending attacks.

Gunners are located on each side of the ship. The cannons fire straight ahead without any automatic aim, so communication between pilots and gunners is essential. There is a defense station where someone can monitor the shields and also the reactor. The reactor heats up when the ship engages in combat, and if it overloads the ship is destroyed. It can be turned off for cooling, but this leaves the ship stationary. Navigating the dogfight becomes a chess match of shooting, dodging, and managing the heat of the reactor to keep it from exploding.

After reaching level twenty-one, players of opposing factions can openly attack each other. This adds an extra level of danger to the areas, as players can be caught between aggressive mobs and other players.

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As described above, ship vs. ship PvP is a big draw in Allods Online. Teams of players can man each ship and they must manage the battle time between attacking and cooling the ship. If the two ships are close to each other, players can even enter other ships to attack from the inside. The ships have a treasure room where the items obtained from the exploration of Alods are kept. If a ship is boarded, players can travel to the treasure room and actually steal another ship. Ship PvP and piracy are some of the most unique features of Allods Online and are even better when you experience them first hand.

In the arena of death, players try to collect chests and return them to the capture point. Death Arena supports 24 vs 24 PvP battles in instant zones; It becomes available to players at level forty one. Chests slow players down when carried, and if not picked up, they spawn demons quickly. The first side to score 15 or more points wins. Arena of Death adds a welcome game mode in addition to standard PvP.

While navigating the astral, players can engage in astral combat. These are guild vs guild events where one side attacks and the other defends. Attackers must capture four different points before fighting the Big Mage boss. Each capture has several cannons around the area that support the fighters. After the attackers reach the final boss, the defenders appear one last time, and when they die they are out of the fight forever. After victory, the attackers can capture, loot, or destroy Alodi. Capture throws out the defenders and Allod belongs to the attackers for a week. Allod’s loot splits its resources between attackers and defenders. Destroying Alodi protects the defenders and no one gains resources.

The cash shop in Allods Online is one of the most controversial features of Allods Online. Many items were expensive to begin with, such as the backpack expansion which added 6 more slots for $20, significantly more than any other free game. Originally, dying in Allods Online would penalize the player’s stats, and Holy Charms were available in the chest to remove the status curse. This did not sit well with the players and the backlash was swift. After a while, Holy Charms were available for free at the box office.

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Although all things being equal, there is

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