Truscinski is a website created in 2018 that regularly publishes articles about DevOps, Open source, System Administration, IoT and general software engineering.

The goal of Truscinski is to provide comprehensive guides & tutorials for people willing to learn and overcome technological challenges in a playful and didactive way.

Our mission is to provide free educational resources for the technologies that will shape the world of tomorrow.

By following Truscinski, you will learn more about :

  • News or releases related to the open source world.
  • DevOps best practices.
  • Step-by-step guides on how to install open source tools or use them.
  • Articles related to microservices and software architecture in general.
  • Continuous integration, continuous delivery processes.
  • Tutorials related to system administration (Linux or Windows).
  • Time series databases.
  • Modern monitoring solutions such as Grafana, Datadog, Kibana.
  • How to use containers and Docker related tools.
  • In-depth resources about cloud computing.
  • Interviews of experts that provide insights on industry trends.

People contributing to Truscinski

Bad People

I am a software engineer in Luxembourg with over 5 years of experience in software engineering and software architecture. I am also the creator of Truscinski and its main contributor.

Specialities :

  • Software Development
  • IT Architecture
  • DevOps
  • Linux System Administration