Alchemy Online Classes

Alchemy Online Classes

Alchemy Online Classes – Registration for this class is currently closed. Please join my mailing list to learn about future classes and workshops.

Alchemy: a power or process of turning something ordinary into something special In this course: Something ordinary = words Something special = your beautiful and meaningful stories

Alchemy Online Classes

It’s full of writing lessons and exercises, fabulous guests, lots of inspiration, and a private creative community. We’ll see how to combine techniques and inspiration to deepen and expand our writing. Each week we will focus on a specific craft topic and apply it to our stories. You will choose the type of writing you want to do, perhaps blog posts, essays, articles or a book project. Up to you. (We’ll even have poetry!) Bring any stories that cry out to be told. I will also provide recommendations and suggestions to help you find topics and capture inspiration if you need guidance. (Plus, you can sign up for private editing and coaching sessions with me at discounted rates.)

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I created this course because it’s the course I was looking for a few years ago when my writing calmed down, and before I decided to pursue my MA in writing. The elements covered in it transformed my writing. We explore some important fundamental techniques that you may have missed or forgotten, and look at how to apply them in practical ways to improve our writing craft. It’s not about technicalities for the sake of being technical. It’s about the tools of the trade that help you make art with your words. We also cover techniques that make your prose shine, including ways to polish and refine it so you use language in a way that best serves your stories.

This course includes six weeks of course content, plus an “open” week in the middle of the course to rest, read, write, and celebrate. Thanksgiving Day in the US, if applicable (Participants from

The class is organized to benefit writers with some experience, although that range is quite broad. The curriculum consists of core lessons and exercises to get you started, plus bonus material that invites you to dig deeper. The class will focus on prose, but we will also play with a little poetry.

Before the course begins, you will receive an email invitation with instructions to join the private course website and online community. All you need to participate is a computer with internet access and an email address.

Alchemy: The Art & Craft Of Writing

Not. (Each week of the course includes writing exercises and prompts, which you can complete at your own pace.)

Yes, your recording includes my in-depth feedback on up to 500 words of your writing. (If you want additional feedback on your writing, choose one of these options: 1) Add a private session to your recording. 2) Join one of The Word Cellar’s writing workshops. 4) Join the writing guild in the cellar.)

A dry course full of rules and regulations about what you “should” or “shouldn’t” do to be a better writer. It’s also not simply a course about inspiration, although there will be plenty of encouragement and nuggets of inspiration along the way. After all, what good are techniques without a muse?

My photographer friends often say that it’s not the camera that makes great photos, but rather the person behind the lens. But they know how the equipment works, how to find the light and how to frame the shot. In the same way, a painter creates the painting, but she benefits from knowing how to use different brushes, paints and mediums.

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And that’s the magic: when you understand the tools and techniques of your craft, you know how to create pieces that express your unique vision.

REGISTRATION Registration for this course is currently closed. Please join my mailing list to learn about future classes and workshops.

Copyright © 2003-2018, Jennifer (Jenna) McGuiggan/The Word Cellar. All rights reserved unless otherwise noted. Sidebar header photo by Vivienne McMaster. (Note about affiliate links: When you click an affiliate link and then buy a product, I get a small commission.) Planning, managing, delivering and reporting on training is quite difficult. Combine diverse workforces, varying education levels, limited computer access, and production environments—where WiFi is patchy on a good day—now you’ve narrowed your training software options down to one: Intertek Alchemy.

Alchemy Training System is the most versatile learning platform on the market. It’s the only LMS solution that comes standard with hundreds of training courses for frontline workers.

Alchemy Online Codes

Plus maximum flexibility with multiple delivery methods: group classroom training for up to 150 employees at a time (although we recommend a maximum of 30), one-on-one eLearning at company kiosks, and remote eLearning on any device.

And a must-have for any production environment: all training can be delivered even if WiFi is not available. All activity is captured locally and syncs with the LMS at all times when connectivity is available.

If the training is not documented, did it happen? For an auditor, the answer is a clear and resounding no. Automate your records to be audit ready 24/7 with Alchemy Training System.

Ditch paper log sheets and remove programs and Excel tracking into a new folder called “obsolete”. Get more training, more efficiently and effectively with Intertek Alchemy.

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I don’t have to speculate that Intertek Alchemy is working for us, I can see it in the numbers.

The Intertek Alchemy learning platform comes with the above game-changing solutions out of the box, ready to run. Our world-class teams ensure seamless implementation and dedicated account management. And when you’re ready to take your Alchemy deck to the next level, add any of these items:

There aren’t many limits with Intertek Alchemy. Whatever you imagine, you could probably do with it.

People make your company work, and people bring your culture to life. When managers and prospects are given the right tools and workers receive high-quality training, the results speak for themselves. Masks are no longer required in the skatepark or skate shop, however we will continue to offer free masks to any riders/customers who would like one!

Dumbbell Or Torpedo Classes

2 drop-in sessions each Friday evening (4pm & 6pm) and Saturday evening (3pm & 5pm & 5pm) – $5 per rider – These sessions are currently limited to 15 riders – Book online in advance to secure your spot!

The skatepark is reserved for women/trans/non-binary skaters every 2nd and Last Tuesday of the month! These sessions are free for all riders! No formal lessons are offered, but Alchemy instructors on site and happy to help you get started or learn new tricks!

Whether it’s a Monday One Day or multi-day camp, you can book your next summer session online now by clicking the ‘Book Your Session’ button below!

If you are having trouble booking, please call us at (253) 345-7247 12-7 Tuesday through Sunday and we can help you book your session over the phone!

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The new web series: “Alchemy Online” is now available to help you skate and craft from your own home!

Alchemy Skateboarding is a non-profit organization working to create opportunities for youth to learn and grow through skateboarding. Please consider making a one-time or recurring donation to support Alchemy during this time by clicking the link below:

WE BELIEVE IN ALCHEMY; the fusion of science and magic. OUR Mission: Providing opportunities for youth to learn and grow through skateboarding. OUR VISION: A FUTURE WHERE SKATEBOARDERS ARE RECOGNIZED AS POSITIVE CONTRIBUTORS AND AN INTEGRAL PART OF OUR VIBRANT COMMUNITY. OUR VALUES: RESPECT, INTEGRITY, DIVERSITY, perseverance and fun.

A fully functional skate shop and training center for youth in our programs to practice their alchemy and develop real-world job skills. Click on the Skate Shop page for more information and opening hours.

Intertek Alchemy Pricing, Alternatives & More 2022

The METALS program is a community-based recidivism/prevention program for court-involved youth in Pierce County. We use skateboarding and skateboarding as a tool to help youth exit the Juvenile Court system and build a network of positive supporters, mentors and friends.

Adjusted rental format to keep safety in mind, our skatepark is currently available hourly for a flat rate of $20 for up to 8-10 riders at a time. To book your session or find out more, click on the Skate section of the website!

Private lessons are a great way to start skating or take your skills to the next level! $75 for an hour includes: private skatepark access, use of boards/pads/headset, and an instructor to work with you on any skills you learn!

SALT. is a program that cultivates leadership, job readiness, and civic engagement among young people in the Tacoma community. The 2021 program is now underway and applications for 2022 will be accepted next October!

Event: Jagua 101, Jagua Secrets & Alchemy Classes On May 7th

Skate Class is currently offered to students at local high schools, SOTA, SAMI and IDEA through a partnership with Elements of Education. The course is designed to encourage skaters to achieve academic success by engaging them with something they are already passionate about and allowing them to earn a PE credit while skating with us in the indoor park!

A: Yes, all Alchemy skaters must sign a media release/disclaimer prior to skating,

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